CDF issues

This should probably be on the Kenyan Hater but I just couldn’t resist it. In the past few weeks, two issues over the use of the CDF kitty as the media like to call it. First was the Ugenya one involving ‘Archbishop’ Stephen Ondiek and a poor boy from his constituency. The good bishop reckons that there is nothing wrong in having all the CDF monies going to his schools because he has been good enough to reduce the fees at his private secondary school to just Ksh 25,ooo while others charge more. Just so you know, ‘ondiek’ means some wild animal I forget in Luo.
The said student who is at Mang’u no less and was the second best in the district in the KCPE was told to either join the non-performing school, Siaya Academy or forget the bursary. He chose the most obvious and logical. He got so hard up later he had to call in the media. And they (we?) did what they know best.
In the second instance, all of Ksh 9 million was taken out of the constituency account by a member of the committee and he promptly flew out of the country. The area MP Joseph Lagat blames the bank. I blame him. He is the patron and he appointed the members of that damn committee. If there is anybody to pay, it sure is him. Period.
Having said that, just what is to be done about the CDF? One thing is for sure: get MPs out of it. It’s their constituency fine but they are not the best stewards of the public’s money as they have proved time and again.


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