Nairobi by ‘mat’

You got to love Nairobis matatu drivers, you really got to. Am one of those guys who suffers from acute chronic lateness(self diagnosed). As such, their ingenious methods of beating the jam are always appreciated, very much. I cant make it to class on time(or any other event for that matter)So today, I was running late as usual and I took a Kawangware 46 mat. There was a hell of a jam so he cut to some other route. I think its the 3rd Ngong Avenue(which by the way is far removed from its route) and the other end we run into some army guys manning the street. The street loudly proclaims itself to be the safest street in Nairobi. The jury is still out on that one. Its the one that has Loreto Convent Valley Road School, couldnt get the name.

So the good driver affects a Kisii accent(which is true since all the 46 mat crews are Kisii anyway). The soldier asks him if he knows that route is out of bounds and in the most innocent way, he says he doesnt. He says hes taking us to a church nearby. And he inforrms the guy that he hasnt even spent a week in Nairobi.

He was probably born and grew up in Nairobi but what the heck? Oh, and this illustration is not a true representation of the situation in Kenya now. It wasnt even done by a Kenyan. I just loved it coz its a 46 and most of them shouldnt even be on the road.

Incidentally, today, GADO did a (master)piece today on matatus in relation to the police “crackdown” on unroadworthy ones(most are but the way they go about it is way off the mark)

Anyway my story ends with the soldier allowing the driver to pass “kama ni mara yaho ya kwanza Nairobi” and adds “na ujue sisi ni wabaya.” The good dere concurs saying ” nikiona tu hiyo kofi ya red najua.” So with his ego massaged, he lets us go. I was still late for that class anyway, but the diversion helped(plus it gave me material for my blog)

Finally, someone said ati the late guys are usually happier than the guys who had to wait for them. How true?

  1. Esphan said:

    honestly, th govt sucks @ keepin their promises yet no 1 can do anythin bout it they should atleast buy evry1 a car this wil solve all th probz peace!!!!!

  2. George said:

    at times you get me thinking, how did this matatu culture begin???? i think the previuos government had oppressed the youth, there was no employment opportunities for the youth and the only avenue the youth would use to vent out thier frustrations was in the transport industry that was offering income: hence we see the graffiti, loud music, rude attendants and touts, breaking the traffic laws etc just a thought

  3. bonochi2003 said:

    of course to some limits that for me is a bit psychological. lok we as humans tend to dominate things in varius aspects of live. we like to be recognised whatever takes to be. therefore if i arrive late and find guy waiting for me, automatically deep within the sorry guys for being late is truimp in the soul. also, like you, they have ears to listen to their expoeriences on their way to be with the rest ,who wastetheir time in waiting for such guys. do you think if you are late for a class with in the primary school level, youll be happy, even if the teacher and your fellow pupils are there waiting for you? thats a different case altogether.

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