KTN soups up website, and its totally cool!


Was just passing around and dropped by the new-look KTN website and boy, does it rock! You can always trust me for those updates. It is more informative, blends well their corporate colour (which is my favourite colour as well, and my campus’)  So good, couldnt help stealing a graphic. two actually, from there:

Did I say cool? Sorry, I already did.

NTV however dont seem to be having it all easy. They still list shows that are no longer running. But I guess they were too busy with the closure of NTV Uganda to care. Plus, they got that Flash thing all over the website that does not allow me to copy their logo except this:

 and one of my favourites:

They have apparently gotten themselves a satellite transmitter(valued at Ksh 12 million, they reminded us) that allows them to broadcast live from anywhere in Africa. Wow! So deos that mean that we will be watching my classmate Bernard Otieno live from South Africa for the world cup in 2010?

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  1. Too bad they had live transmission from Marsabit during the first anniversary of the crash and most government people gave it a wide berth. You wonder what our government stands for, if anything.

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