Facebook in 50 years

There is a piece I did about Facebook coming up on the new phat site Haiya.co.ke (you need to get there). That was until I stumbled upon this furiously funny(!) image on Justin Hartman‘s site, who also got it from somewhere else.

(Original image here)

Now isn’t this funny? If you are on Facebook, you will know why. Actually, its PensionBook.

Stay safe, will you?

  1. Raymond said:

    The transportation of molecules through the air in a machine, will be the biggest challenge of the 21st century. If we can split the atom, we can bring it back together. Perhaps is the next pico technology. Nygianttalk I shrunk the kids!

  2. i dont do facebook and i’ve never understood why pple are so into it, to me its just another way of playing around with pple’s personal info…and i’ve just had enough of parading my details online…i will stick to myspace for the time being…

  3. bryjoe said:

    for some wierd reason i have never been to face book my pc simply refuses to open …just as well because i have an adictive streak… 🙂

  4. Miss E said:

    LMAOO! They have switched “upcoming birthdays” to “deaths” . Too funny..and the status’ is just hilarious..I am semi-addicted to facebook! Cant miss a day without logging in. I dont know why? There is something about it..I never go to myspace anymore.

  5. Zack said:

    Am a growing addict of facebook and this is cracker. Its really funny… Ati upcoming deaths… U were pocked by a walking stick.. Lol! Very creative manenoz.

  6. Zack said:

    Yenyewe, that one there is a good one. Couldnt be more creative. I am stuck 2 facebook, dont know why but I know soon I will be as bored as I became with Hi5.

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