While I was away, ‘free sms’ came back, bigger and better

Yeah, the good people at Bernsoft, for the uncountable time rebranded or something of the sort. At the new SmsEastAfrica site, you are allowed 10 free texts to any East African number.

This is the first time I know that any company is offering users anywhere in the world to register with their mobile numbers from their countries and send texts to any East African number. Kudos there Bernsoft.

Am gone back to the business of running people into debt. 

  1. Kenyanprogrammer said:

    This is a good service. Congrats to those guys!!! These Bernsoft chaps never cease to amaze me.

    Have they re-branded or this a new product?

  2. Nancy Aidah said:

    I am just trying something

  3. Maureen Atieno adhoch said:

    was up

  4. jackson gitahi said:


  5. darius said:

    hi sema 2moro tutoa zile 100bob?

  6. pattos said:

    Hi guyz whats wrong with free sms. Sisi ni ma pro we will create our own website. Ama?

  7. Davie said:

    hey? vipi wasee,mnajienjoy au nini,this is Davie

  8. Davie said:

    hey!manze you are doing just da thing for us,love it

  9. issa said:

    gotta mafara wote mtaani na uwashoniko sarama

  10. mwania kinns said:

    whats up?this a great idea,u r trully amazing.this is mwania

  11. john said:

    hi how you doing syke ni uchokozi tu

  12. gakii said:

    the service has of late especially today let us down i think it has a problem pliz fix the problem asap

  13. njoro john said:

    vipi ?guys is it true?

  14. njoro john said:

    karuoya!were u saying this kind?pls respond if you are in the office

  15. njoro john said:

    gachomo?are you the one on the site?habari ya kiambu? justus didnt communicate?

  16. aloo said:


  17. ANNE OLOO said:

    hii Nigel if u get this msg pliz rply coz this website is the bomb

  18. denno said:

    Mambo Stivo,wacha kunya juu surfing fee ni sare Aaiseeh!!. Iutilize.

  19. peter nduati said:
  20. brend said:

    HI Rico, this site is juz da bomb now u got no excuse for not being quite!

  21. Larry said:

    Hi Tom, kuna vile umeenda underground lakini manze try n communicate!!!!!………

  22. edu gee said:

    semeni?manze amekataa kabisa.poa lakini

  23. edu said:

    sema pat?fred anataka stuffs zake.

  24. ngwati said:

    niaje wathiii

  25. Terri said:

    Nice work! Its nice seeing young guys coming up to do such wonders! Keep up the good work!

  26. max said:

    niaje man.cheki hii website ya kutuma sms bure

  27. Humphreys m kinyuah said:

    Kama vipi just saying hi,nikugotea.Bei nya gauge na ngale is high ndivyo kimunya anadai kwa budget “yetu”eti juu havuti fegi,lazima usare fegi jikusanye pia beer wacha ukijua cheap ni expe sana gutuka ni time yako!

  28. Giggsy said:

    whatz up Bernsoft. Site iko down for several days now.av u hit ‘etc’ ama

  29. Giggsy said:

    4 yo info Bernsoft am cominig up wiz mine kali sana….BE AFRAID

  30. Bernard Awuor said:

    waz up? hii kitu imecrash ama niaje? Say it!

  31. FDDGDF said:


  32. Grim Reaper said:

    Kwani is Vipi! I thought these sms wa 4 bure 2 simu? Nway hii ni site ya power.

  33. shakkim said:

    we fala yu r distbn my ass n check out ma fala kama wewe provided free sms to all the “ma falas’

  34. godyjuma said:

    Hi lindasi true love is lyk a pillow u can hug it whenever u r in trouble u can cry on it whenever u r in pain u can embrace it wen u r happy so wen u need true love buy a pillow

  35. jose said:

    the site is ok

  36. julius ondari said:

    wow this more than great for us engineers. i must know how this works. ama?

  37. stevo said:

    sema stevo how is the going?did you tuma the 100 bob?have a great week.cheers

  38. edwin kibe said:

    if i would know that i m gonna die tomorrow, i’ll spend 23 hours with u and if u wonder what about the last hour..in that my heart will find someone who can take care of u…love you always…miss u always….n that me…..
    When nights are long and friends are few…I sit alone and think of you…With lovely heart and silent tear…All I wish is you to be here with me……….miss you big.. big..big…!!!!!

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