Mwakwere behaving badly, and on national TV!

Watching KTN Leo on their new political segment on Friday that kicked off with Transport minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere, I couldnt help thinking of ‘The Special One.’ For indeed that was what former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho thought of himself and as I must think the despicable Mwakwere thinks he is. Host Anne Ngugi had a hard time interviewing him and it was most commendable how she remained professional all through where most mortals would have lost their tempers. Immediately after asking her first question, Mwakwere rudely corrected her then kept mum without answering her. In fact, he kept his blunt and arrogant demeanour throughout the show even after two viewers pointed it out in the live call-in.

The most shocking was when a viewer asked about him having been spotted in the infamous Koinange Street red light district and he retorted ‘Huko Koinange nilienda na mamako?’ Mr Mwakwere, for a public figure, and a cabinet minister no less, that was just plain stupid, thoughtless and shameful. And it was on live TV! Its quite obvious your lousy Shirikisho party is a tribal outfit and no amount of arrogance can change that. And for God’s sake learn some manners! What if your child was watching that? Am ashamed to have a minister like you supposedly serving this country. The old adage says “pride comes before a fall.’ Be afraid Mwakwere, be very afraid.

I think there are two things that can be done to teach Mwakwere a lesson.

1. The media should give him a total blackout for a few days to show him just how important its role is and

2. Kenyans should call for an apology for his indecent behaviour on KTN this Friday September 21st, 2007.
Go, bloggers go! Go, KBWers go! Write at least one post censuring this fossil.

I wonder why anybody would throw away such a chance to tell the public what he is all about and what his party stands for. Knowing what television advertising costs and aware that any publicity is publicity, Mwakwere must be straight out of the second century AD. All he knows is insisting that he is in fact, the Party Leader of Shirikisho and not the chair, like we care. And you wonder why mayhem and pandemonium has creeped back to the matatu industry.

And all this time I thought Martha Karua was Kibaki’s most arrogant


  1. katch up said:

    My Goodness! He said that? Sounds unbeleivable coming from a father, leave alone a minister. Shame on him.

  2. Sue said:

    I watched with my kids, it was such a shame. It is not Ann Ngugi who asked about Koinange Street its was a caller.

    Most of the time he was rude a caller, called twice to tell him not to use abusive words. He answered that Kiswahili sio lugha ya matusi.

    The first caller called and calmly told Ann Ngugi huyu Mwakwere twa muaga. This shows how he’s not popular and will not get back to parliament unless hes nominated which I doubt.

  3. Shameful! What can one do with a foul-mouthed public figure such as this one. I think the suggestion that he should be shown for what he is is a good one.

    I say Bloggers Go!

  4. Omar Ali said:

    The minister was very right to answer the way he did, because it is a known fact that Mwakwere was not at Koinange Street, he was in fact on an official visit to Ethiopia and on the very night he was attending an official function in Addis Ababa, where Luhya lady who works with AU confirmed to ahev spoken with Mwakwere that night at the function.

    Secondly, the individual who asked the question was sent to provoke the minister by group of politicians who are jelous of the man whose polictla career keeps on soaring. One fights FIRE with FIRE, not with water.

    As for Shirikisho being a tribal party, name any party in Kenya that is not tribal.

  5. mathree said:

    this is boolshit

  6. mista said:

    truly this question was designed to provoke… however the reponse was unneccesary and he should have taken the higher road. as a representative of the people and a dedicated father he should know better

  7. johnnnnny said:

    As a father, husband, uncle jus 2 mention a few, Makwere shud have either ignored the qnst or answr it in a fatherly way. what if it were his little son asking a qnsn similar to that? insult him? beat him? NO!!!!! a father knws handling such in a better way………unlike him.

  8. BENSON KENZI said:


  9. oluoch beneah said:

    I was shocked by the behaviour of The Honarable Chirau Ali Makwere making a mockery of the Prime minister’s concerns about the State of the Coalition government in his usual self-importance tone. However wrong he thought the Prime Minister was in venting out his frustrations with the government, he ought to realise that he was elected by Kenyans and such display of self indulgent contempt is uncalled for. He ought to govern himself better and realise he is not better than any other minister or even the many Kenyans who have given him the priviledge to be in parliament. Humility Horable Minister Sir.

    It was even more disturbing to see the vice-president grinning next to him in suport of his utternace. The vice-president has had a political career of sitting on the fence and jumping to the side that suits his needs best and he has been very succesful at it. He ought to be ashamed of himself joining others in mocking someone else.

  10. Lee said:

    Im so glad this Mwakwere guy has been edged out, he is a callous arrogant man who needed to have his wings clipped. Sad as it may be we need Michuki(who is an equally arrogant foul mouthed fossil but atleast gets the job done) back in the Transport Ministry to restore sanity on the roads.
    We seriously need a new crop of politicians and we need to totally delink the political system from the government(i still do not understand why we have MPs who are ministers?? and Permanent Secretaries who are closet politicians)
    Loyalties aside we need action and this is my proposal:

    1. Change the constitution and pull out all MPs from ministries and appoint private sector proffesionals
    2. Reduce government share holding in parastals(what business does the govt have doing business!)
    3. Make it a law that all MPs must recide in the constituencies, one parliamentary meeting a week
    4. Every MP must have certain laid out objectives and provide tools in the community for people to rate these objectives ON A MONTHLY BASIS. (they need to realise they are servants NOT masters)
    5. Increase IT spending and make it mandatory from primary level, create digital hubs in ALL villages(they are thousands of companies out there that will not mind donating at the very least one computer each and getting a tax break for the same).MPs must be ready to buy one computer a month and all internet companies allocate a certain percentage of their bandwidth to this cause by law.

    Blog away

  11. MTU said:

    @ sue it is clearly stated in the article that a viewer called and asked about K street. i dont know where you got your information from about ann ngugi asking about that question. NKTEST!

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