What happened to ‘free’ sms sites?

Hey, I was just checking out almost all the free sms sites and could not get any that’s working. I was at Sasanet and they had this notice: “Due to a system upgrade that is currently in progress, the Sasanet Free sms service and purchase of sms credits are temporarily unavailable. Please check back again later.We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, but strive to continually improve our service to you.” Instead, they have this massive banner at the place am supposed to be sending the sms at:

Sasanet does love

A fine sense of humour that. I said fair and moved on to Afritext and they have new regulations (or at least they seem to me). Apparently, you are required to purchase sms credits of any amount(starts at 50 bob) every 30 days in order to enjoy the daily ‘free’ service.

So, how is it free if am supposed to pay for it?   I let you advertise on every sms I send then you ask me to pay again? Tell me another.

Meanwhile, the good people at Bernsoft have converted Smsanyone into a commercial sms tool for corporates and moved the accounts to Afritext.

Koinonia (which means community in Greek, sounded very Kikuyu) Technologies’ Freesms says its simply unavailable. Very explanatory as you can see.

and then with their sense of humour, they sell secular ringtones?

And the most interesting one is the new players in the market called Mango.  It can not allow you to register on their site. So why exactly are they in business?

Am outta here, very annoyed I might add.

  1. Farmgal said:

    hey try this http://www.sms.ac works most of the time and only gives u 3 rext msgs everyday to a moblie anywhere in the world.

  2. Actually tried it and was told the network (Safaricom) does not support it. I guess they are so busy launching new services, they forgot about the basics.

  3. Vincent Mugunda said:

    My friends, their is absolutely nothing for free and that is the reason as to why you saw Sasanet and even Afritext were using the smses you send with an advertisement attached to it, those ads are paid for…
    If they wanted to offer us with free smses, they just should go ahead and do like so and i hope if you pay for the services, they dont send those free ads because it will be double, you pay and that advertising company also pays which is so unrealistic.
    We will soon get another free site for smses hahaha.

  4. kathambi felicity said:

    Its very sad when one gives birth and definetly allows the young to die like a wild dog.You introduced these free sms with an aim of using our phones as media for advertisement but without a notice you said”buy credit” I hope this was not the right way to throw us out.We are just but new users of the internet ,how can we enjoy it when there is no thing to motivate us?Just cut five sms and reave the other five for us and we will be able to work together to promote your business.Hope for the best.

  5. @ vincent: thanks for stopping by. Too bad we cant have anything for free. I am holding my breath for the time when we’ll have another free sms site.

    @ kathambi: the companies have to make money and the minute they start losing, they scrap them off. The free texts sure did come in handy a lot of times.

  6. pablo said:

    I think it’s very unruly and uncouth for them to display both sides of the coin at the same time. I actually signed in more than one “freesms” sites to take advantage of the whole freesms scenario, infact that would add up to more than 20 freesms per day! Now i have to go back to the same old tiresome scratch card purchasings that i had FOREVER deleted from my mind. Tell them to style up.

  7. mashshield said:

    hey you guys are nooot equally fair ,you just introduced these services the other day ,then just over suddenlly they are no more ,hey you need to be realistic,whenever you start arace be sure tofinish the race even though your not guarentied of winning the race,pliz do some thing about it !

  8. manasse said:

    Ahh ! ahh! thats abig joke ,yaani you people want to make abig profit just once bila considering the common mwananchi ,pliz let us not be selfish ,we do’nt want situation where by kenyans”wana jihurumia being kenyans”let it be Tunajivunia kuwa wakenyans and be provided with better services.[we need to given alowance time to take our address books with us ,whenever we are being eviccted forcefully]i.e the important numbers

  9. I cant drop a thing if its getting bread on the Table..If you find that these free services are not breaking Even on your business expectations please have them off otherwise you get to the streets and risk a bullet on your head!!


    Is very sad to keep us waiting in the name of ‘due to systems upgrade…’. Whatever it meant,our perception remains unaltered.
    This is it:
    “It was a soft way of telling us to go to hell in a way that we would look forward to it.”

