RIP Lorna Laboso, Kipkalya Kones and other crash victims


This time it took Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso. Also his (still unnamed) bodyguard and pilot.

Rest in Peace.

Grass will grow

  1. Kipkirui T said:

    My condolence to the Families , Friends and Kenya as whole.

    My heart goes out to the young .

  2. joe said:

    What do you mean by Again and it took?

  3. Dr. Abdulmajid Mohamed said:

    Condolence to Kenya, the ODM fraternity and the family of the deceased. God has better plans for them.

  4. Dr. Abdulmajid Mohamed, NAMLEF Bungoma said:

    Condolence to the people of Kenya, the ODM fraternity and the family of the deceased. God has better plans for them.

  5. JOSEPH TERER said:

    Sad loss for prominent and true fighters of democracy. The loss of Kipkalya Kones , and Lorna Laboso is tragic and bizarre to me and the entire Bomet constutuents. Kones has earned himself a name in Bomet as a true leader and hardworking citizen. His legacy and value will stand still now and days ahead. May God rest their souls in eternal peace.

    Joseph K Terer,
    Norfolk, Va.

  6. BMJ Muriithi said:

    How sad. Once again, Kenya has lost brilliant leaders through another air crash. Since Kibaki took over in 2002, we have watched in disbelief as air crashes claim the lives of an unprecedented number of government officials (read politicians). Is there something we need to know or is it just a strange coincidence. And if it is, shouldn’t someone-maybe the owners of the planes (if they have been renting them out without servicing them as required by law)-take full responsibility for these deaths? How many times are we going to make this appeal before someone does something? This is one of the many things I hate about Kenyan top leadership. God help us!

  7. ochilo chilbin said:

    did raila politicise these deaths to the effect that people should vote ODM in the elections in solidarity with the dead. what an act of insensitivity to the family and kipsigis people who were generally ignored in cabinet distributions.

  8. John mmbaga said:

    My condolences to all of us the people of kenya on this very sad day when two more respectable leaders have lost their lives from the ever increasing deadly skies of our nation. Its time for us to be united in grief and pray God to sustain our leaders in their pursuit of a better kenya. John mmbaga

  9. Poleni sana wakenya wenzangu. Especially the people of Bomet. God peace be with you.

  10. nyaboke said:

    Its really sad. My condolences to the families.

    Rest in peace

  11. Zadok Koech said:

    pole! a big shock. may God grant their families n people of bomet n sotik strength to bear the big loss.

  12. Korir from Voi said:


  13. Kibet Kiprotich said:

    My condolences to Bomet pple, Kalenjin and Kenya as a whole. What a loss . She just went in and now she`s departed! God must have had better plans. Pole bikab bomet

  14. Jackie Arkle said:

    This is indeed another sad day for us all in Kenya irrespective of political affiliations.

    To the families of all victims who perished in this accident, please know that thousands are praying for you.

    Lord help us all to deal with yet another tragedy.

    Jackie , Nairobi, Kenya

  15. ANN said:


  16. Peter MUGO said:

    This is a time for repentance for all Kenyans. Let us cry to God not to let loose the devil on us every time we appear to be stabilising. And for us, lets love each other at all times; we must never let the devil divide us again whatever the storm.

    May the families find solace in the FACT that they will meet again after resurrection.

  17. Peter Gichangi said:

    poleni wakenya. The inquiry into the Marsabit aircrash was not made public,the government MUST investigate and bring the people responsible to book. There is clearly something wrong with our aviation system.

  18. BABONYO said:

    While we are mourning these heroes, we must remember that the death of Chellanga in a similar type of crash is still not yetr investigated.

  19. Daneillah idi wanjiku said:

    R.I.P -arise kenyans, lets pray.. We have lost leaders….this leaves a question mark to why all this is happening!! R.I.P

  20. I join all Kenyans in lifting the families of the deceased up. This is a sad time for all Kenyans, losing two leaders. May God rest their souls in eternal peace.

  21. Korir s-DallasTX said:

    Pole sana. God is in control. RIP

  22. It’s a Sad day in the Kenyan Family worldwide. Pay God rest the Ministers souls in eternal peace

  23. RONO said:

    I understand Kones was having an affair with someones wife? May he rest in peace. I smell a rat.

  24. Poleni wakenya wenzangu kwa kuwapoteza wapendwa wetu,may God rest their souls in enternal peace, Amen

  25. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    This is not the time to gossip about the gones may they rest in peace

    All my condolences to the kenyans and their families


    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief
    Life at its is very Brief

  27. boke said:

    join all Kenyans in lifting the families of the deceased up. This is a sad time for all Kenyans, losing two leaders. May God rest their souls in eternal peace.

  28. Duncan Bosire, Somerset-NJ said:

    Hon Kones has always been my child hood hero and a Cardinalian ( For those of you who went through Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, you know whar am saying).May he rest in peace.
    Are we all sure that these planes are not tampered with on the ground by some unscrupulous elements in the society?..Why ODM only?..Lets go politics now!

  29. Rono that message of urs was uncalled for plus what evidence do u have on that. shame on you bwana Kenyans are mourning

  30. Gladys Cherono Tare said:

    Poleni wakenya. it’s quite unfortunate that we are losing powerful leaders in our country. Watu wa Bomet and sotik may you find peace in your hearts poleni sana. My condolences to the deceased family and may God give you another comforter. Kones and Lorna may you rest in peace. you left a gap in ours hearts.


    na huyo mjinga ameleta story ya affairs je ?
    Dont display how ignorant you are to the whole world.
    if U live a nasty life Others Dont .
    Sorry but its a pity


    27. RONO – June 11, 2008
    I understand Kones was having an affair with someones wife? May he rest in peace. I smell a rat.

    “Very Mjinga sana” like Newton Kulundu used to say


    Very sad indeed. the late our father the Hon kones has rested. it is a high time we mourn as the kipsigis community i mean the kipsigis. it is very sad. AK CHEBIYWON NON NGOLOLEN ABOUT AFFAIR you should think and talk about your self and your mother. kones has fougth a good figth for the home and this is the time to respect it.


  34. charles warui, karatina 'Nyeri said:

    my condolence to the families, people of sotik n bomet and all kenyans. Its not time to speculate. rip

  35. Ng'etich, Eldoret said:

    Pole to all Kenyans. We have lost brave warriors. Speculations are un-called for. MAANYIN METIT EN CHITO NEIBWATI TUGUK CHE UCHON EN KASARTA NE U NI.

  36. Telengech Stephen said:

    This is sad moment in our country, its actually devastating to loose leaders in such a way, will we ever live in peace, is it realy an accident or a deliberate plan by somebody, the government must take the civil aviation 2 explain. my heartfelt condolences 2 family friends and da people of Kenya


    I am posting this with alot of pain in my hearth. kones died in action, as a king of the kipsigis community ( quoted by Vitalis kimutai on todays paper.) he was on his way to Ainamoi and later to Kilgoris.the late Laboso is new in the parliament and she had all reason to fly with Hon kones to protect our party and rights. borned in Bomet district, fed with the milk of our land together with the Late i feel so sad that an idiot can talk of love affair instead of telling us something better to release the hot water in our hearths. i can only assure you one thing it is true that people will soon talk about you.

  38. Bown Patrick said:

    My condolences goes to the families of the late Hon Kipkalya and Lorna, may the Almighty rest there souls in eternal peace.

    My friend Rono that messege you posted seems you are out of your mind, these are our late Honorable leaders which deserve respect shame of you!


    Rono. if you are a man ( murenik) please apologise i beg you please please because it is very bitter.

  40. margaret awuor said:

    may they rest in peace

  41. Korir Kiprotich said:

    Boleni zana ndugu sangu ya hugo bomet na sodik. Kipkalya iliguwa chito wa heshima zana. Mimi haba Kabartonjo nazigitiga zana gwani tumeboteza mutu ya maana zana. Tugo pamoja jamii yote ya Kalenjin.
    Korir Kiprotich

  42. Brondon Okumu said:

    My condolence to Kenyans and especially to the families of the late Hon.Laboso and Hon.Kones. May they rest in peace.

  43. Monroe Mwangi said:

    That brat is such a bullshit.Do you mean your celebrating while the whole country is mourning.Pliz take your joy’re so heartless.



    Ronoh…. who are you in the kipsigis land ? i am asking II NGO?

  45. SAKKY said:

    It was very unfortunate to lose such great leaders. Hon Loboso was rising up very well in the political arena and people had so much Faith in her. She was very dedicated to her work. Death has robbed us two great leaders . May the Lord Comfort the families of all who lost their beloved. God gives and God takes. RIP

  46. DMK said:

    Pole zangu na rambi rambi zangu ziwafikie waliofiwa. Waliotuacha walikuwa viongozi wa kitaifa na wala hawakuwa wa jamii moja ya wakalenjin. Msiba huu umetupata sisi wakenya kwa ujumla na tuwache kuchapisha dhihaki kwenye tovuti hii kwani italeta uchungu na huzuni kuu kwa jamii ya viongozi marehemu na wakenya wazalendo vilevile. Ningewaomba wenzangu tuungane na tuwe kitukimoja wakati wa msiba huu. Mungu awapepe faraja walioathirika.


