Monthly Archives: April 2007

People, please stop sending me forwards about Hummers! I have had it. Between the time when Raila’s supposed Sh40 million Hummer became a subject of national discussion and now, I have counted at least 37 emails on the subject.

And still counting.

Who cares if Raila has a Humvee or not. I just want to read my mail. The next person who sends me mail on HUmmers, I am going to… you get the point.

For the benefit of those who havent heard the despicable story of a nude sculpture of Jesus Christ made out of about 100kg chocolate by ‘artist’ Cassimo Cavallaro, this way please. Or if you love the Beeb, this way.

 Basically, this guy spent his time for a long time no doubt, getting together a sculpture of Jesus, genitalia and all.

 And this psycho, claims to be a Catholic. Asked if he would attempt a similar statue of Mohammed, he said he would not since it is not his religion. Maybe its just me but these Americans have a way of being just eccentric at the most untimely seasons.

Have a great Easter nonetheless, I am off to Coastoh and dont come back till Monday. I am going to see for myself what Alfred Mutua would like us to think has been done at the Coast.

Random Thought:

Yaani such stupid things as party symbols are grabbing the headlines(registration required). Who cares what symbol your party has, I want to know what it stands for. I wouldnt care if it was a spade or a monkey if I knew what its policies and manifestos are.

Only in Kenya. Have a blessed Easter, did I say?