To let: former Nakumatt Downtown

A prime plot suitable for commercial re-engagement has recently become available smack in the middle of the city centre.

Nakumatt Downtown; the good days

Nakumatt Downtown; the good days

This here on the right is what it looked like in the good days, when it was Nakumatt’s busiest store, open 24 hours a day and despite its challenge in space, bringing in quite a sizeable percentage of revenue mostly because of its location and therefore, convenience






And then one warm and airy afternoon, the beginning of what would be the end happened.

Downtown burns

Downtown burns

Because of a mixture of greed, avarice, poor preparedness, poor planning and even a poorer response to emergency, it went ka-BOOM and took with it almost 30 Kenyans’ lives. And even worse, the management, and some leading newspaper, had initially indicated that nobody had been trapped inside the fire. And oh how they were wrong!  

So this (above) is how it started, covered live by all the major, and minor TV stations, the first of a series of tragedies in the subsequent fortnight..

But finally, Woolworths House, whoever owned it has decided to clear the place, maybe for a parking, maybe for an office block, maybe, just maybe for a 24 hour supermarket to be built at that very place.

So did we learn anything from this tragedy? And how many people will be comfortable entering whatever will replace Downtown?


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