  47. DMK said:

    Pole zangu na rambi rambi zangu ziwafikie waliofiwa. Waliotuacha walikuwa viongozi wa kitaifa na wala hawakuwa wa jamii moja ya wakalenjin. Msiba huu umetupata sisi wakenya kwa ujumla na tuwache kuchapisha dhihaki kwenye tovuti hii kwani italeta uchungu na huzuni kuu kwa jamii ya viongozi marehemu na wakenya wazalendo vilevile. Ningewaomba wenzangu tuungane na tuwe kitukimoja wakati wa msiba huu. Mungu awape faraja walioathirika.


  48. Hellen said:

    I would like to send a message of condolense to all the berieved families of Hon. Kipkalya Kones and Hon. Lorna Laboso. We have lost great leaders at the time we needed them most. May God rest their souls in peace and let us stay as one.

    Hellen C.

  49. Hellen C. Mutai, Kericho said:

    We got the news with great shock and still unbelieveable and sounded like a dream. Pole to all family members and above all, let’s pray to God to give us peace especially during this painful moment.

  50. Charles Cheruiyot Koech, Bomet Constituency said:

    Am shocked that we have lost some people so dear to us.Poleni watu wote wa Kenya, wanaBomet na wanaSotik kwa ujumla.

    Dead has stolen our heroes.

    Hon. Kones and Hon. Laboso, rest in peace.

  51. ROSE WANJA said:

    I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the families of Hons Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso and every one else who lost their dear life,s in the fateful plane.
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    May you find peace in the perfect plan that our Lord has for you and your families.
    we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  52. karen Rono said:

    What a sad day for the Kalenjin community especially the kipsigis. We have lost great leaders and may the almighty rest in peace their souls. I pray that the Lord may give their families peace at this very trying period.

  53. Bernard Gechiko Nyabwari said:

    Death is a grim reaper which garner where it never disseminated. We have lost great brains in Kenya until I deduce that something is erroneous in Kenya. It is time to solicit God to take fortification to all of us. The death of Kones and Lorna is a lesson that anyone can pass on any time any where. I send my commiseration to the family, acquaintances and the entire Kenyans. Kones and Lorna were for us all.
    God take shield upon their families in this gloomy moments.

    Nyawari Bernard Gechiko

  54. Mwaura Gachanja said:

    Terrible, terrible. A time to grief again. Laboso had just made it in politics. At least, she proved to our Kenyan women that they can achieve whatever they set their minds on. She worked hard and rose from a difficult background. Now she has left us. Take heart Kenya.
    May be our political class will talk sense, for once, and let new grass grow from this sad incident. RIP
    Mwaura Gachanja
    University of Georgia, Athens, Ga, USA.

  55. Morris Kochanda said:

    RIP kipkalya& Lorna for God do love you more than us realy. Bwana Rono you have to control either you r one with that trend. God bless you?

  56. Remember also bodyguard Kenneth Kiprono Bett and the pilot Schner-Christopher. They also have family and friends who have lost loved ones. Keep the discussion tempered.

  57. Kiplangat dennis Cheruiyot said:

    LORNA and KIPKALYA may Lord rest your souls in eternal peace.Your memories will ever be fresh in our minds.Mutyo missing ak ingobur Jehovah koboto the bereaved families’.

  58. Kiplangat dennis Cheruiyot from JKUAT said:

    sincerely Rono, how could you talk like that when kenyans are mourning? Rono you should know that tragedy doesn’t belong to an individual, so could you please apologise pliz pliz

  59. Evelyne kuria said:

    65.too sad to loose two leaders at the same time.
    May our God rest their souls in eternal life.
    RIP Lorna and Kones..


    How sad it is for us Kenyans to lose such vibrant leaders
    We as students of Nairobi university send our pole to the bereaved families and kenyans as a whole.
    May their soles rest in peace

  61. Eng. Hillary arap Sergon, U.O.N said:

    As the sad news of the death of Kipkalya and Lorna reached me I almost fainted. It is indeed a sad sad and gloomy period for Kenyans and particularly Kipsigis.
    God has a purpose for our lives and He therefore has all reasons to take the two.
    Ong’otoretok Jehova bikab kalenjin.

  62. RONO said:

    I will never apologise for nothing. We Kalenjins think that we are all that. It’s high time we stopped sleeping around with people’s wives.

    As a Kalenjin – I beg to set the record straight that this behaviour is costing us big. I mean look at what happened to our other MP at Eldoret. What’s going on? It’s time for the other tribes to eat. May Arap Kones RIP.

  63. Kericho Yote. said:

    It’s not fair to threaten Moi and believe that we can get away! Who rules Kenya behind the scenes even now?


    May the two departed heroes rest in peace. lets go ahead and give them decent honour and burial. The deed of the late kones are self explanatory. its God who gives and its God who takes. Me on behalf of our entire clan of BECHERO. I do wish that we bear the pain the way it is God is on our side. what i know is that he will never leave us like orphans . For people like RONO we have nothing to say because he is sure of what he is saying and he is perfect. it is our prayer that God will forgive him.

  65. RONO said:

    ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET – You are drinking soup. Like I said, we have to change our behaviour for the better. May UDM win in the coming elections. May Kones RIP.

  66. DMK said:

    Bwana Rono heshima si utumwa. Kama ni ukweli mbona hukutoa hoja hiyo angalipo hai? Woga ulikuwa wa nini? Kama hukusema alipokuwa hai hukumpenda na pia inabainika wazi kwamba marehemu hukumpenda na unafurahia kifo chake. Amka Rono kumekucha, tia changamoto akili yako ufikiri kama mtu mzima. Usiwe kama debe shinda ambalo halikosi kutwika kwa kueneza habari sisizo muhimu wowote hasa kwa wakati kama huu. Bila shaka ulienda shule au bado unaendelea na masomo. Tafadhali onyesha maadili mema kwa marehemu, familia zao, jamii ya kalenjin na wakenya wote. Tafadhali nakusihi umpe heshima ya mwisho na kumkumbuka marehemu kwa mema aliyo yafanya kwa taifa letu tukufu la Kenya na wala sio kwa kumpaka madoa meusi wakati huu.


    Ronoh remember what goes around comes around. We as Africans : respect to The un born and The death is valued at all levels. still i ask God to have mercy on you unapotuchekelea. Ko ma ki ng’a bai asi kibet chito ng’wan ako ng’wan ne bo iman. Ako anch iiiii! ibak mo bo kopchi tuguchu, konyon ra koron ko Got age. Dont tell us about politics ODM UDM and other rubbish ako mokomi chito.

  68. UDM sympathizer said:

    DMK – Wewe hauwezi kuelewa. Bona hawa watu wanachezea Moi. Kwanini?

  69. RONO said:

    ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET – The Kiss of Death or a Powerful Motivator? What Makes the Difference? Are you aware of the miracles?? If you play with me I will call upon UDM to deal with you!

  70. RONO said:


  71. RONO said:

    Light at the end of the tunnel, talking to you dead, seeing God, all these are things you read about in a book or see on television when someone dies. But what are they really? death experiences have been described and pondered upon throughout the ages. Today we are becoming aware of the biological and medical causes and aspects of the death experience. Regardless of what new information is available, some still refute the idea that they are physiological in nature and still cling to the spiritual and religious ties they have been viewed as. This train of thought is outdated, as it ignores the new found science behind the death experience. Near death experiences are in reality, physiological in nature, and not of supernatural origins.

    The features required to medically consider a near death experience (NDE) as true are many as near death experiences are hard to pinpoint medically, because they happen almost entirely in the brain and cannot be measured like most ailments. Included in the requirements is since that what is happening is genuinely real and that you are truthfully dead. Timelessness, analgesia, ineffability, clear thought and an overall nature of being calm and tranquil are typical classifiers for near death experiences. It is common to become disassociated from your body, have a loss of kinesthesia, have vivid hallucinations including landscapes, friends, family, and the feeling of being in the presence or seeing supernatural beings, often as bright light. Mystical states and a vivid recurrence of past memories are also notable. There is also a very common noise people hear during the beginning of the experience. These parameters for NDE classification are almost identical to the effects of certain psychedelic substances such as Dimethyltryptamine. To express this, the following two experiences come from opposite ends, one psychedelic and the other spiritual.

  72. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Rono ndiye mume hapa! He is talking sense, like a learned man.
    Sisi wakalenjin tunahitaji viongozi wenye akili kama Rono. We must stop sleeping with other people’s wives, or we perish.
    And we must speak the truth.
    By the way, is it true that our own boys burned Mzee Moi’s property during the elections fracas? Wakalenjin tuchunge sana. Hii maneno itatuletea balaa. Sitaki kusema mengi.
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  73. Hillary arap Seng'eng'e Bartolimo, Kabartonjo said:

    Mutyo bikab Kalenjin Tugul. Ache bikab Bartolimo ak Arror Tugul Tunauma condolences Zetu kwa bereaced families.
    Let’s not judge the death instead let’s join in mourning with the befallen families.
    I am disturbed by the comments of Rono but if he has evidence then he should take us to the world of reality and not ideas.
    Once again Pole sana.

  74. RONO said:

    Hillary arap Seng’eng’e Bartolimo, Kabartonjo – Kipkalya Kones was my boy! Are you one of those Villagers who ‘stole from ministers’ when the chopper came down?


