Raila in London pictorial. Caveat: Dont believe everything you see

the  This post self-destructs after 24 hours(may be not).

Whenever am having either dry or busy days, I repost something from my mail. This arrived an hour ago.

It is suppposedly from someone who accopanied ODM presidential aspirant  and a Ksh 40 m Hummer owner Raila Odinga in the recent London trip.



A complete pictorial is available here.

  1. future dip said:

    so really the Deya dude was the organiser, lol. Future high commisioner. And is it me or london is looking really dingy. just some ugly building

  2. kenyanomics said:

    Tinga knows how to play Kenyan political games. He knows the media would make a week long noise, then shift to other issues.

  3. Unyc said:

    That hummer has been around for a few weeks if am not wrong even b4 he left for London. Sme other guy ws driving it. Prob Raila bought it from him or Raila ws waiting for the right tyme to show it off n what better day the the resumption of the 9th parliament….

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