Kelly Clarkson – Because of You, a classic

Kelly Clarkson – because of you(my favourite)

Kelly Clarkson is such a great singer,even without trying. And here is one of her greatest hits. It reminds me also of Valerie Kimani, Tusker Project Fame winner who sang it and got away with it.

This is one of my favourite rock songs of all time, and the video just does it justice too. Check it out.

  1. Unyc said:

    Nice 2 land here. Nice blog.

    Valerie deserved 2 win as much as Alvan did though u hv 2 agree Alvan ws a crowd puller. Rumuor mills going round r that Ian (the judge) is actually her real dad…..true or not? am as eager 2 find out as every1 who’s heard that rumuor.

    As for kelly Clarkson, gotta love her.

  2. i go to the same school as Val(damn, I finally admit it here) and I know for a fact that Ian is not her dad. i liked her personality and I think she did act a lot. All the last four were good singers but she just took the crown.

    And thanks for reading and keep on reading.

  3. unyc said:

    I posted smethin here like 2 days ago n it dint show. Yawa!!!

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