  75. Kamau Njoroge said:

    Kones is now going onto the underworld without accounting for all the things he’s done or said and led others to do. WHO ASSISTED IN kILLING THE kIKUYUS?
    I hope he is assigned the hottest level of hell… right next to Hitler and the perpetrators of the Rwanda Genocide.

  76. Ngigi wa Kamau said:

    We always speak of an African custom that dictates that we don’t speak ill of the dead. Surely, if a rapist, pillager or murderer with evidence against him dies, are we to eulogise him with lofty dreams & fictions?

    In this case, the tragedy is that Kones will never account for what he fomented in 1992 with the Kapkatet Declaration. Laboso was quickly learning the ropes of being a tribal chief and unfortunately, she will not live to see their evil designs unravel(as they must today in Kilgoris).

    There can be no doubt that a warmonger and his budding student were on a mission to stir the pot insofar as Kipsigis-Maasai relations are concerned in Kilgoris. This was despite advice from one of their kinsmen – Asman Kamama – suggesting that maintaining interethnic harmony was more important than cheap party victories.

    Tragic as any death is for relatives and dependents, there is always an element of liberation – sometimes those who ail are freed from pain and torment.

    In yesterday’s case, our nation was freed from the burden of having among our Wahemishimiwa’s, a vile inciter, war monger, and piner for the gravy train that is Kenya’s corruption. To wit, those MPs (most from PNU) who were denied road allocations for failure to attend Kones’s homecoming bash will be breathing easy.

    Unfortunately, these deaths have awakened a smugness that I last felt when one warmonger & cattle-bandit – Joseph Lotodo – rested 8 years ago in South Africa.

    Perhaps we should cultivate a healthy friendship with death.


  77. RONO said:

    You cannot avoid death before getting to that new life you seek. Either it will be the traditional grim reaper coming for us all, or we will have to die to ourselves in thevein. Death is everywhere in Christianity.

    Sad though that Lorna left an 8 year old son who is currently reading & hearing about her terrified last moments. May she RIP.

  78. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Rono, hukujibu swali langu. Pengine nirudie? Niliuliza, je, vijana wetu walivamia mali ya rais mstaafu Moi? Ni kweli inavyosemekana kwamba huenda amekasirika sana, kuwa amewalaani watu kwa kumdharau?
    You can answer in English.
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  79. RONO said:

    Ng’etich Arap Sigei – Asante sana. Our boys messed up our jolly old man’s farm and burned his house. It’s time for a pay back buddy. Kwanini walimdharau? Our behaviour towards other people’s wives must change in order for all Kalenjins to live in peace. May he RIP.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich


    Rono Arap Kiprotich and Ng’etich Arap Sigei : for one i have come to learn that you have one thing in common. for one there is one singe spirit in you both as your both names states you are the imported rotten seeds to the kalenjin community for me being a full kalenjin man i have my name to be kipkorir Arap Mutai. Not Korir arap mutai. this proves cleary that you are both non kalenjins or you are sons of whores whom your fathers are puzzles to be revealed by nature in future, and thats is why the spirit of forniction and aduldary which you recieved immediately afer your conception has saturated your minds and if you see other people you tend to think that they are the same who where bringing sugar in your homes to have sexs in return with your mothers and that is the genesis of your lives. please thake the way it is. You seem to be even stupid enough to know the diffrence between Kaparuso and Kabartonjo where mzee moi and the late kones resides in. One you must clearly diffrenciate between the Tugen and kipsigis Community. i do beg you to go home if you are both mens enough and listen to your community because you are in danger we are moarning and you social misfits you are talking bad about our leaders who perished. you want to say all the people of Bomet and Sotik are stupid that they elect these two heroes ? which clan are you comming from. Moi is a national figure and who ever stole the election is the one who burned mois home not our boys. in this Nairobi the kikuyu leaders are funding the mungiki crew to kill innocent kenyans and circumcising even corpes of our brothers from the lake. where is moi to curse them? are they death prove? How much destruction was done to the kalenjin land during moi’s tanure? . what is moi’s single house compared with the suffering of the kalenjin. KTN tELEVISION YESTERDAY SHOWS PEOPLE roastin rats in Baringo central where moi led for more than 30yrs open up your minds bwana.

  81. DMK said:

    Enyi wadhaifu wenye kuona matongo ya wengine na kusahau maboriti yalio machoni mwenu, mbona mwjitia tabia ya fisi mla mzoga? Bwana Rono wataka kumdanganya nani sasa kwamba wewe pekee kenya hii ndiwe uliyemtakatifu, msafi usiye na dhambi? Nilikueleza hapo mbeleni kwamba huu si wakati wa kuongea maovu ya marehemu, bali ni wakati wa kuomboleza kama wanakenya kwa msiba huu. Hakuna binadamu asiye na dhambi. Wasia wangu kwako bwana ni kwamba ukimwona yeyote anaye fanya maovu mwambie arekebishe njia yake akiwa angali hai. Kama ungelikuwa anamjali marehemu ungelikuwa umemtaharisha angalipo hai. Sasa kutwika kwako saa hizi kuna manufaa gani?

    Kwako sasa UDM supporter, Bila shaka huelewi mjadala wangu. Sijawahi kumtaja wala kudokeza chochote kumhusu mpendwa rais mstaafu. Langu niliongea kuhusu maadili mema. Hii inamaanisha nini? HESHIMA KWA VIONGOZI walio hai na hata waliotuacha.

    Ngigi wa Kamau mbona unakuwa na akili hafifu hivyo? Bila ya shaka unafuraha sana kumuona mtoto mdogo mwenye umri wa miaka minane kuwa yatima. Ongea kuhusu viongozi wanaofuga majambazi wajulikanao kama mungiki ambao wakati huu wangalipo hai. Tuwe tunarekebisha tusiwe tunangojea kunungunika kifo kinapo tokea.
    Inaonekana kwamba wewe ndiye mkenya pekee kusikia kwamba wakati wa ajali ilipotokea, marehemu Kones na Lorna walikuwa wakielekea Kilgoris. Ni huzuni kwamba unangojea kuambiwa, walikuwa wakielekea Kericho, kwa jamii ya Kipsigis. Jamii ya Maasai kericho ainamoi imetoka wapi sasa mwenzangu? Kabla hujaanza uvumi chunguza maneno yako kwanza.

  82. Mibei Elias Kibiwot said:

    i express my deep sorrow to the families of the departed, to the Kalenjin community and to the whole nation of Kenya for that great loss. May the Lord rest them in peace. Mutyo, mutyo , mutyo bikab kalenjin.

  83. RONO said:

    Mischief!?, onslaught.. Keep ODM worried with by elections by hitting the Pawns, then checkmate. Can’t you see it, every 2-3 months there will be death. Trust no one, it’s possible that the plane was fiddled with. Kibaki informed Raila of the tragedy, can’t you read into this. Wanjinga nyinyi!

  84. Kiptingit said:

    Trust Kenyans to always read mischief in any situation, we’re truly conspiracy theorists extraodinaire… In true Kenyan/African culture let us just respect the dead and wish them well in the after life. Kones did us proud as a nation in his short stint in office, a true patriot and nationalist. Lorna was also truly a shinig star, very promising indeed.
    May God grant them eternal peace.

  85. RONO said:

    “Trust Kenyans to always read mischief in any situation”, Kiptingit – You can eat my shit. I was for Moi but I just changed my mind to support Ruto and his group. …and yes! There was a mischief.


    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  86. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Isaiah Kipkorir Mutai Cheluget, while I respect your constitutional right to express your opinion, I am worried that you may fall into the trap of losing your temper for nothing, and thereby being unable to articulate your ideas cogently, keeping your cool. Those are the qualities of every serious statesman. Rono seems to be more astute. When I asked him whether our own Kalenjin brothers burned someone else’s property, he was honest; yes, they did. My next question is: should we be proud of their behaviour, or should we encourage our people to engage in political debates like civilised people? By the way, my friend Kipkorir, we should first be Kenyans, then Kalenjins. In fact (and you are likely to take offence), I don’t think we gain anything from our tribal mania and chauvinism. Now, I would like us to approach our debate like the descendants of all the great heroes of Kenya; Koitalel, Waiyaki, Rwanda Magere, Mekatilili wa Menza. You may insult me all you want, but I don’t see why we should hate people just because they are Kikuyus. What have they done to us?
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  87. RONO said:

    Ng’etich Arap Sigei – You are a true leader and analyst. Keep up the good work. We must approach everything as Kenyans and not Kalenjins. To hell with tribalism. – Our fellow kinsmen who burned down Mzee’s house for nothing must be held responsible.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  88. Hillary arap Seng'eng'e said:

    Rono you are surely hitting below the belt. All I requested was that you provide substantial evidence to support your argument instead of engaging in provoke and wait scenario.
    It is evident that from the start that by pretending to be a liberal and pragmatic thinker you want to test our trivia but hell not that is not wielding any majority.
    Once more I am proud to be a Kenyan but assuming that accidents were caused by curser is a bit more retgogressive than telling us to be critical in our analysis.

    May God rest Kipkalya and Lorna in peace

  89. RONO said:

    Hillary arap Seng’eng’e, HILLARY KANGOGO CHEPSERGON, Eng. Hillary arap Sergon, U.O.N – why aren’t you consistent? why are you referring yourself with so many names? You should consult your [God] before you travel through life, and as Kenyans we should know God is with us and all will be well. IT’S SAD WHAT HAPPENED TO KONES AND HIS GIRL FRIEND. I’m seeing this thing from another angle. ODM MPs should never rest until there is a total transformation of everything etc. It’s sad what’s happening. When you see Kalonzo and Kibaki, say hi for me!

