Monthly Archives: March 2008

Like I do every Easter, I look at some of those totally bizarre, far-fetched and eccentric things that make this century. How else would you explain this: moonvertising – yaani advertising on the moon.

A beer brewer in the States, Rolling Rock is set to beam their logo on the moon over the next few full moons!

Ok, well, there you have it. In fact, their first attempt is going to be today: March 21st!

If you ask me, these guys are high on their own product. Which is why it’s kind heartening to know that we haven’t reached that level. If anything, we may be having quite the reverse! 

Happy (and sane) Easter y’all!

Now, Yours Truly has been paying a lot more attention to the radio these past few days. Of course, the sheer variety is terribly amazing and maddeningly unnerving. Have you tried scanning the dial these days and notice just how much talk there is on the airwaves these days?

The newest kids on the block Homeboyz Radio and Ghetto Radio have also been doing their thing. I absolutely loved Jeff holding it down for G Money in the morning. On the other hand, every time I switch to Ghetto, they just seem to be playing reggae all the time, and I CAN’T STAND REGGAE!
I also passed by Hot 96’s Liquid show in the jioz and there was Albert Josiah and Dj Joe going on and on about some listener who had confused the station with Easy FM. “Kama uko ndani ya Easy FM mbona unatutumia sms, fala hii? Ati that guy is confusing us with Easy FM, he is absolutely out of his mind,” AJ for you. I can almost imagine he got a call from his boss after the show.

In all this array of choice, obscenity and difference of opinion, is Kenyan radio more entertaining than say, two years ago?

The hawkers really don’t want to leave the streets of Nairobi, where they have been plying their trade ever since the elections caught up with us. Now that we have a peace deal, therefore the New Year is a few weeks late (when they were expected to be flushed out after the polls), the man who we didn’t give kazi in 2002 has some kazi to do. UK has declared and insists, it is time they moved.

The good people at Haiya! polled to find out how we feel about them:

If this is anything to go by, we are hopelessly divided as to whether we want the hawkers to leave the city centre, or to continue wading through them every time. Me, I have made up my mind, OK I just changed it just as I was about to write my decision here.

There are so many reasons for and against them! Man, my head hurts! Can we have some resolution on this, anyone?