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Like the kind people in a certain newspaper reminded us, another ODM MP was killed within 36 hours of the murder of the first one.

Conspiracy theories aside, Rest in Peace David Kimutai Too.

By now, you should  be connvinced, like I am, that there is something terribly amiss in our democracy. OK, demo-crazy(you should be able to get at least two meanings from that corruption)

Watching KTN Leo on their new political segment on Friday that kicked off with Transport minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere, I couldnt help thinking of ‘The Special One.’ For indeed that was what former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho thought of himself and as I must think the despicable Mwakwere thinks he is. Host Anne Ngugi had a hard time interviewing him and it was most commendable how she remained professional all through where most mortals would have lost their tempers. Immediately after asking her first question, Mwakwere rudely corrected her then kept mum without answering her. In fact, he kept his blunt and arrogant demeanour throughout the show even after two viewers pointed it out in the live call-in.

The most shocking was when a viewer asked about him having been spotted in the infamous Koinange Street red light district and he retorted ‘Huko Koinange nilienda na mamako?’ Mr Mwakwere, for a public figure, and a cabinet minister no less, that was just plain stupid, thoughtless and shameful. And it was on live TV! Its quite obvious your lousy Shirikisho party is a tribal outfit and no amount of arrogance can change that. And for God’s sake learn some manners! What if your child was watching that? Am ashamed to have a minister like you supposedly serving this country. The old adage says “pride comes before a fall.’ Be afraid Mwakwere, be very afraid.

I think there are two things that can be done to teach Mwakwere a lesson.

1. The media should give him a total blackout for a few days to show him just how important its role is and

2. Kenyans should call for an apology for his indecent behaviour on KTN this Friday September 21st, 2007.
Go, bloggers go! Go, KBWers go! Write at least one post censuring this fossil.

I wonder why anybody would throw away such a chance to tell the public what he is all about and what his party stands for. Knowing what television advertising costs and aware that any publicity is publicity, Mwakwere must be straight out of the second century AD. All he knows is insisting that he is in fact, the Party Leader of Shirikisho and not the chair, like we care. And you wonder why mayhem and pandemonium has creeped back to the matatu industry.

And all this time I thought Martha Karua was Kibaki’s most arrogant




You have probably heard this before: Mt Kenya and the other snowcapped mountains are losing their snow, and fast. Fall guy? Global warming. Experts predict that there could be no more snow left as soon as in the next 20-30 years. Incidentally, the theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Melting Ice: A hot Topic?.’ It is normally formulated in Kenya, am told, over many ‘hot’ cigarettes if my source is to be believed.

In the meantime, innocent Kenyans continue to be beheaded every day and night thanks to the monster we call Mungiki. Particularly painful for me was the story of the twenty year-old tout who was beheaded and his private parts severed by suspected adherents of this sect. For some ‘leaders’ like George Nyanja, it is a funny weeping affair.  Only in Kenya.

Anyone noticed the rapid speed in which presidnetial visions are being launched? Does anybody really care about them? Me, I (the Kenyan I am) just need to know how my income is going to improve and how fast. End of story. Oh and if you promise to deal with Mungiki, +2.

But its not all bad news everywhere, the Nairobi Stock Exchange is growing. Apart from the already existing four segments, a new one- Technology – has been added to the roll following the listing of corporate ISP Access Kenya.

This isa little too early but this year is gone and we are ushering in an election year. The year that all our dreams and expectations will be broken (doesnt it happen every year anyway?) The year also that we will vote in the same bad years for five years (what happened to the recall clause) Oh, and Parliament launched (sorry, that would be relaunched) their website. Lemme check it out and deliver a judgement in five minutes…

Pretty informative and a great graphic on the home page. Kenyan parliament has never been more open. Plus, for some reason, they changed it form parliament to perhaps to give it a more mwananchi outlook? Even something on careers? Great, I just dont have time now. The Mps’ profiles section is one you must check out. It even has their contacts and education, more like a mini CV. Looking at it, I just remembered that majority of the House members are actually NARC members and we never hear anything about it anymore.

In matters unrelated, after 7 weeks, Tusker project Fame came to a close with Daystar University student Valerie Kimani winning the crown. Did she deserve it? Dont ask me, ask EABL and PwC.

So that was the year 2005. Kibera remains volatile because of some political mischief. On a sad note, the music scene lost Feroze in a road accident at the city’s Museum Hill area. He was with a friend, the media will forget. Speaking of the media, anybody noticed the game shows mushrooming on TV?

Have a blessed Christmas and a great 2007.

Kibaki, the president that is, is often blamed for the many bad things that have befallen Kenyan politics over the last few years, and for good reason.

Kibaki arrives for Jamhuri Day Pic from the State House website

For the first time since the beginning of Kibaki’s torturous presidency and in remembered history of Kenya’s annoying political occurrences, a politician actually did what is RIGHT! It is not everyday that a politician rejects a Sh 3.2 million paycheck but Kibaki did, and am proud of him for that. His vast personal wealth notwithstanding, he did point out valid issues. The economic (under)development at this time can not support that kind of pay hike. It was in the public domain that he would be earning a higher salary than the president and premier of the US and Britain respectively, leading first world economies with budgets many times larger and complex than ours.

Many of us ourselves put in the same situation would have done quite the opposite. It may be argued that he only bent down due to press criticism but either way, he did it and that’s what matters. It will be interesting to see our MPs do something of the sort but then again, knowing who our elected representatives are, that sure is a tall order isn’t it?  If we had more public servants acting like Kibaki (in this case) we sure wouldn’t be in the murk that we are in.

A few days ago, I would have been the last to praise Kibaki but today, I just want to congratulate him and tell him to keep it up and who knows, may be Kenyans will just look at him with favour and grant him another term. Now, only if he started a little earlier.

This should probably be on the Kenyan Hater but I just couldn’t resist it. In the past few weeks, two issues over the use of the CDF kitty as the media like to call it. First was the Ugenya one involving ‘Archbishop’ Stephen Ondiek and a poor boy from his constituency. The good bishop reckons that there is nothing wrong in having all the CDF monies going to his schools because he has been good enough to reduce the fees at his private secondary school to just Ksh 25,ooo while others charge more. Just so you know, ‘ondiek’ means some wild animal I forget in Luo.
The said student who is at Mang’u no less and was the second best in the district in the KCPE was told to either join the non-performing school, Siaya Academy or forget the bursary. He chose the most obvious and logical. He got so hard up later he had to call in the media. And they (we?) did what they know best.
In the second instance, all of Ksh 9 million was taken out of the constituency account by a member of the committee and he promptly flew out of the country. The area MP Joseph Lagat blames the bank. I blame him. He is the patron and he appointed the members of that damn committee. If there is anybody to pay, it sure is him. Period.
Having said that, just what is to be done about the CDF? One thing is for sure: get MPs out of it. It’s their constituency fine but they are not the best stewards of the public’s money as they have proved time and again.