  90. RONO said:

    This thing will have bigger ramification if allowed to go on. It sounds a good sport to go after the leaders who caused all these problems for Kibaki’s people, However, future generations will pay big time if we don’t do something now. we should condem everything happening to ODM people in the strongest terms possible! Odinga juuu!


    My friends i think we are becoming so personal in this issues. i agree with my friends Ngetich to some points it is true that we must be prio kenyans then Kalenjins later. But Mr Rono its very hard for me to stomach your comments.which part of Africa you are comming from? its very bitter and also a taboo from where i come from before any Man or any body who has children or who is capable of siring to talk like you on the death.

  92. RONO said:

    It’s not personal for me. May for Hillary arap Seng’eng’e it is. I don’t know what her issue is. My only concern is that we elected these guys to represent the common man in parliament and change things. Nothing seems to be happening on our behalf in parliament. What happened to personal security? what happened to a new constitution? what happened to a new sort of leadership in form of PM? What did the likes of late Kipkalya Kones and late Lorna Laboso do before they perished in the aircraft to make a difference part from getting paid big? Are you hearing me? Many of these guys went to parliament because the money was good and now they are harvesting what they planted. May Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso rest in peace and learn from their experiences. RIP

  93. RONO said:

    I meant May be for Hillary arap Seng’eng’e it is. AND stop passing gas, you are full of it Mr. ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET


    Me i respect our x president alot and all our leaders even you mr Rono i do respect you.But the way you are talking about the late kones and Lorna seems that you had crossed each other somewhere on the road before his death. I have realised that the late was your rival and you have been monitoring his lines that is why you have something to say. Me the only time i saw the two was during her home welcoming and finally their bodies on the Airforce craft then that is not enough for me to make a conclution, okey sawa . our country must go on and there is time for everything, kones’ time is gone we are going ahead. we want a leader are we suppose to be led by people like Mutai and Rono?. You see two wrongs cannot make a right. Me talking about the late kones doesnt automatically means that i am from ODM but i respect him as a leader. Political kick back was every where not Moi ‘s home alot. How many people died why you are insisting on Moi ‘s house and not the lives of other kenyans. Our people died they were killed by policemens and munkigi imagine but you instead of seeing it in a national perspective the whole issue you are seeing only in one point . its true we had Moi he was a national leader from the Kalenjin community So that doesn’t means that the kalenjins alone must respect him he deserve respect from the entire globe. take this way if that house was in nyeri or muranga in 1992 election what could have happened. i was in Elburgon On 2nd and 3rd january this year the KIKUYU killed people in a funeral next to saw mill and the police came to kill instead of keeping peace. During all this time there was no word from Moi. the late hon kones and hon Magara was flying across the kipsigis and kisii telling people to open the road where was moi. I saw Moi every thing you want to tell me kenyans respect koffi Anan than Moi? ,

  95. RONO said:

    In his heyday, Mr. Kones was fond of making insane utterances which eminently contributed to the deadly clashes. When he fell out with the Kanu bigwigs, nobody remembered the services Mr. Kones had rendered – keeping the province free of madoadoa . And Mr. Ruto should know that his former mentor- turned-foe has forgotten more about the intrigues of power politics than he will ever know.

    My only thing I have with these guys whether dead or alive, they are not fighting for the common man in parliament now and else where. It looks they were after cashing in and living large including flying in a Helicopter. Like I said, there are many issues which need to be tackled including a new constitution which is more important than anything else.

    Like I said before, Mischief!?, onslaught.. Keep ODM worried with by elections by hitting the Pawns, then checkmate. Can’t you see it, every 2-3 months there will be death. Trust no one, it’s possible that the plane was fiddled with. Kibaki informed Raila of the tragedy, can’t you read into this.

    Moi too should be held responsible for all those who died under his watch including Ouko,Kilonzo,Shaw, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

    To finish up, those who are upset with me..I don’t need anything from you. My only request is for us to experess our views and let our voice be heard to liberate the country forever. Unless we do this, we shall continue to cry forever.

    Good luck!

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  96. mohamud said:

    How sad it is for us Kenyans to lose such vibrant leaders
    i am sending my condolences to the gereaved families and kenyans as a whole. na huyo mkumbavu anaongea mambo ya uhusiano wa kimapenzi akome and he MUST appologize to the deceased family and to the KENYAN’S, Poleni wakenya. it’s quite unfortunate that we are losing powerful leaders in our country. Watu wa Bomet and sotik may you find peace in your hearts poleni sana. My condolences to the deceased family and may God give you another comforter. Kones and Lorna may you rest in peace. you left a gap in ours hearts.

  97. maka said:

    it will be sad to lose Ruto or Odinga too. Watch this space….

  98. Rutoi said:

    Mohamud – You should be fighting to unite and help kenyans than bringing about mapenzi imehisha. Rest in peace.

  99. tony kirui said:

    RIP, Hon Kones and Hon Laboso. Your families are in our prayers

  100. tony kirui said:

    To everyone,
    Let us not deviate from the topic lest we look the smaller Man.Everyone should be allowed to think what they want but this is not the right forum to air out our personal thoughts.

    The topic of this is, “RIP Lorna Laboso, Kipkalya Kones and other crash victims “, so lets stick to the topic.Its not a discussion forum.

    For those wanting to judge others and disrespect the dead, i suggest you start your own forum dedicated to your topic of choice.

    I will repeat,

    RIP, Hon Kones and Hon Laboso. Your families are in our prayers



  102. I totally agree with Tony. This forum is not a discussion forum to air ur personal issues with the diseased. RIP KK, Lorna, Bett and Christopher the pilot. Manyun (Isaiah), don’t stress yourself with comments from insensitive people, let us mourn our departed father and let us not keep grudges as we are bigger than that.


    Sawa maat. i was expecting words of hope and condolence but i feel hurt when i read some comments. but still let me take this time tp thank all our friends who are giving us massage of hope during this time where our eyes are ever wet. God is on our side and our victory is sure. cheer up mens! RIP ALL

  104. Kiptingit said:

    I think we all have to endeavour to practice courtesy, etiquette and decorum. As much as we may have a strong and passionate point to make there’s absolutely no need to resort to vulgar and profane language, I think use of such language is the height of immaturity. I’m however encouraged that a large number of contributors are sticking to the matter at hand and offering their commiserations. Abusive language and such vociferal attitudes are what give us a bad name; yet we ask out loud ‘how come so much blood was spilt in post election violence’…. Let’s all try and be objective.

  105. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Tony, Lang’at et al, please do not dismiss our discussion or try to discourage us from this debate. Afterall, the late Kones and Laboso were national leaders. The day they asked for our votes, they decided to remain in the limelight, in life and in death. Another point that is closely tied to this one; don’t we all attend ‘maombolezi’ when people die? And do we cry all the time when we go for maombolezi? No. In stead, we congregate in small groups and vent off our loss in many different ways. Arap Mutai, Rono and I are ‘sitting’ in a small corner, far from the fire, discussing important national issues – the issues that Kones and Laboso discussed (or were supposed to discuss) in parliament and in the cabinet. We are mourning in our own way – by thinking about the way foward for our beloved country.
    We know you have the right not to participate. We respect that right. But please do not stop us from mourning in our own productive way.
    Mutai and Rono, I like your words of wisdom. We are talking sense, like learned men. We need a woman in the debate!
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  106. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Rono, I will put the question to you. Let me structure it this way: Rift Valley Province is one of the most fortunate in the whole country. It has beautiful lakes, springs, animals, plants. Most importantly, it has a rich diversity of human cultures, a long history of a mixture of ethnicities and all the ideological wealth that such a mixture brings. We can proudly say that ours is a melting pot of all the peoples who are brave enough to risk their resources, to work hard and invest their energy in the province. If we can harness our positive thinking and embrace this diversity in stead of fearing it and being hostile to one another, we can create big opportunities. The debate I am initiating now concerns this issue. Why haven’t we taken advantage of this diversity to create wealth? My hypothesis is this (and I welcome disagreements if there are any); so far our leaders all over Kenya have been using tribalism to achieve their own selfish goals. Whenever a political leader feels threatened by a more capable opponent, they point a finger at irrelevant differences to divert our attention from the real issues. That is why, if you think of the unfortunate murders that have continually wrecked havoc in the R.Valley, you will see one common denominator; the poor are the ones who kill the fellow poor. A herds boy clobbers an equally poor farmer to death just because one comes from Nandi and the other one from Kisii, or Kakamega, or Murang’a, or wherever. When this is happening, development is stalled. Produce rots in the farms. We have even burned schools to the ground. Projects that took us decades to build are destroyed in a single night. Nobody benefits from war – a part from the political leaders who would otherwise have to convince us using sound ideas. They are unwilling to do that, because they are incapable. So they plunge us into acrimony and bloodshed.
    Rono and Arap Mutai, when are we going to demand service and intelligent debate from our leaders? When are we going to start using our brains and not pangas and arrows?
    We have to make serious demands from our leaders – after all, we pay them with our hard earned money. They must be asked to lead us in the way of harmony and not war. Look, we fought in 1992, 1997 and now in 2007/08. How many politicians are in prison? None. How many of our boys are in prison? Many. And others lost their lives just to protect the interests of people who do not even know their names!
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  107. Hillary Arap Seng'eng'e said:

    I think I would rather we lay the bodies of our slain leader first before embrking on this analysis.
    It is really not in order for us to become critical and judgemental when their blood is still fresh in the crash site.
    To Rono I am not personal but a bit balanced. I don’t embrace extremism but rather engage it in bringing change.