    Now that we have known the truth,don’t you think it’s time to speak the truth and ashame the devil,that is, if the devil is non other than you!

    By the way do you know that it wasn’t free? It was a ‘symbiotic’ kind of relationship for ‘we’, too ,were mediators in your advertising business- who were not paid,or rather, the pay was free sms which amounted to a negligible monetary value.Don’t you think we were the cheapest employees to ever ’employ’?

  11. willie said:

    its completely absurd this system upgrade of yours. just tell us to forget about any more free sms and we will not bother you anymore. i guess the money from advert was enough and you dont have the courtesy of informing the vehicles that got you there of you intended closure of servive. i am bitter.

  12. Rokkz said:

    OMG! who dare say there no fr33 sms sit3z¿ hehehe this one rocks.rol L– >check it oUT

  13. john said:
  14. Sharon said:

    Hello i need to send free sms dah

  15. Jimmy said:

    I no longer have any faith with these guys they just use us 4 their own selfish benefits and once mission accomplished they dump you. they’re the same guys who talk sweet to a girl and once into bed they vanish into thin air. wanaregarega tu.Wachana nao ni kumbafu tu.

  16. Majuma said:

    Hey was all this issue about sasa a promotion or what?

  17. ngumi said:

    Jambo evry1! why dont you try Wadja.com. its fast,painless&canbe accessed via safaricom wap.thus literally saving you cents. problem ni that it only gives you 117charcters only.the rest ni zao za advertisment.
    so the solution is right here:www.wadja.com

  18. Rouze said:

    Now where is this service again?

  19. lyn said:

    yeah tis al free sms thin is a crack of sh**there aint nothin free in tis world hw abt 4getin abt it

  20. hii, im wamalwa sammy, i think sasanet en the other softwares that were offering free sms lacked sense by pulling out of the maket despite the fact that the company had a lot of oppotunities in the market, they just pulled out witout any direction.
    i do believe the new smseastafrica will never do the same mistake again uless otherwise en for that i say bravo once again coz i was loosing my friends but once again the communication is on the right track.

  21. jey johnie mugambi said:

    waz’up guys i think this “ding” will not go “msoto!” like sasanet.
    let us enjoy this sh**t maze.ama kutakuaje!!!

  22. John atandi said:

    U know kenyans like free thing {we} N,WAY Hop THIS WILL WORK 4 US ama itasota keep tha F**k site update msi run out of funds

  23. Orkoiyot said:

    Nasikia Sasanet alidraiviwa bankrupt na manzi wengine wa mukuru kayaba aliendaga ku-booze karubu huko na busaa. Ni mma kana ni maeni?

  24. edwin said:

    hi,thanx to smseastafrica was losing my friends.nway sasdanet ina ka walisota tu sana.na wanatu vako ati watarudi ina ashort while maze kama hawaku weza kuendelea si wange tu sho.nway i hope smsmeastafrica wont do likewise,otherwise peace!

  25. why is it that wen i log as amember to http://www.smseastafrica.com. they say there is network problem. pliz stop ur jokes kenya is one of the most taxed as in calling services in africa so we deserve this to release a little of our suffering bye.

  26. since what i don’t know can’t hurt may we leave at that point coz i have enough stress don’t want to add on some stress.

  27. Reuben Kirui said:

    Actually most of what I had to say have already been covered by my colleagues(or concerned people) above.I wonder why these companies or websites are becoming so mean when they accrue lot of profits.they should even be giving us 50 free SMSes daily,ama?

  28. Purewillis said:

    Hello!hello! it sounds so grt kupata tym again kuwasms mabesty.maze karibu niwaluse as i was vakod by sasanet dat dey wl b bak in a shrt wyl.maze 2lern kubonga da truth.kaa nimsoto sema umesota wakwende huko!!!.eastafrica maze don worry we wunt stir you alot utoroke.2takuhadle mpaka u2lyk.dat is,we wl b tryin to exhost al da 10 n wsh u added.utado ivo?basi 2go wira!!!!

