Deception 101 and Kenyans’ celeb worship

I recently got myself a phone that comes with FM radio and if you have listened to radio in Kenya, you know what I have been suffering through. After analysing all the morning shows in great detail, I like to listen to Kiss 100 not because its any better but becasue of the drama that goes on there, and did I say DRAMA? While we are still  there, if anybody from Kiss 100 is reading this, not having a website for a station like yours is not exactly cool. Actually, after crosschecking, Kiss 100 actually does have a website again but you cant listen live, boo!

Anyway, I was telling you about my mornings listening to Kiss. For the last few weeks, the host Caroline Mutoko and her sidekick Nyambane have been planning a dream wedding for her. The plans were all aired for the listeners to hear and anybody with even a little brain would have known there was something cooking. Kiss prides itself in setting the standards but there is no way they were going to allow their presenter to use company resources to plan her wedding and hog that much airtime.

 All the time, the bridegroom was not mentioned apart from the fact that she was finally in love. ‘Adoring’ fans kept calling in asking to help in the preparations, others even offering their ‘cute’ babies as flower girls. Like I said, it makes dramatic radio and am sure its the stuff ratings are made of.

Kiss100 FM - Nairobi's Fresh HitsLogo from

Today finally was the day for the big announcement. Nyambane asked Caroline if she would give the wedding away and she said ‘I do.’ Apparently, its the biggest wedding in this part of the world and everything is catered for. One lucky listener gets to win the Victorian wedding and all they have to do is just show up. For the unitiated, send a mail to and nominate yourself or someone else and attach a picture of the couple and then ‘cross your fingers till it hurts.’

The phones didnt stop ringing with all kinds of people asking for details. At that time, I had to do my station-hopping coz I had had enough.

Somebody told me of Kenyans’ love for free things and ‘celebrity worship’ and I just muttered. Forgive me for all the quotation marks in this post, am just a skeptic like that.

  1. ggwfung said:

    media integration is a great thing. It’s great to get radio everywhere. I listen to German stations on the net.


  2. acolyte said:

    I hate the fact that Kiss Fm do not stream, I think it is only CApital who stream online so they are losing a major audience. I think Kenyans love free stuff, that is why that wedding promo will be a hit for Kiss.

  3. Actually, there are two others that stream online, and very well too. Look out for that post too. I heard a listener who read this post from South Africa also apply to win the wedding, and it was a guy! Thanks to him who read and sent an email.
    About Kiss not streaming online, that is like so last year, they should do better.

  4. edyy said:

    Sasa mjamaa !!(tha real kenyan way of greetings early 90s) am kinda retro i mean luv the old skool african hits as in zilizopendwa*any body who got hint ’bout where one can listen them be it thru internet radior someones blog or whereeve please do hola at me i realy miss them



  5. m said:

    yep, my workmate won this, they say its a hoax, but she did have a big weddin, want some pictures?

  6. ashley said:

    lol zilizopendwa blady hell man when was u born?

  7. Vinocent said:

    Some of us left Kenya and we really misss the Kiss 100 presentation. The Kiss 100 staff and management should think about airing their programmes online, even if it means subscribing with a form of payment. We miss Kiss 100. Sure.

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