Million madness

I am very concerned and it has everthing to do with what you have probably seen already. Everyone seems intent to swing me a million shillings. It is even more the serious because much as I would do with the said million, I didnt ask any of these people offering!

See, it has been said all over the place that we live in a materialistic society but no one time is this proved more than at Christmas ironically. The idea that this is a period when giving should be top on the agenda has been overstated and I will not bother with it here.  I just want to know why marketers insist that I must buy their products and stand a chance to ‘lose’ a million and my credit.

Of late, say in the last week alone, I have counted at least seven that are sure that I need their money badly, for some reason I cant just understand. See, if I have brand lloyalty to your product, I will buy it whether you promise me a car or fifty of them. It all depends on what advertisers call ‘share of love.’ Somebody please tell all those marketing novices that no amount of persuasion will convince me to buy your damn product.

AM outta here for now, more coming soon. Holla!

  1. pen4men said:

    ha ha wots the beef with marketers…by the way i have to admit that your blog is cool..the design is in much contrast with your graphix pun intended though…just click the link n see what

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