Phone vibes: World Cross Country is a one-day event!

I like to think of myself as possessing a fair amount of info but this time I was caught flatfooted. Really. I just discovered the other day that the overly-publicised World Cross Country Championships coming to Mombasa this 24th is a one-day event. Actually, its a half-day affair, starting at around 1.30pm and over by 6.30pm. So much for the cross country ‘coming home.’

It is for just that single event that Government spokesman Alfie has been worrying about the general outlook of the coastal city. Street children have been thrown out of the only home some of them know, several millions are being used to spruce up and amenities(or at least some of them) are working again.

Like is always the case, the foreigners will go and we’ll be back to business as usual.

Only, the crosscountry will have come home, and gone just as fast.

  1. shanel said:

    my number is 255755370117
    i open sms east africa but from the moment i open it refuse me to send sms.pleasehelp me

  2. Japhet said:

    Hey Jeph,
    how is the going?
    Hopefully this will get you well to confirm you address.
    Thanks and love you

  3. lucy waithera mwaura said:

    i miss you so big

  4. mugoh said:

    Heiz whatz up men

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