Surely I can’t be this harmless?!

So I got myself a film-like rating for my blog:


Man, I cant be this harmless. Apparently, I mention death only once in this blog (OK, now two) and nothing else harmful. Leave all your kids with me y’all, they are safe with me.

Am your poster boy for the ‘good’ blogger

Having seen that, I thought I might do another test that would be more …. you know, arrggh. So I did a ‘Geek Test’ to find out how much of a geek I am.

49% Geek

Looking for payday loan?

Turns out not much. Hey, but I nearly made 50% Never won any Math thing but I sure did win one or two spelling bees and I do loooooooooove comps and tech.

I will do better, yes I will.

  1. Farmgal said:

    At 49% I’d say you is a geek. Si you’re nearly there, no?

  2. Oh, thanks, that was totally helpful. I feel geeky already…lol. Oh, Boyfulani, Unyc, you must do this test, and I want the results ASAP.
    \\ just in case you thought I had forgotten the above named, I have not. And everyone else reading these, you are not spared

  3. bomseh said:

    Si 41% geek is acceptable, ama?

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