  29. Emmanuel choge said:

    kudos guys, u keep us on air once more, make it real. resurrect the others too. jah bless

  30. i cant imagine how you got lost i mean sasanet, but what i know is that there was a “symbiosis” kind of relatinship since we used to send free sms while you used our mobile for advertisement also a cant figure out how a whole company can go bankrupt
    most of the people who misused those free sms were ladies since they were the people who used them more frequentry
    now you have gone, what i can advise the company is to research on free international sms and we will appreciate for now we have free eastafrica sms, initially we had free kenya, let us move to Africa then international

  31. I have joy inexpressible to realise the emerging of another website where ma sms can be channelled to ma friends.

  32. patta ruth said:

    free meat is only found in mouse trap.but nobody put any meat in the trap. its empty, but the trap is in good shape. that’s why many mice are complaining. got ot?

  33. moses said:
  34. tashu said:

    hiii how are u

  35. omesa said:

    u can say that again.what the heck is happening???????????????this guys are jus messing with us with the talk about free sms

  36. Aney said:

    Bro danks i got it niko ju ya lory kudos man fala

  37. Serah said:

    Umelost sana whaz up

  38. diana said:
  39. rita said:

    wonder no netwkr be up guys u boring to death

  40. Shetto said:

    sexy sexy

  41. joy said:

    hi yo, i need a reeeeeeeeal freeeeee site 4 sms,s

  42. these guys are joking with our life. personally i enjoy free things but it is like there isn’t. People sisi ni wakiuk wenye wanalike free things out of desperation in life, so do something about this.

  43. JALEX said:

    Ngai! you mean hakuna cha bure, then tell us the charges and we are going to do as per that. but remember don’t joke around with other people psychology, we might get crazy about that thing.The sasanet was so good such that we would communicate with our budies everywhere they were.
    otherwise do something and we will appreciate.

  44. anthony said:

    wife are you thea?

  45. tonniekb said:

    give us something jus small ya bure. ama appreciate

  46. kenmark said:

    its Beta these Guys 2Undastad sum phrases Rit….FREE but Not a FEE…don con us kenyans around wuds….B 4 real…..lets learn 2B Mo Honest with our online F wud…….

  47. Diamond Cut said:

    Giving birth is free,dying is free.This things that are ‘free’ have proven to be false.Look at sasanet,Deci.They are schemes that mine peoples greed.They target those who want something for nothing.Au vipi.Nimemangwa twice,Never again

  48. Josiah said:

    tis great to give back in whatever form one can -be they organizations or individuals.free sms service is good for every internet savvy people…kudos to smseastafrica!….but is it truly free factoring browsing costs?

  49. anable obama in the nyumba said:

    mafi nyinyi wote kwendeni huko mnatry ku do,ehh?!!!

  50. Purewillis said:

    sasanet, smsanyone,smsAc,Deci, FFCA, Mantle,Monteblanc, smart, Amity……nyinyi nyote ni bure kabisa.Excellent thieves very smartly dressed and blessed with convincing words!May the devil fly with you!!!thanks sms africa!kip up for long.

  51. Patrick Njau said:

    Hi Darling
    How are you

    Just looking whether this service is working

  52. Enrique said:

    Hola! inakaa hata smseastafrica wata tufanyia hivo hivo, kwa hivo mkae rada wasee!

  53. mercy mayende said:

    Hallo! mbona sms africa imedecide kutufanyia hivyo wase? si poa

  54. wsup …smsEastAfrica is hot..hope there service wont be on upgrading procudure like sasanet upto date…anyway let it be upgraded forever,,,but nowdays SmsEasAfrica is letaing kichwa

  55. hullo angel been long since we saw u i am trying 2 write the simplest english i know u will understand am sorry for the beeping but i will call u tell me about your graduation please my e mail is webberijay@ yahoo.co.uk from barigye.

