Monthly Archives: March 2010

I really need to make blogging a regular habit again. Everybody is tweeting these days, and like with everything that’s attained near fad status, it is bursting at the seams with annoying types. Since everybody is also doing top 10 Twitter lists, why not me?

1. The Over-tweeter: So I get that Twitter is some convoluted way to brag about what uninteresting restaurant you’re splitting lunch bill with 3 other wanna-be’s. Could you try and not tweet about it? Plus, am really not doing much on the internet on my own if I have to follow every supposedly interesting link you write.

2. The Hash-tag guru: #You #have #just #140 #characters #to #say #whatever #you #want #to #, #could #you #try #and #not #waste #them #all #on #lousy #hashtags #that #not #only #make #your #tweet #harder #to #read #, #it #also #wastes #my #time #?

3. The Hater: Listen, its not my fault that you really have a problem with the world.  I follow you because you might have something am interested in hearing, it doesn’t help me (or you!) if you’re always whining. The eternal pessimist also falls here. If life is so screwed, I hear ropes or Rat&Rat (remember it?) are easily obtainable. Get a shrink. Or a life. Or both.

4. The Retweeter: Don’t even get me started on this one. By the time I wake up, you have already retweeted half the entire Twitter timeline. You know, if I wanted to follow everyone, I would just do that. But I dont! So spare me all the little details of people am not interested in. Y’know, there’s a difference between a reply and a retweet. If somebody tweets and you want to reply to it, you could just go ahead and do that, without first shrinking his twt so u cn add ur cmnt @ z end.

5. The Jonas Brothers & Justin Bieber fans. And increasingly, the Lady Gaga fans. Who are these people? Can you get off Twitter and go to a concert or take a walk, or something! There are real important life moving things like earthquakes and wars. They need to trend too.

6. The Foursquare & users: So what if you just become the mayor of area with virtually no Foursquare users? Or you’re listening to Mike Rua then Coldplay? Get off my timeline!

7.The Facebook Twitterers: There’s a reason why Facebook & Twitter are 2 different social networking tools. I dont want your every little tweet, retweet and reply appearing on my Facebook feed just after I’ve seen it on Twitter. Leave it there.

8. The Chatters: If you want to chat, go on Direct Message, or get a chat client. I really don’t care whether Maina Kageni & Classic Breakfast is better than Capital in the Morning. Just don’t fill my bloody timeline.

9. The Cryptic Twitterer: ‘Just like I thought…’ So you think? Interesting, while you’re up there supposedly thinking, could you write something I can understand? On second thoughts, don’t bother.

10. The #FollowFriday Retweeters: WTH? How does this further the cause of information?