China; the story so far

So I came into China on Monday (through Bangkok and Guangzhou which is an unnecessarily long route).

As most of you are aware, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in this part of the world. Mercifully, my Snaptu is set to remember my login credentials for Facebook & Twitter and am able to tweet and update my Facebook using it. Not much else though.

Here is a selection of some photos from the trip so far. These should have ideally been in the form of twitpics but…

You should see pictures from my hotel, the view from my window and the nice shot with the glassy background is at the Nokia plant.

The most interesting part so far perhaps is how we all became stars at the Bird’s Nest. Everybody wanted to take pictures with the black people, presumably because we’re not too common in these parts.

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  1. …And so I thought it’s only my Mum who liked taking pictures of the room she stays whenever she visits foreign countries, even Larry is (unless, of course I’m all wrong)!

    Now, bwana with your trademark smile, was that short lady your translator? Quiet curious how you were communicating knowing that a large %age of Chinese don’t speak English or even our pride (read Kiswahili).

    When Kibaki went there, he brough us road engineers & our country is now getting some transformation. I hope you brought us some goodies, which will keep us glued to KTN.

    Otherwise nice stuff, you’ve got.

    Karibu nyumbani!

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