  56. jro said:

    waz up people there waz an even crazier one which told u the sms is sent oonly to realize that the sms just hanged the fake http://www.niaje.com

  57. mine said:


  58. mercy mayende said:

    hi Denno Chessa, maze ni ilen ilikuwa imenisave tu sana

  59. pato said:

    Manze am shocked. Kwani Wazzup. Its like the saying has proven to be true ati everything which has a start has an ending. Nipoa basi tutajipanga ama tu create our own website. sasanet

  60. dotie said:


  61. ruth said:

    howz u

  62. Babiegal said:

    Hi swtie,am misin u so mch.imagn hii web pia imejam siwezi kukutext!aaah am so bored.enyewe wasee hii c poa,hawa wa2 joo kwa nini wana2play ivo.aa watige waana!!!!!!! ni athini mono.

  63. Andy said:

    mnapenda za saree wasee,,, Jst dont consider these free things as rights,,,priviledges are short lived……………

    Buy credit muache mchezo and avoid free smses…

  64. Andy said:

    If I were the one recieving a free sms from u al bar all the free smses……….

    These guyz are also wakora kiasi coz they lie 2 the lovers of free things but I advice everyone 2 use the cash ur wasting in the cyber sending free messages and use it 2 buy credo,,ur spouses will appreciate u cowssssssssssssss…………mafoko jembe sana…

  65. shiro said:

    thanks so much smseastafrica.com. am glad i can revive my friendship with my pals after sasanet made them runaway.am doing all i can to win them back.chao .

  66. Enrique said:

    Hi shiro, pole sana inakaa smseastafrica hata ndio fake kabisa, it will even make you lose more and more friends coz right now its out of service

  67. bbyonze said:

    eastafrica umenibore sana.hizi mav2 za free zina2brin juu halafu with no notice we are down.acheni uvako nyinyi mamadiki.Enrique, i lyk you babie umelost sana,kwani kuna ni?joo ongea,

  68. jackson kimani said:

    wacha upuzi

  69. pattos said:

    Hi guyz. What a shock!!!. Is there any Hope for free Smses.

    Hi Andy? I support you for your hot message. Infact niukweli but know that nothing has a start with no……. finish for me Andy Pliz .

  70. Jkipkangor said:

    I actually feel what guys are discussing here. How much have we given these ‘free sms’ sites by using their ‘service’. Our messages have been used as advertisement billboards and commercials yet you are still required to buy credits!

    The worst thing is that you are given 90 char then 70 char go to them…if some Math was done…then they,ve given you Ksh 2.8 and have 2.2 for themselves if a standard sms costs 5/=. Then they advertise using your GSM line which u bought, how much are u supposed to charge them? Besides you’ve paid Safaricom or Celtel to use their service in which they paid nothing!

  71. mureithi said:

    Mureithi-june 14,2007 manze watu wa DECI walihepa na chapaayangu,watu wa sasanet walifanya nikakatsiana na dame yangu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wooooooooiYYYYe jo,,,,tupeni ril,,,,,,,jus put as back thea!!!!!

  72. mercy said:

    when will it be back? freesms’s

  73. mureithi said:

    manze jo msiwe hivo banaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,msiwe ka sasanet ati ma upgrade za daily,,,,,,,,wananiboo tu vizii ,,,,,,,holla to all ma buddiez out thea,,,,,,,,,,,,hav fun,,,,,,,,,,tha one en only MORIENTES

  74. Dicos said:

    Fokojembe easms, you are not on air!! Mshindwe!!

  75. mureithi said:

    sasa mercy if ur stillon thye site si we vibe huh !!! this is lyke chat !!!!!

  76. mureithi said:

    am still waiting …………na chill mfungue site!!

  77. Annitah said:

    where are you? you are not on air? think big. we need you alot

  78. Arap kong'eluk said:

    Why let us down hivo? mko down sana

  79. dan said:

    am still waiting..na munatuonyesha alama ya ford asili huku nime chill na mumeniojesha still.Nitakuwa rafiki au adui mimi ni full mrui kitu gani hii.Nitawatumia vikosi kwasababu mumeninyang’anya free.Rakini na fight na right kama kikosi.

  80. christine Wekesa said:

    It will be fair if they brought back those free sms’s


    wazeya lets just request or rather demand the free sms’s be brought back.Au sio? Mbona mwatuonjesha kisha mnatulenga haa….. sio poa, u should do something

  82. kakijana ndani ya bed said:

    potelea makindu, go to hell.Wacheni ujinga.,huu wote ni ukubafu tuuuuuuu!MAVI YA KUKU!!!

