Back again (part 2): while I was away

To all those who have been inquiring where I have been for the past so many weeks, am back. Specific mention goes to the Kenyan Analyst whose blog gets interesting every time I look at it and my boy Felo who if he didnt switch blogs so often would have a nice home( I stand corrected, the blog is like very cool). There is the ever energetic Oliver Mwandishi and that of his better half, the irreplaceable Wakasa. Thanks to all of you also who from time to time drop by. Thanks to KBW for their kind service to the blogging community in this country.

 Having written my roll of honour, a few things happened while I was away. First and very significant, I visited apostle Ssuna’s church, the World Harvest International Church and you may want to check back for that yarn, trust me. Also, slain ‘most wanted gangster’ Simon Matheri was laid to rest and I just love the way the Nation reported it.

A friend JP, sent me a short email titled ‘Wonders of the World’ and posed:

“Hey boy i was just watching the news yesterday and wonering of what nxt

The criminal is burried and the son is born and you know they say like father like son,the question is: do we kill the son immeditely to avoid inconviniences in future?

Good day”

Two things about that: one, why would anyone call me ‘boy’ at my ‘advanced’ age (and that reminds me of something that appears later in this post). Two, who cares what Matheri did with his life, that son deserves every shot at life like any of us. Its a good thing he will never see his father and we only hope his mother is straighforward enough. On a lighter note, anyone believe in reincarnation? The kid was born two hours after the burial of his father, you follow…?

While I was away, Kamangu and the Maendeleo ya Wanaume (what nonsense!) had their day in court and had Bishop Wanjiru’s wedding stopped, at least for now. She meanwhile joined the ODM and is all set to vie for the Starehe parliamentary seat. You now know why the Orange people will not win Starehe. Not that the incumbent Maina Kamanda is popular or effective or anything positive but who would vote for the  drama queen? Not me, and am a voter in Starehe.

Last and very significant to me was the turning away of some 20 Form 1 students at Kiriaini Secondary in Meru for not being circumcised. The media had a field day. The Standard’s Palaver had a field week demonising the headteacher. I have it on good stead however that he was in fact doing a big favour to the the boys. My close friend who is a Merian, went to a school in the town tells me in schools around there, discrimination for the uncircumcised is the order of the day. You can not go through an all-male school in Meru without being circumcised, and it has nothing to do with discipline and/or lack of it.

So, that is a brief look at some things that made news these past days. I will try to be more frequent but I dont promise.

Always, Madsvibe…


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