Irony is: the Dedan Kimathi statue story

I dont understand Kenyan leaders, in respect of our freedom fighter heroes. Now, they are building a statue of Dedan Kimathi on Nairobi’s Kimathi Street. Thoughtful, very thoughtful, a good 43 years later. Before I continue, there are a number of Dedan Kimathi photos, Google gave me:


Pics from Wikipedia,, and

Now reputation of the government in dealing with freedom fighters is not exactly legendary or appealing at all. They can praise them well and eloquently but is that followed by action? The Standard reported on the story and I got a few observations. This is from the paper

However, 76-year old Kimathi’s widow, Mrs Mukami Kimathi, decried lack of compensation from the Government for freedom fighters, saying she and her children lived a poor life.

“Our land was take from us and the Government is yet to acknowledge our selfless acts to our beloved country in the struggle for independence,” Mukami said. See, the government is putting up the impressive statue at the princely sum of  Sh 7m. Just remembering them on public holidays and taking them to stadia in government vehicles is not too much service isnt it?

For example, the Sh 7m instead of building a statue to Dedan(which is a good idea by the way, only the wrong time) how about his family? His remains are still imprisoned at Kamiti Maximum Prison, and we are talking about some of our greatest heroes.

Anyone remember the Ethiopian General Mathenge?  Just thought I’d remind you.

  1. You know, you have touched one thing I’ve always pondered. I am not one of those idealistic or political types, but I strongly beleive that this legendary Field Marshall and his troops did a lot for this country, and his family ought to be taken care. Hiw widow, and the wife of Field Marshall Baimungi were turned away from the VIP dais on Madaraka in 2003, and yet they just wanted to be there to witness the celebration.

    A while back, I did a post on my blog explaining why I felt that if the freedom fighters had assumed the reins of Kenyan leadership, we would, in my humble opinion be better of today, especially on resource allocation and the rich-poor divide.

  2. Suzzy said:

    I just think it’s better late than never. Dedan Kimaathi’s story is truly inspirational. It should be told to every boy and girl in Kenya ti oinstil a sense of patriotism and pride in them.

  3. Kane said:

    It’s never to late to show appreciation.
    Glad it has eventually happened.

  4. ALEX MOKI said:

    Kimathi wa Waciuri was indeed a great man in shaping the history of Kenya today I say that it is because of him that Kenya is what it is today and not the leaders who have been over credited with our freedom.
    The statue despite its faults is a great thing since for generations to come he wont be forgoten.

  5. GIVE US A BREAK GUYS. What freedom did he fight for? In all your wisdom u want us to believe that this man fought for “INDEPENDENCE@.

    Which weapons did he use????? the hunting rifle on Kimathi street against rapid firing machine guns????
    Why didn’t his men fight back when they were dissed?? I mean if they could chase the BRITONS why not Kenyatta and his men.
    Do ya know who shot him?
    Where was he tried??? NYERI BY BRITONS.

    for your information, only EMPEROR MENELIK II fought independence in AFRICA.

  6. Mau Mau said:

    Are you a Kungirira or are you a Garti? we are not talking of Africa, Just Kenya and Kenya ONLY:

  7. JOE MOGUSU said:

    Dedan Kimathi and other freedom fighters in Kenya did a great job collectively.The man who cuts a big tree down gets the credit,the man who sharpened the axe or who cooked for him doesnt get credit but they helped bring about the whole picture.We need to turn to each other not on each other.

  8. Rexie D. Luya said:

    I am a Malawian, once visited Kenya and I saw the statute of the great man The Dedan Kimathi.

    Firstly, I read about the man in one of the Ngugi’s books and I thought it was an exegeration. Again and again I have been reading about the man in many of Kenyan writers. But I am so disappointed to learn that his family is not well looked after either by governement or well wishers. Kenyans do not forget gret things he did for your nation.

    Bad thing about it all when he was in the bush (forest) fighting his children were not going to school for lack of fees. All this wasoing for the love of his country Kenya. Can you easily forget him in that manner?

    To us on lookers the man was so great.

    R D Luya (Malawi)

    • Evelyn Kimathi said:

      kimathi also inspired Nelson Mandela to rise against apartheid

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