  108. david ruhiri said:

    All those who incited wananchi against other kenyan should learn a lesson n know they are not important than those those who were killed in post election era. walisema hatutaki madoadoa kericho na bomet. nobody is parmanent in this world lets repent n know that we are all heading there.

  109. Irene Chepkoech said:

    Ng’etich, nobody is dismissing you discussion or input. All that Tony, Langat, Isaiah et al are saying is that this is not the time nor the forum. If you indeed feel that your discussion is worthy, take it elsewhere. The initiator only had one thing in mind, that people pay their respects and convey their well-wishes to the family…a reasonable man would do just that, and do it in earnest. Be a reasonable man…make a humble exit from this forum. Whoever is interested in your ‘productive’ maombolezi will catch up on your debate there.
    To the families of the Late Kones and Lorna, our prayers are with you at this time of grief. Celebrate the lives of the departed. Rest in peace….
    There, A woman has spoken..

  110. RONO said:

    Ng’etich Arap Sigei – I agree with your sentiments. Rift valley is the place to be. “The best champagne and the best people” I was told, celebrated the launch of Kenya Today, a magazine aiming to “celebrate Kenya’s transformation after a stolen election last December”, to reassert its dominance, shaken up by the effrontery of Mwai Kibaki’s shame and hypocrisy..

    The sun now rises on the right and those of us on the other side are left despondent as we anticipate a prolonged period of discontent. We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice, are of no consequence. The fever of failure consumes our hopes and there is no relief as we witness the collapse of the Kenyan Left and the ideals that defined post-war advancement in this country, turning an obstinately class-riven, imperial nation into a model of progressive politics after British colonial powers in the 1960’s.

    Local election results show the country lurching right, in some parts of the Rift valley including Kericho even embracing the UDM and PNU policies. Instead of condemning the scum, Kalenjins are instructed to “understand” why these voters are “driven” to vote for PNU and the unity. Kikuyu’s resentment of “other tribes” is no more respectable than Muslim hatred of Westerners. Yet in our unequal world it is. We must oppose Kibaki’s policies for what he did and continues to do behind the scenes including I think the death of Kones and Lorna Laboso through an aircraft.

    The coup was complete when Kibaki took over our Nairobi in January, world city, colourful home of mavericks, revolutionaries, radicals and cultural conformists, money makers and penniless refugees, the hopeless and hopeful. And so power inexorably shifts towards authoritarianism, new imperial arrogance and design (bafflingly known as “liberal intervention”), fundamentalist Christian revivalism, enforced assimilation (“You WILL love and only ever praise this country”), tribalism and cultural protectionism, Anglo- Saxon privilege and unregulated capitalism which creates both appalling levels of wealth and poverty. The media serves the new master class and credo, with some notable exceptions.

    How did we get here? Are right-wing ideas and policies irresistible to the Kenyan public? What role did Kones play with Kibaki and Moi succession? Did he fall out with either? Why? Why aren’t they getting a state funeral despite flags going half way until their burials?


    Meanwhile, Ruto is too scared to be the authentic leftie he was believed to be and instead flaps around, allies himself with preposterously extreme measures, so extreme that Moi, can, with easy conscience oppose them. I worry alot about Ruto and the role he played in the Rift valley.

    For reasons I have yet to fathom, two weeks ago, I was invited to address a meeting at serena organised by the odm. The room was full and the discussion on salary was lively. Many there were previously New opposion acolytes; others were young and ambitious and now devoted to the charismatic Odinga. To see such enthusiasm for a party whose members have always opposed our presence on these shores was a wake-up slap. All over now. The right has crushed the left. Kalonzo Musyoka is enjoying this. Raila Odinga must salute him he says……

    By the time our time comes around again, I will be pushing up the daisies or dancing half naked in some home for sufferers of senile dementia, a blessing perhaps, to be lost in irreversible lunacy and never again to care about what happens to politics. Still, between now and then there will be plenty to moan about. I wish ODM well but if there is no action to counter what Kibaki and his clonies are doing, I’m afraid this is a waste of time and many of us will continue to cry including the future generations unless we make lots of noise.

    Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso tried but didn’t go far enough. I wish me peace as they meet their maker.


    Rono Arap Kiprotich


    I totaly agree with all my friends Tony,Chekoech and Hillary think would rather we lay the bodies of our slain leaders first before embrking on this analysis. We are still here, after all the seat will automatically be decreared vacant then we can put across our issues in any perspective. But suppose we mute with our shock as we allow time that the grass grow in the grave and we say this as history. By the way we are the people to make our grand kids to know what happen to this departed sons of our soil.
    It is actually not in order for us to become critical and judgemental when their blood is still fresh in the crash site and their bodies lying in the cold pertition of the lee funeral hom. RIP WAHESHIMIWA. I also express my deep sorrows to the security officer . May you rest in peace and may your family have peace during this hard time. As we take our prayers to Good shephard church today let us not forget to pray for the entire nation.

  112. David Mutai said:

    Tribute by David Mutai (UK)

    KIPKALYA KONES passed-on a brave and courageous man.

    We mourn the lose of a great man
    But also
    Celebrate the wonderful privilege of sharing his gifted life.

    Kipkalya was a mighty pillar and champion of his people
    He was selfless, almost to a fault in his generosity
    He gave without grumbling,
    he gave from his heart
    From their hearts, people loved him

    His selflessness will live in our hearts and minds forever-

    Kipkalya Kones has passed-on a LEGEND.

    His praises will live among the Kipsigis people for generations to come.
    His service to the Kenyan people as a whole will be UNFORGETTABLE.
    His love for his family IRREPLACEBLE

    He INSPIRED his people to greatness.
    He was an astounding ORATOR whose skills were second to none.
    With his speeches he won our HEARTS AND MINDS.
    He pulled the crowds and inspired their lives
    He spoke with new energy to our hearts and minds
    To some of us, he drew us to tears…

    I remember one old mama in a mass rally in Bomet saying:

    “When Kipkalya speaks, I want to cry.”
    such was the effect he had in all of us, and for that he will be greatly missed.

    He gave us HOPE
    INSPIRED our lives to greatness,
    He saw the silver lining in every cloud, and made us all see the same

    Who would forget his GENUINE SMILE?

    He had a SMILE that was always deep from his heart.
    His smile UPLIFTED OUR SPIRITS and made us approach daily life with
    a positive energy.
    He made everything worthwhile in countless ways

    His name, Kipkalya, meant PEACE,
    So may his soul rest in ETERNAL PEACE.

    Memories of your life will live with us forever –

    As an eagle sores in the sky from whence you fell,
    so shall good memories of the lives you touched.

    We mourn the lose of a TRUE LEADER, an IRREPLACEABLE man

    But We also celebrate the life
    A father
    A family man
    A gifted man,
    A born leader,
    Hard working and courageous man
    A blessed man,
    A happy man who made us all happy
    A government minister
    our beloved Mp
    a true son of Kenya
    a man of PEACE
    a man called PEACE

    You were a wonderful blessing to our lives.
    We’ll miss you Kipkalya
    as you lived with a smile,
    You will forever be remembered with a loving smile.
    Rest In God’s Eternal Peace
    With loving tears we celebrate your life and can’t believe you are gone

    You are indeed irreplaceable.
    Memories of your life will fondly be engraved in our memories for ever and ever


  113. Pastor Mutiso Mulwa said:

    The exit of Kones should teach us one lesson: there is a God who rules this world, who hates injustice, who hears the cries of the oppressed. Huu ni mkono wa Bwana. Mungu anatufundisha kitu Wakenya.
    Those who shed innocent blood have no place in God’s kingdom – which includes the Earth as well as Heaven.
    I’m sure Kones is already in hell now!
    Pastor Mutiso Mulwa

  114. Mchungaji Stephen Kazungu Tela said:

    Hata ingawa nakubaliana na Pastor Mutiso kwamba Mungu anachukia wauaji, nafikiri hatungezungumza hayo maneno kwa hii blogu ambayo inasomwa na watoto wa marehemu. Kweli, Kones mwenyewe hakuficha chuki iliyomjaa. Ametajwa katika ripoti muhimu zilizochunguza gasia za fitina zilizofanyika miaka ya 92 na 97. Katika mwaka huu, alinukuliwa na viombo vya habari akiwatishia watu maisha eti kwa sababu sio wa kabila lake. Maandishi matakatifu yanawakashifu watu wanaozozea vita, wanaomwaga damu ya watu wasio na hatia. Pengine Mungu anatufundisha kwamba bado ana nguvu, kama anavyosema pastor Mutiso. Tuombeni wakenya!
    Mchungaji Stephen Kazungu Tela
    Bamburi, Mombasa

  115. T.B Nyakerario said:

    David Mutai’s poem is badly written. And the worst thing about it is that it gives the devil a place in Eternity. I lost two of my brothers during the last clashes that Kones organized and funded. No, Kipkalya Kones was a murderer and not a hero.
    If there is justice on earth, then his death means just that; justice from God where Man gives none.
    Those who lost their loved ones by Kones’ sword have reason to rejoice, the way Israel rejoiced when Ahab died. Na damu ya watoto wake italambwa na mbwa, kama vile yake imelambwa na wanyama Narok msituni.
    Titus B. Nyakerario
    Keroka, Kisii

  116. RONO said:

    “Kipkalya was a mighty pillar and champion of his people
    He was selfless, almost to a fault in his generosity
    He gave without grumbling,
    he gave from his heart”

    Based on the above statements, what did Kones give? what did he champion? How was he selfless? For those of you who knew him, please shed some lights on this. Please Be specific on some of the things he did.

