There is a piece I did about Facebook coming up on the new phat site (you need to get there). That was until I stumbled upon this furiously funny(!) image on Justin Hartman‘s site, who also got it from somewhere else.

(Original image here)

Now isn’t this funny? If you are on Facebook, you will know why. Actually, its PensionBook.

Stay safe, will you?

So I got myself a film-like rating for my blog:


Man, I cant be this harmless. Apparently, I mention death only once in this blog (OK, now two) and nothing else harmful. Leave all your kids with me y’all, they are safe with me.

Am your poster boy for the ‘good’ blogger

Having seen that, I thought I might do another test that would be more …. you know, arrggh. So I did a ‘Geek Test’ to find out how much of a geek I am.

49% Geek

Looking for payday loan?

Turns out not much. Hey, but I nearly made 50% Never won any Math thing but I sure did win one or two spelling bees and I do loooooooooove comps and tech.

I will do better, yes I will.

It’s official! Am getting obsolete, right before my eyes. At least technology-wise. I told a professor(do they really call them that in Kenya?) of mine who belongs to another generation that and he thought it was a good joke.

I am however convinced. See, I wrote this from a phone, suffering through some chick’s stale vibe. Ok, maybe not.

All this thanks t some cool guys at Safaricom and even cooler people at WP. In fact, I consider WORDPRESS the next biggest thing since the internet itself.

Speaking of which, how come sending ‘data’ to 4777 on Safaricom to set up your phone to GPRS doesnt work anymore?