Monthly Archives: November 2006

I have been away a long time. During which time a lot has been happening. The lecturers went on strike in public universities and are still there last time I checked. On that, a local paper was kind enough to publish my opinion with just a few more typos of their own. Read it here and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, something else was cooking on the political scene. Officials who had initailly ran away from KANU led by the Total Man suddenly appeared back in the scene. They held a meeting in Mombasa and chose themselves as leaders of Kenya’s oldest party. And the Registar of Societies actually accepted these impostors! Please note, am not a supporter of KANU or the ODM or NARC or any of those despicable people, I am just an ordinary Kenyan who likes to pretend we have some semblence of the rule of law. Clearly, mine is a pipe dream, like we in the media are wont to say from time to time.

There were also elections where I go to school and a bit of mud-slinging as usual(maybe not enough as I would have wanted or liked) All in a semester’s work. So, that’s where I have been.

The blog euphoria has hit my campus, and in a BIG way too. One time it was just me and my pal Felo who were blogging, the next time every Alice, James and Eric is blogging! Now, hmmh, beef.

They are all hating or for the unschooled, focus on the negative and bring it out. Or exaggerate. There is Daystarminator for example, he/she is new to the blog world and is starting a really worrisome site. The cap goes to the owner of Dayo blog page, that one is just pure hate. Al add their links to my side bar so you can ceck them out.