    I understand he had two wives and numerous girlfriends some with kids who looked like him. In a country like kenya where child support enforcement is not a norm, who looks after those women/girls now? What about the kids? Why did he choose to fly with Loboso rather than drive to Kericho? How many Kalenjins are internally in a refugee camps? How many Kikuyu’s? Who is fighting for these people? wHY DID HE KEEP QUIET ABOUT THE NEW CONSTITUTION? Why is the Government refusing to pay for his funeral yet they paid for his air tickets to Japan and south Africa a week before he died? Why is Odinga not complaining? How come Odinga refused to cancell his trip to the US after his best friend died in not so clear circumstances? what is going on???

    Is it proper for Kalonzo to demand salutation from Odinga and the ODM group? Who is more senior? who got more votes? who rules kenya beside Moi? Many questions here……..please clarify!

  117. RONO said:

    My only question is – what’s going on with these politicians??
    I am Kihika’s seventh wife, woman claims

    Published on June 17, 2008, 12:00 am

    By Beatrice Obwocha

    A woman claimed at the High Court that she got married to a former politician, the late Kihika Kimani, the day they met.

    Ms Grace Wanjiru told the court that in August 2000, she had gone to Kihika’s farm in Lanet to look for a job.

    “He told me he was vying for the Naivasha parliamentary seat and needed a wife,’ she said.

    Wanjiru, a hawker, told Mr Justice David Maraga that in November the same year, the former Molo MP visited her parents’ home.

    “He was accompanied by his six wives and paid Sh120,000 as dowry,” she said.

    Wanjiru, through her lawyer, Mr Kahiga Waitinde, was testifying in a case on the late Kihika’s estate.

    Wanjiru wants the court to confirm she was one of Kihika’s wives so that she can get a share of the property. Kihika’s other wives have denied that she was their co-wife.

    Wanjiru produced pictures taken when Kihika visited her home to pay dowry.

    She said the politician had supported her and her daughter, who was born before they met. Wanjiru claimed they had lived for more than two years before separating.

    She said: “The other wives made false allegations against me and he listened.”

    Wanjiru alleged that when Kihika died, she was not involved in funeral arrangements and her name was not in the obituaries.

    She however, attended the burial but was not allowed to sit with the other wives.

    The hearing will resume on July 3

    How can this be? How can it be allowed to go on?

  118. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Although our dear sister Irene Chepkoech is all but shouting at me to shut up, I must say that Rono is once again raising some important questions that have to be answered. Does a man become virtuous once he dies, regardless of his (mis)deeds during his life time? I am NOT accusing the departed of anything (I have no facts to back any accusations), but two preachers, one from Ukambani and one from the Coast, seem to be concerned about Kones’ integrity as a national leader, during his lifetime. And Nyakerario seems to be a very bitter man. Yes, it is time that we, the Kalenjin community, do some soul searching. What did Kones exactly do? For whose good? Are we going to be fighting for men who blatantly make mistakes that cost lives? These questions are important. We cannot ignore them.
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  119. RONO said:

    “We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of KONE’s sudden passing through an aircraft crash. Kalenjins in washington DC are crying wolf wolf. He was an integral member of our Board of Directors in rallying the troops in kalenjin, and he cared about the tea plantations and its mission so much. We’ll miss kone’s critical thinking and his unsurpassed passion for the moi’s game tremendously.” Hopely Moi and kibaki didn’t have anything to do with this. May he RIP

  120. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Rono, when will our leaders stop being ‘Kalenjin’ only? Why do we call Kones a Kalenjin leader when he was a government minister serving the whole country?
    I think intelligent Kenyans should now start demanding the best from all their leaders. We should stop being proud of politicians just because they are this-or-that tribe.
    Unless people like me and you refuse to be hoodwinked into tribal politics, our community will continue being what it is today. Our poverty is not as bad as our ignorance. That is why we are ready to die for men whose only wish is to enrich themselves!
    Ng’etich Arap Sigei

  121. Pastor Eliud Mutiso Mulwa said:

    Read the 1st book of Kings chapter 21, and also Luke 22:24-27
    If the word of God is Eternal, then all those who behave like Ahab and his wife Jezebel will surely perish in a painful death.
    Kones aliwaonea wenzake wivu, kama Ahab, akawaua ndio awanyang’anye mali zao.
    Asante Bwana Mungu. Umeonyesha Wakenya kwamba uko na nguvu za kuwalinda wanaokulilia.
    Pastor Eliud Mutiso Mulwa

  122. RONO said:

    Hey Ng’etich Arap Sigei – You are raising very important questions too you know! “when will our leaders stop being ‘Kalenjin’ only?” “Why do we call Kones a Kalenjin leader when he was a government minister serving the whole country?” I mean, these are good questions. It’s high time we Kalenjins started thinking outside the box. Kalenjin women should start giving out to non kelenjins including Masai’s, Kambas, Borans etc why? Because we must build one Kenya! Kalenjin community should stop crying wolf wolf and embrace a national agenda! I’m sorry Kones lost his life with his dear girlfriend but it didn’t have to be that way.


    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  123. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    I think that fucking pastor fellow should shut up. We don’t need that kind of talk.
    Rono, now we are finally operating in the same wavelength.
    Answer me honestly; don’t you think we, the Kalenjin, sometimes go too far in our exclusive debates? In the 90s, we attacked the Luhyas and the Luos who border us. Then we started killing the Kyuks. Recently we fought with the Maasai in Kilgoris.
    Have you ever read Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’?
    I think we have engaged in many ‘wars of blame’ to borrow from that book.

  124. RONO said:

    I’m looking at standard online and there is this picture of Ruto crying like a baby. What’s going on? Unless we do something very quickly like devolution of power from kibaki, they will continue to cry like babies……

    Ng’etich, I’m with you here….we have engaged in many ‘wars of blame’ to borrow from Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’. There is no doubt in my mind.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  125. RONO said:

    Leaders overcome by grief at Kones’ service
    Published on June 19, 2008, 12:00 am

    By Beauttah Omanga

    Grief overcame Members of Parliament and many broke down and wept as they beheld the caskets bearing the bodies of Minister Kipkalya Kones and his bodyguard Corporal Kenneth Bett.

    A requiem Mass for Kones and his aide at the Good Shepherd Church on Ngong Road, Nairobi, was a welter of emotions as some of about 100 MPs, most who had cut short the morning session of Parliament to attend, wept as their colleague was eulogised.

    Agriculture Minister William Ruto was overwhelmed; with tears rolling down his cheeks, as he listened to members of KonesÕ family speak fondly of him.

    Anger against the suspect record of KenyaÕs air safety was palpable as National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende called, for the second time this week, for accountability by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

    Former Roads Minister Kones, Assistant Minister Lorna Laboso, Bett and pilot Christoph Schinerr died last week on Tuesday in a plane crash near Narok town, on their way to Kericho.

    Another requiem Mass will be held for Laboso at the same church today. Bett, who had worked with Kones for the last 10 years, will be buried today in Bomet Central Location, while the bodies of Kones and Laboso will be flown to Kericho on Friday.

    Laboso will be buried tomorrow at Manaret village, Sotik. Kones will be buried in Bomet on Saturday.

    Marende said the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) owed Kenyans answers on the safety of the local airspace.

    ÒKenyans are waiting for answers from KCAA. We want to know how secure our airspace is and those responsible should stop passing the buck,Ó said the Speaker.

    Speaker after speaker described Kones as a selfless and dedicated minister.

    President Kibaki in a speech read on his behalf by Internal Security Minister George Saitoti described the former Bomet MP as a servant of the people and a shrewd politician.

    ÒThe departed minister was a man of courage, a shrewd politician and ever committed to what he believed in,Ó said the President

    The President said the country had lost a dedicated minister who had taken his new role with devotion.

    ÒWithin the 58 days the minister was in office, he had embarked on a countrywide tour to inspect roads and his service will greatly be missed,Ó noted the Head of State.

    The Speaker termed KonesÕ death tragic and a terrible blow to the Tenth Parliament.

    Ruto wept

    Marende regretted that in the past five months Parliament has lost four MPs, a situation he described as worrying.

    Ruto composed himself and made an emotional speech describing Kones as a pillar of hope to many politicians.

    ÒWe have lost a leader we all looked up to. We have lost him at a time when, as leaders, we had started working together as people from the same region,Ó said Ruto, as he fought back tears.

    Ruto said leaders in Rift Valley had been devastated by the death of Kones and Laboso.

