Monthly Archives: November 2007

OK people, I have reason to be proud. Straight after Raila nearly brought our entire network to it knees, Kibaki has checked in. Albeit more kindly. He just tells you why you need to keep him on the Big House on the Hill and what he has done, even giving you a choice to send him on his way.

Am talking about viruses. Like the Raila one, and the Kalonzo one rumoured to be spreading in a section of our network, this one came the same way.

Take a look. (I coudnt upload directly so Flickr came in handy)

And to make it even worse, it has a copyright (all rights reserved) and a designed by, of course both of which do not point to its creator. Whom by the way I must credit with some ingenuity. 

And (too many of these in this post) as I was writing this, it happened again!

Am out, peace