  83. Lillian Angel said:

    Hi guys imagine mlitusave yani na sasanet, mkaitoa maze nikaenda smsaestafrica, gues what! sijaweza kutuma hata moja, imagine that. please wajua saa zingine wase husota na communication naye lazima iendelee. please just save us the so called free thing. have a good day

  84. carolodungoh said:

    Praise be to our GOD.
    Weve just gone through the firststage of the farewell and we thank the LORD.I just want to thank u for standing together with us at this particular time through those words of encouragement.
    I know that chance given you will personally talk with her at GODS appointed time encourage and comfort her.Otherwise keep praying for her.
    Till someother time may the allmighty GOD abundantly bless U.

  85. Ever said:

    oops! hii smseastafrica is not doing, they are playing around with our psychology sawa.

  86. sasa said:

    one will never stop being amazed at how people love and like free things why talk write ans say dirt simply because free some free services have been denied lets grow up and learn to earn

  87. saumu said:

    assalam aleikum bro, hope now u have received the money cause i was informed that he sent the money jana but sorry if not yet. i will confirm today and do me a favour cause at the moment i dont have the phone plseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dear. pls dear i have another email namubiruazena@yahoo.com so you can use both pls.

  88. Cillah said:

    Hey Fred uko wap? Niko Og kwa comp mvua ilinipata huko lakini I may go to church after imetuliza sawa? I’ll be available here bells after nimetoka church. Gd day

  89. Hii guys, rem Hon Kimunya has taxed every free thing, hence nothing free. Tujipange bwana na budget sababu this is a “””POLITICAL BUDGET”””!!!!!! VIJANA TUKUTUKE this time!!

  90. Eddie Paul said:

    Hii govt inajaribu kutrip na the youth.manze however much we say its time kugutuka we are no where in their thoughts.its all politics since time immemorial.lakini which ever govt comes in only God Almighty knows our destiny.VOTE WISE THIS YEAR N LET NO ONE TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE BY BUYING YOU OUT….BIG UP JO!!!!”free sms irudi manze”!!!

  91. copture said:

    why waste time on the internet kusaka ma free sms. aniwei it depends with wea you come from and hau busy you are all in all wish you da best. yaani you min ume sota hivo.

  92. kis said:

    mafala nyinyi

  93. nelson .k said:

    why spend when there is something free for u to spend mafala nyinyi

  94. Mi said:

    sasa wewe! unafanya nini hapa? hata wewe unategea vya bure! eeh, ondoka hapa ukajenge taifa na uache upuzi, kubafu. mmeletewa mpaka lyns za six bob na bado mnauliza maswali hapa. mmh! it is me now, hebu mchek huyo ako next to you, ni damu ya kwenyu? iiih! sasa unaangalia nini. mkebe wewe, kiraka!!!!!!!!!!!toka na uende zako.

  95. Giggsy said:

    get reeal and stop joking! wit us men……….

  96. nelson .k said:



  97. jakcie said:

    haleluyaa!! thanks free smseastafrica.for coming to our resque mazee. we hope hutatuambia yakwamba you have changed like sasanet,tuko nawe mpaka mwisho wa mambo

  98. Charley Ian said:

    Hi guys, smseastafrica is a reality.Men it really works but at times its a real frustratiion.All the same its a step ahhead in communication.

  99. Jemosi said:

    Hay wazee it’s like dis people are jocking with our lifes
    del them atutaki jokes.si wengine we need free dings cos
    of te condition we are poverty so they need to assist us.

  100. fridah said:

    Hay maze they have not to do it tat way pls del them to be careful next round coz it seems tumewapata videadlly.hay i need free sms, pls do sething with it.