    ÒKones was a consummate and an accomplished politician and ever generous than any other leader I have ever known,Ó said the tearful Ruto.

    Family members led by KonesÕ two widows Lilian and Beatrice and first- born son Kevin Kalya described Kones as a selfless and loving husband and father.

    ÒTo us he was everything and hardly ran away from any problem no matter its magnitude,Ó said Lilian.

    Beatrice said, ÒKones was courageous and politically upright and never wavered no matter the circumstances.Ó

    Kalya said his father was an honest man, who gave out all he had even if it meant remaining without anything for himself or his family.

    Prime Minister Raila OdingaÕs wife, Ida, who conveyed her husbandÕs condolences to the families, said she knew Kones as a sincere politician who always kept his promise.

    Cabinet ministers at the Mass included Prof Sam Ongeri, Prof AnyangÕ NyongÕo, Ms Esther Mathenge, Dr Sally Kosgei, Mr Henry Kosgey, Mr Chris Obure, Mr Dalmas Otieno, Mr Samuel Poghisio, Mrs Betty Mugo, Prof Helen Sambili, Mr Wycliffe Oparanya, several assistant ministers and MPs.

    Also present were senior Government officials and private sector executives, among them Mr Paul Melly, Deputy Chairman and Strategy Adviser of the Standard Group.

    Saitoti said: ÒKones was one of the leaders upon whom the Government was banking on in ensuring the country remained united and focused on vision 2030.Ó

    MPs Franklin Bett and Isaac Ruto described Kones as a faithful servant of his constituents and all Kenyans.


  126. Mchungaji Stephen Kazungu Tela, Bamburi Mombasa said:

    Rono, mwambie Ruto atalia sana na kusaga meno. Kama alihusika kwa kuua wenzake atalia tena sana. Yuko Mungu muumba anayejia kuadhibu. Tunaomba. Tunangoja, kama Elijah. Mwambieni Ruto atubu, asamehewe na Jehova ama pia yeye afe.
    Waliochomwa Eldoret walilia. Walioharibiwa mali yao walilia.
    Waliowachoma watalia sana!

  127. david ruhiri said:

    shame on you kenyans why should we continue praising kones while the whole world know that he was a murderer.i heard him confessing at nyeri mageuzi rally in 2001 that he was used to organise rift valley clashes. walisema hawataki madoadoa rift valley,mwaka huu wakachoma watu kwa kanisa na wakati huo sikuwaona wakilia. wacha waende ahera hao wauaji wote including mungiki. thanks to kanyan corps for shooting mungiki. i have no mercy to murderers. sitaki kuona akina ruto wakilia kama washenzi na wanajua yale walitendea wananchi na tutaendelea kuwalaani na wanjue hayo mashamba na mali hatukupewa tulinunua kutoka kwa wakoloni. those who shedd innocent blood are cursed .Hiyo damu itawafuata hata kaburini na itafuata hata familia zao unless they repent.sisi wananchi hatukuiba kura na tuna haki ya kumshagua kiongozi yeyote. waendelee kusema wauaji waashiliwe

  128. Kilonzo wa Muteti, Athi River said:

    Nakubaliana na mchungaji Kazungu. Hapa kwetu Athi River tuliwaambia wadhubutu kuleta chuki tuwakate mikia. Hii maneno ilianzishwa na Wajaluo baada ya kudanganywa na viongozi wao huku wakiahidiwa mali za watu. Wakalenjin walitamani tu kuwaibia Wakikuyu kama walivyozoea kufanya.
    Kama Kones ameanguka, hata Ruto na waovu wengine watakufa kama mbwa!

  129. Margaret B said:

    Ndio Kilonzo! they think others r not humans like them that’s why they kill poor women in their small farms.
    Tuombeeni nchi yetu viongozi watakwisha kwa uroho na wivu wao
    Mungu amekasirika na viongozi wa Rift valey.

  130. david ruhiri said:

    hata mkubwa wao raila alisema wauaji hawana hatia walikuwa wakipigania demokrasia. Hao wamama na watoto waliungua kwa kanisa walikuwa na hatia gani? walizuia demokrasia gani? just imagine how those innocent souls suffered when their killers were cerebrating and fucking odm politician were feasting. hao mashetani hata wale wa upande wa pnu waliotumia mungiki wataisha wote

  131. RONO said:

    Anything which will make Mr. Ruto – (Minister for Agriculture) cry is good for PNU brigade. Mr. Ruto needs to learn how to control himself emotionally. Otherwise, what we are seeing are not good characteristics of a good leader. Did Saitoti who was sitting near him say something mean? what’s going on Mr. Ruto?

    As the Minister fo Agriculture and mineral resources, he must learn how to deal with anxiety easily and quickly. In addition, he must learn that jealousy only harms his relationships, and should understand and practice how to avoid it. He also needs to understand that When someone is angry with someone, they don’t hold on to it. They make their feelings known without necessary crying and then move on.

    Well, here is Ruto for you crying uncontrollably like a new baby.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  132. Onyango said:

    Kibaki while knowing that he had ordered for the deaths of kones and laboso went in public and heaped praises on raila – something he has never done before.

    If you want to kill your neighbor what do you do?? make sure you become very friendly and to anyone who can hear keep praising them in public and to the neighbors family and friends so that when you kill your neighbor nobody will even imagine or think that you had a hand in it!! but kibaki made the wrong move because suddenly he was out of his own character – kibaki never praises anyone easily especially all this weeks and months after the coalition his pnu foot soldiers did the job of derailing the coalition while ke kept quiet and then suddenly he comes out in full throttle praising raila?? ha!!ha!

    kibaki you can’t fool kenyans we watch you very closely each day and believe me raila was not fooled. You will pay for these murders someday. Like Raila said in washington DC, God is Kenyan. No one will never live forever.

  133. Moses K said:

    Onyango, umetahiri au bado ni ng’etai as we say in Kalenjin?
    Hamkutosheka mlipoharibu Kisumu? Ng’ombe wewe!

  134. Kilonzo wa Muteti said:

    Moses, mimi naona Onyango hana hatia. Wewe unajua Jaluo wote ni watoto wadogo. Amejaa uchafu kwa mboro, na chuki kwa moyo!

  135. Rono said:

    Moses kwanini unaleta utoto hapa. wacheni na mboro yake anajua vile ana sema.

  136. tony kirui said:

    Lets not judge one another. Only God should judge us


    please this is now too much we better get out of this web. it is clear RIP the departed heroes. not matusi na ukabila. Pastor are you preaching in the church of our lord Jesus christ or your own Churches?. Do you recall what Jesus said in John 8: 3 Downwards “whoever who has commited no crime let him/ she be the first one to cast stone….” if you are reading the holy Bible then may God forgive you. i am not expecting a servant in the CHURCH OF MY LORD JESUS CHRIST to talk such words like “Jalou” or that. yes. I am very sory KIlonzo I have been personally to the Kambaland working there for not less than five years. but let me tell you my dear friend . if it was not the grace of God only i think even you we should be talking of history. My friend RONOH i am now agreeing with you when it comes to the issue of Ruttoh you see arap Ronoh the kiswahili saying goes this ways UKIONA MWENZAKO AKINYOLEWA HATA YAKO TIA MAJI. i think Ruto was thinking of the worst to happen to him because those who finished Kipkalya are now gaining momemtum. Remember what Hon Saitoti said and how he was in the official opening of the 10th Parliament after he was sworn in he was bitter enough, Bakach angalal kipgaa. kalyian ooh murenchu asi kiibur kou nego che mi ak Mengit en kimaketok kwenet? asi kibur ak kelelen ingen mengit? akot echek kiingen. bas ara kokibeku ii? kalyan mokikur kondoikyok che bo emet ak chebo kanisa kobwa kapkatet ak kesom nyoet ab kaat en mungu?. Ogengalal kou murenik. At all we are trying to unite ourself in one umberella called Kenya we are from a tribe called kalenjin and we are going to die as kalenjin no other wise . God had a reason why he placed all this tribes to be in kenya so as we enter into a national coalition called party of national; unity and Kanu yajenga nchi lets think what happen with the tower of Babel. But i think its very hard to unite the whole nation if you cannot unite the whole community. and thats what failed MZEE MOI. how can he divide the Kalenjins and claim to be uniting kenya ? kalyan monkeker yu? MI ano biik che uu ZK. How can they divide Bureti ne Tebes ak Bomet basing on their political diffrence with kones when he was in the office of the president ak kwo kuuny kee en kuresoi?.

  138. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Isaiah Kipkorir Mutai, I think you are a true Kenyan. You seem worried about our national unity. Let me tell you what I think. Politicians (Moi included) are not really interested in uniting Kenyans.
    They fear the day we can work together and speak in one voice from Mombasa to the Lake. So they keep on dividing us along tribal lines.
    It is our duty as wananchi to do what the politicians have failed to do.
    We should love one another as Kenyans and work hard to feed ourselves and build a strong economy. By the way, hapo ndio Wakikuyu wametushinda. Just look at how they work. A guy settles anywhere, uses his little money and his hands and before you know it he has made it. Akisema ni kulima, he starts with a bush and ends up with a productive farm. Hapa Nairobi wao ndio wanaamka usiki kututafutia mboga City Market. Hawalali! Najua watu wengi wanawachukia, but I admire their spirit. They are the only people who don’t mind staying with other communities everywhere. And they are very hardworking. We should learn from them in stead of killing them. Afterall, Kenya ni yetu wote. Hii matusi unasikia Kilonzo akitukana Onyango imetokana na chuki ya kikabila, hakuna kitu kingine. Kilonzo hajui Onyango; anamtukana tu kwa sababu ni mjaluo. But the Luos themselves are no better. Look what they did in December. You can’t attack people and expect the world to love you. This has to change!

