A good man, at least this one time

Kibaki, the president that is, is often blamed for the many bad things that have befallen Kenyan politics over the last few years, and for good reason.

Kibaki arrives for Jamhuri Day Pic from the State House website

For the first time since the beginning of Kibaki’s torturous presidency and in remembered history of Kenya’s annoying political occurrences, a politician actually did what is RIGHT! It is not everyday that a politician rejects a Sh 3.2 million paycheck but Kibaki did, and am proud of him for that. His vast personal wealth notwithstanding, he did point out valid issues. The economic (under)development at this time can not support that kind of pay hike. It was in the public domain that he would be earning a higher salary than the president and premier of the US and Britain respectively, leading first world economies with budgets many times larger and complex than ours.

Many of us ourselves put in the same situation would have done quite the opposite. It may be argued that he only bent down due to press criticism but either way, he did it and that’s what matters. It will be interesting to see our MPs do something of the sort but then again, knowing who our elected representatives are, that sure is a tall order isn’t it?  If we had more public servants acting like Kibaki (in this case) we sure wouldn’t be in the murk that we are in.

A few days ago, I would have been the last to praise Kibaki but today, I just want to congratulate him and tell him to keep it up and who knows, may be Kenyans will just look at him with favour and grant him another term. Now, only if he started a little earlier.


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