I have had enough of Hummers!!!!!!!

People, please stop sending me forwards about Hummers! I have had it. Between the time when Raila’s supposed Sh40 million Hummer became a subject of national discussion and now, I have counted at least 37 emails on the subject.

And still counting.

Who cares if Raila has a Humvee or not. I just want to read my mail. The next person who sends me mail on HUmmers, I am going to… you get the point.

  1. Half 'n' Half said:

    You are going to hummer him?

    Iam so with you on this hummer crap! who cares?

  2. KA said:

    Me, nataka Hummer 🙂

  3. john atandi said:

    kuna mafans wengime wa ajabu, sa huyu fala anataka hummer tutamsaidia aje kenyans fail to reason at times huyu ni pumbavu,mavi ya kuku ama ana taka ile hummer ingine

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