Welcome to the page that gives you the realistic account of what’s happening to me and around me. I like to call it the biggest home of my thoughts outside my brain. You can be sure to find here also some shocking things(in a good way) and some hard-hitting facts. If it is a commentary you are looking for, you will find it here. All kinds of criticism welcome, it keeps me in check you know.It is dedicated to the happy memories of Treazer and Alloys Madowo. My heart will go on…

  1. shaffiechristian said:

    am very gtaful for bringing back your free sms services congrats!!!!!!

  2. charles said:

    whaz up yo?am kool en rollin.ti’s such great deal to have this back.

  3. Douglas said:

    hi thanks for bringing back free sms.but how will i get registered?

  4. peter said:

    hey?it cool and fine to know you are okey!!!!!11

  5. wicky said:

    i like you but i am afraid to tell you

  6. mary said:

    sasa,sioni kama nitamake coz ma siz ananishow kuna mtu nafaa kumeet saa hizi nai hosi.

  7. joyce said:

    waz up yo!doin fine? mi bado nakazana na maprogramming. how about the fuckin c++? we unarada hizo maconcepts?

  8. joyce said:

    peter we ni mrefu hadi ukibuy trou mpya by the tyme ifike waist imeisha fashoni.

  9. george said:

    hi thanks for bringing back free sms. but how will i get registered

  10. Need to be more vibrant.Anyway keep you chest out and walk tall.CHEERS

  11. ST' said:

    Like your info lakini add a lil’ extra spice.CHEERS

  12. rohit said:

    very bad side no easy found any sms…. very bad

  13. J said:

    Hey Larry,

    Checking out your blog! nice though serious-ie. I Like it still.

  14. kurtis said:

    its good u r back u this site was coool

  15. joe said:

    hi!wz jus browsing and i bumped into this,kwani what dont u know??nyc afte

  16. bonochy said:

    salamu mob frm congo.
    may God bless you…
    mosna owetewago teh!

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