  101. waz guz ijust 2 sms mabeste wanguni washu vyeye i feel about them coz without them and without yu and I WE nothing

  102. Kanono said:

    Hi mabeste wengine awashiki tunado nini hapa. Just comment si ati unatumia beste yako message hapa. Ebu angalieni number 104 Cillah. aaaaaa! I can’t believe anatumia beste storry za church hapa.
    Free sms is real isipokuwa it has some crazy adverts. Usitumia mbuyu was nayo coz ata call back kuliza maswali kuhusu the advert.

  103. weezy said:

    tena mumeanza ile stori ya ku-upgrade?mutajiju,ya guyz help sana so mukiaupgrade munatuacha kwa noma.

  104. jumba said:

    u mean one day could be like this?
    Thought could even extend but …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  105. kamau said:

    thank U any way it was sweet while it lasted

  106. Enrique said:

    Vipi bbyonce, mimi niko area sana, wewe ndio ume lost sana joo! Itakuwaje sasa? si unipigie ndio tujue niaje, ama hata namba yangu ulishapoteza?

  107. Enrique said:

    Niaje mi, hata wewe enda zako, kiraka wewe, wewe unapenda za bure pia, hahahahahahaaa

  108. betty-s said:

    Oh my not again the way i enjoyed the tufree sms but anway it ws very very helpfull.kudos guys

  109. mundu ni andu said:

    its over its over now its over ….the music goes .glad tidings

  110. boaz owuor said:

    Thanks for the good service but we ask you to to return o air very soon and thanks alot.

  111. collo said:

    now without free sms what tha f**k are we to do? come on guys bring it back.

  112. Never bring those f- sms again. We dont want to be sumbuliwad with broke kenyans. You know i logged here by mistake.mbuzi nyinyi.

  113. claudia glamorous said:

    niaje mahustler

  114. claudia glamorous said:

    niaje mahustler!!!

  115. bbyonce said:

    Niaje Enrique,maze nafl kaa sitavisit hii plac tena.enyewe niko maround huku namba maze iliswim sina,.hawa wasee warudi joo!

  116. sarafina mafikizolo said:

    mnacheki nini,heri hiyo kitu iyende,marriages were breaking cos of free sms,life was tough to cop with ,smseastafrica keep off for sometime,management keep am eye!kudos

  117. jb burayag said:

    baka naman pwedeng my magshare ng script jan…taena hirap mag send ng libre..sms.ac n nga lang..nag down p ung sms pod..yahoo messenger nalang natitira…kaso baka biglang di magsend..patay..ung wadja..sabi “sent” “”daw”” kaso wala naman..hai buhay…

  118. moses benson said:

    maze cant u do anythin to return the free sms site. am so bogged up

  119. wats up!! waseyah nimekam tena…. byritu tuu weka tu tuma tuu, eastafrica hoyahhhh, damu pamoja

  120. highway-way said:

    harro harro!Pwana muriperekemo wapi sms sa pure enway pamoja kama ma…………peste! nimetoka hapa!

  121. nelson k said:

    oooo kwang am back

  122. you peape you did us a mess !just cutin down ur services coz it was for bure yet we are subscribers.to a favour just get dat ting in an up date manner for us to enjoy ur service4s or say if it was to be payed FOR

  123. kemei said:

    kwani hiyo upgrading ita-last hadi whwn sasa?

  124. zawadi said:

    why did you even spoil us with free sms when u knew u’ll do this to us. we aint used to scratching no more do something

  125. KIPRONO said:

    You can never sell a cow and then follow it up that you forgot to deworm it .Am worried of our future,not because of global warming bt because of our brothers and sisters who have decided to misuse the internet for their benefits,to my opinion those companies offering free sms should be giving their lifespan so that we can maximize our use before they start ‘upgrading’their systems.Likewise you shud make sure you have done everything you wish be4 letting the public access your website to avoid unnecessary shame.sh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. dennis oyando said:

    ZAWADI {No.140} your name looks so SWEETER why cant you just join me as a PENPAL and final meet,where are yu gal reply thro tis place it may make a good comm channel instade of just commentin on tinn dat smseat will never do for u=s GUYS let be usin tis site 4 penpal findin :am no 138 on comment lineup. pliz not to hurt you ZAWADI its an highly getten chanse to get ye gal.

