Nairobi by morning

Today was a good day for blogosphere. It is the kind of day when I encounter nto one but two things that qualify to be put here. First am just walking to the bus stage, minding my business and trying to be a good citizen when it happened. There was this mat that was running speeding so much in an overcrowded place that I just had to notice it. On looking closley, I noticed an ‘oversize’ police man runnig furiously after the mat driver. In essence, the mat driver was getting away and got away!

Second scene a few metres away. A mat again, this time a mini bus. And a tough talking middle aged lady probably on  her way to work. She had either knocked the mat’s behind or the mat guy had suddenly braked and so they were there with another policeman drawing chalk marks all over the road. She was on the verge of ‘beating up’ the mat driver by the time I left. I am not particularly given to stopping and staring like many Nairobians are. If I was, I would tell you where the story ended.


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