The other side of the failed ODM trip

SO, we are all aware by now that the much-hyped ‘bonding’ trip by the ODM brigade was a non-starter. Which is not hard considering that the kind of elements in ODM are not exactly the ‘bondable’ type, but you already know that, dont you? There is far too much ego in ODM to hold together and sooner rather than later, it will fall apart. Again, you already know that. Listening to Kwamchetsi Makokha this morning on Kiss, he said something that I couldnt agree with more: ” every politician has selfish interests.” That is why they get into politics in the first place, duh?

Anyway, as I was saying, the failure of the trip has not all been bad. The journalists had a field day. For the Standard’s Ben Agina, it was a ticket to London. But he was not the only happy journalist in the land. Practically every media house had a few. A story had just been handed to them in a silver platter. There were countless analyses for reasons that may have caused the split(none of which we didnt know) and acres of space and countless soundbites were dedicated to this. Editors had leading stories all of a sudden and the public had a discussion topic to last them until the next big thing or building collapse in Nairobi.

Then there is Deya. The bishop of miracle babies was making miracles of a different kind this time. He was allegedly promised the high commissionership to London.



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