    IF APPLIN ALSO USE MA MAIL donyando@yahoo.com .GOOD DAY GAL

  127. denso from RVIST said:

    use the site for life situations penpal,galf,,,,boyf,,,,etc

  128. kiongo jjjjjjjjoooooohhhnnnnn said:

    oooh safaricom u used 2 b dude but since u people faild 2 finish what u started nyinyi ni manugu, ati system upgrade go 2 hell that where u pple belong, may ur company be nolonger a monopoly but a perfect type of bussiness and enjoy normal profit like any other business one day u pple might remeba my words “never exploite anyone who is bellow ur coin u never know life is made of changes” leo safaricom kesho mimi(ur customer).

  129. rohit said:

    i dont like this side bcoz it is very hard n board side

  130. nimo said:

    System Upgrade Translation: Go to Hell we dont give a shit about you.

    Free sms i miss u

  131. denso said:

    zawadi it as taken you days to reply pliz call me and ha\ve a chart or sms me thro 0724967466

  132. miltone wuod adwen said:

    Thanks for this service but now there are many rates of talk time get the cheapest for you .Acha kusubua watu kwani wewe ni nani ? Mtatoka hapa muende huko na kisha mtarudi hapa hapa.

  133. john atandi said:

    U know something with us africans or kenyans rather we don’t spit shit bit in this case who the bustard is responsible for this site c he/she updates it Fxck

  134. HEZY said:

    mnapenda vya bure

  135. switchic said:

    kwendeni huko why did u introduce it in the first place kama mlijua u just want tu shumekia us?????????????????????????

  136. bomike said:

    yaps,shit i wana this ting returned,u ea me.to hell if notin happens…

  137. James Biegon Ali said:

    Wish we all supported the Sasanet guys by atleast purchasing credo once in a while to enable them be sustainable rather than rant about the error messages we fine on their websited.

  138. clement said:

    Haki mazee hiyo ni tabia oza,kwani unajitikeza na kutoweka;ala

  139. Master Sam said:

    Hizi takz zinaboo.Leo Sare kesho ma upgrades.Ni ka tu dating sites.yah told free but dem ask premiums.May i should go a head n develop one mzeeiah.ol d same iktokezea ingine we will be deea.

  140. CALVIN said:

    Hausikii hawa wasee wana utiaji noma sana. Mbona watuvako na stori ya free sms ka walikuwa wanajua kumaintain ni stress, si basi wangeachana nayo mara one tujuange hakuna kitu ka hiyo. Si ni mahustler na ma komps ndo tumeanza kutumia juzi sa tusipotumia wasee ma sms watajuaje tumefika? Wakuende huko jo!

  141. MG.Rice said:

    This is very streesing especially kama uko kwa cyber na hauna creo!

  142. Kiptabot en Chepalungu said:

    I wonder why u pple are complaining! U got usd to having things for free and nw they are withdrawn u squirm like mapanya wadogo. Grow up each one of you. Hakuna ya bureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………

  143. Fredrick said:

    Hey Ladies and Gentle men, dont be used to kuzowea sms za free.Dont expect to get sumtin bila kutoa kijasho chembamba.Cheers n take care of your lives.Short cuts in life r dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Dan Wasonga said:

    wassup wase, this thing of free sms is not gud coz it aint efficient. Why dont u use ur money in sending sms and be sure wid it. Otherwise no hard feeelings. For those ambao wamesota u can try fastsms.com. Happy New and Pizful Year to all.

  145. moses said:

    hi beep mi if receveid this sms just testing.moses

  146. kashif said:

    oooh safaricom u used 2 b dude but since u people faild 2 finish what u started nyinyi ni manugu, ati system upgrade go 2 hell that where u pple belong, may ur company be nolonger a monopoly but a perfect type of bussiness and enjoy normal profit like any other business one day u pple might remeba my words “never exploite anyone who is bellow ur coin u never know life is made of changes” leo safaricom kesho mimi(ur customer).

  147. PHILOS LLYOID said:


  148. PHILOS LLYOID said:


  149. PHILOS LLYOID said:


  150. PHILOS LLYOID said:


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