Like everybody else…

Being the textbook Nairobian I am, I am headed for shagz this Christmas. It is that time of the year again when all of Nairobi moves to shagz. In ridiculous fares and bad roads, in empty pockets and heavy rains, in all that nature will throw our way, to shagz we must go.

I intend to be a good boy and stay away from the internet, and effectively therefore this page. Not that its hard. See, in our shagz, there is only the Post Office that has something you would say resembles internet. The fares will make sure am bankrupt but thank God they reintroduced flights to my nearest town, I could be grabbing one of those, if they arent all packed that is.

My Christmas in the village will be the subject when we resume. Have a great one.Dont let that Mahinda guy from Ruaraka get to you. Peace.

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  1. felo said:

    unikamie na fissss

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