Monthly Archives: February 2007

Few things dont interest me and politics and geography are top on that list, and for good reason.  Right now, the buzz seems to be over whether or not Kibaki promised (without writing it anywhere) that he would be a ‘one-term transitional president’ as Raila Odinga and co. would have us believe. That I find myself increasingly blogging about politicks than any other subject is a matter of great concern to me.

 For all I care, I feel nothing whether Kibaki wants to run for a second term or not. In fact, better the devil you know than the angel you dont.  What makes people think that just because the ODM band are not in government they can give Kenyans what the current govermment is not? Dont they belong to the same troupe of one time revolutionaries like the Kivutha Kibwanas, Martha Karuas, Koigi Wamweres, Danson Mungatanas, Mukhisa Kituyis and Beth Mugos who have turned out to be what they are?

In the Kibaki case, I dont even know what to say. He is not particularly famous for keeping promises if precedent is anything to go by. Having said that, Raila is also not exactly outstanding at honouring covenants if precedent was to determine anything again. Anyone remember the 2001 KANU-NDP merger where he led a walk-out on MO1 at the last moment? Swearing by the Bible is typical Raila attention-seeking theatrics and should not be taken for anything, at least thats what I think.

All in all, if Kibaki did indeed promise to rule for one term and has changed his mind, why not say it? If I were him and seeing the kind of opposition we had, I would certainly change my mind. I would.