Blog revolution

The blog euphoria has hit my campus, and in a BIG way too. One time it was just me and my pal Felo who were blogging, the next time every Alice, James and Eric is blogging! Now, hmmh, beef.

They are all hating or for the unschooled, focus on the negative and bring it out. Or exaggerate. There is Daystarminator for example, he/she is new to the blog world and is starting a really worrisome site. The cap goes to the owner of Dayo blog page, that one is just pure hate. Al add their links to my side bar so you can ceck them out.

  1. Mbish said:

    Hi boss. Manze ur blog is jst da bomb. But guess wat, av got beef wid you. Bana you want to grow alone ama? wacha mchezo. You thot that we alone ndio unajua technology ya blog na masite? Sam of us know more than that only that we dont wonna brag bout it.Psyke!!
    Nway bro, kudos!


  2. master said:

    Dude ur kasite is off the hinges lakini kwani noone visits the site. Its kinda cool coz haterz havent started 2 swarm in here with their intelectualy unstimulating thoughts. I think ur nuts anyway (which is so cool) coz ur thoughts are just out of this world. badaye

  3. I dont know which of the three to comment on. Its great that guys are starting to appreciate blogging around here. So Mbish, that ka-site you opened, start posting.
    I have also added the links to the the two sites I talked about (to your right on the side bar)under Info, check them out. About no one visitng the site, its very true. I have not been marketing it a lot of late coz of some other commitments but I will be back in full swing soon

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