  139. Rono said:

    Ng’etich Arap Sigei – You are a true gentleman and a scholar! I admire your thinking. Let us spread the word that, unity is the way to go. Killing each other will never help anyone. I love you like a brother!

  140. Pastor Richard Rotich - Lanham MD said:

    We must condemn the inciters of violence in Kericho. After they die, where are they going? We need a Helicopter.

  141. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Ndugu Rono, asante kwa kunitia moyo. Actually, I am completely convinced of everything I have written here. I have no doubt at all that embracing TRUE PEACE, LOVE and UNITY is the only way. And it is our duty as wananchi, as the common people to cultivate that peace. Tukingoja wanasiasa walete amani, tutangoja sana! All they are interested in is their own wealth, to milk us and hit the pinnacle in the highest offices. To steal some more. To destroy what we build with our sweat and our blood. Na hakuna mwanasiasa Kalenjin au Kikuyu au Kamba au Jaluo. Wote ni waongo. Consider this case; when Kalonzo was doing his presidential campaign last year, he kept complaining that the cost of living for the common mwananchi was too high. He said this because he knew it would sell. Now he is in the government. He does not say anything about it any more. I am not attacking Kalonzo as a person. It is just one example among many. Watu walijitolea, wakapiga kura, baadaye wakaua wenzao eti ndio kina fulani ‘wetu’ waingie cabinet. Upuuzi mtupu! What we need now is TO ASK FOR SERVICE FROM THOSE WE CHOSE. WE MUST DO THIS AS KENYANS, NOT AS KALENJINS OR KIKUYUS OR LUOS. HII HAITASAIDIA. WE NEED TO BE NATIONALLY CONSCIOUS. Mambo ya kupigania Raila au Kibaki au Ruto au Kalonzo ni ujinga. We should be asking those gentlement to serve the nation. Afterall, we are paying them for it.
    Pastor Richard Rotich, thank you very much. Yes, anybody who incited people should be named and shamed. Hakuna haja ya kuficha waovu eti kwa sababu ni kabila letu. If we don’t, tomorrow they will start killing us ourselves!

  142. Pastor Richard Rotich - Lanham MD said:

    I’m happy Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso are gone and have a created a space for me. I’m going to run in the by – elections soon. I need money to run the campaigns. Kericho needs a pastor in parliament. Ama aji? You must understand that I’m kikuyu first sometimes and kalenjin second….. where is the money? Show me the money? why is Ruto crying for nothing??

  143. RONO said:

    Pastor Richard Rotich you sound like those people taking advantage of the situation. There are very few of us who will not die alone. death, to me, is not necessarily something to be or that can be shared. i don’t think i’d want to consciously die/be dying in front of other people (might be kinda like trying to take a funky shit in a room full of people staring at you)

    i’m gonna die a lonely man, i know
    i’m gonna die a lonely man, for sure

    right this (that) second, i would not be happy if i was to die. i would accept it, but probably not after fighting it some. i want to die in a calm, relaxed, dare i say happy state of mind and feeling. Of course after making sure peace spreads in many parts of the country.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  144. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Pastor Rotich is not a serious person. He has trivialised our debate, just like all politicians do. He is exactly like Bishop Wanjiru.

  145. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Pastor Rotich, if you seriously want money you have not worked for, I advise you to consider a political party, like ODM or PNU. They have plenty – that they have either begged or stolen. The likes of ourselves are just poor Kenyans who are concerned about the welfare of our country. We only have ideas and thoughts, not money. You can pay any (or all) of the following a visit for cash: Kibaki, Moi, Raila Odinga, Ruto. Good luck in your quest for earthly riches, Pastor.

  146. Mutua said:

    Recently, I went to the Warm Springs reservation in Oregon and then to the Federal Eagle Repository in Ashland Oregon.

    You probably never heard of Nathan Jim, Jr. He was a Yakima Indian who was arrested for illegal possession of Eagle Feathers and parts, by the Feds a couple years ago. He languished in fed jail for l4 months awaiting trial and was finally put on probation for this heinous crime. His lawyer appealed it under the new Religious Freedom act which guarantees Native Americans the right to eagle feathers to practice their religious ceremonies and again lost the appeal..He killed himself fearing that (in his mind) it would mean that the feds would rearrest him and sentence him to jail again.

    This so moved his prosecuting US Attorney that he grabbed a bundle of eagle feathers at the Fed Eagle Repository (yes..our tax dollars at work) and drove to the reservation so they can use them for Nathan’s spirit sending ceremony (burial) but arrived too late so Nathan didn’t even get a feather in death.

    I decided to continue the challenge to the Feds and drove to Ashland Oregon where they keep dead Eagles (yes..its true they have a Eagle repository there) and with much dread and fear (we NA do not TRUST the feds, having felt their wrath many times in the past) and trembled my way through the door fully expecting the worst. I was met at the counter by a little old lady who is a volunteer there. While holding my Bureau of Indian Affairs ID card in one hand and my Cherokee Tribal Registration card in the other, I tried to remember my Ancestors who would want my voice to be strong and proud. I stood a little taller and I said, “I want a Eagle Feather which is my right under the Religious Freedom Act.” I expected a lightning bolt to come down but instead saw a gentle smile as she softly said, “Of course,” walked over and handed me a a packet of federal forms to fill out with instructions to send in to the Portland office of the US department of Wildlife management.

    I smiled as I read that I will have to have signed references from another Elder and Verification from the Bureau of Indian Affairs AND my Tribe to prove that I am, indeed a REAL Indian. References even for a Eagle Feather.

    She asks…”Do you want a Bald or a Golden Eagle?” CHOICES!?!? I’m not prepared…”Do you want just a wing..or talons..or the head…or the whole eagle?” WHAT?!?!?! I come in expecting to be arrested for asking for ONE feather and they’re offering me the WHOLE bird!?! I am confused by the offer and She sees that I’m unprepared for them offering me choices of parts of this sacred bird and smiles her suggestion that perhaps I might want to look at the drawings of the parts of the bird, circle what I want and include it with the forms…I am defeated instantly by her gentleness.

    I ask her how they send an Eagle to me and she replies through the U.S. Mail..THE MAIL!?! I cannot envision receiving a dead Eagle through the mail and smile at the thought that I might owe postage due upon receipt.

    Walking out the door I turn my head and see a stuffed Eagle, sitting silently perched proudly, in a glass cage, on display in the main lobby and overwhelming sadness fills my heart as I realize that another Eagle fell from the sky…a man, also fearful but who stood up for his beliefs, who will never be remembered by anyone for a cause that no one really cares about I guess…and the thought of his falling in vain fills me with a sense of profound grief, for our People believe that the Eagle is the sacred Messenger who brings the messages from our Creator…The thought hits me that no one will hear that message for the Eagle plunged to Mother Earth and perhaps mankind might have had a chance to have heard something sacred, but now…will never know.

    There is something terribly tragic in that. I hope someone hears this message and cares about Nathan Jim, Jr. and the Eagle who fell from the sky.

    There is something inherently evil in the system of a country, that was founded by people escaping religious persecution, that fills it’s citizens with such fear that they kill themselves over what they consider to be a basic right of religious freedom.

  147. RONO said:

    Ng’etich Arap Sigei – I agree with you that this pastor Rotich is not being serious person in his dealings. He is out to take our money and run! Like you said, he needs to consider a political party, like ODM or PNU. They have plenty of money which they have either begged or stolen. The likes of Rotich belong to the bottom of the lake of fire! Who is he fooling…..???

  148. Kilonzo wa Muteti said:

    Ruto analia kwa sababu anaogopa. Muuaji ameona mwenzake ameanguka. Mwanadamu akishindwa, Maulana yupo! Ruto, utakufa hata wewe. Kuma nina zako!

  149. RONO said:

    Kilonzo wa Muteti – Thanks for taking the bull by it’s horns like Kulundu. I will put this questions to you and Ng’etich. Are you really convinced Kalenjins like Kambas with all their hearts? Also, between Kalonzo, Ruto and Raila who do you think will make a better leader? Do you think Kones was a better leader than Ruto? If Ruto was to be assasinated today, who will be a leader for the Kalenjins? Do you trully believe that Kikuyus should be compasated for all the loss leaving out other tribes?….Many questions here….

  150. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Rono, leave Kilonzo alone. He sounds like a sick man. I don’t see how his opinion would educate anyone. He is celebrating the death of a man!
    I don’t think any Kenyan should even entertain the idea of political assassinations. We saw what happened in 1969, 1975 and recently in 1990 when Robert Ouko was killed. Nobody is going to kill Ruto. Kenya deserves peace, and peace can never be brought to bloodshed. That is why we are still shocked by the clashes in December/January.
    About compensations, I don’t think the state can afford to effect them. The best thing is to give peace a chance and let people work and feed their families. Se disturbed the peace, we have to restore it.
    That’s my contribution.

  151. david ruhiri said:

    i cant wait to see all the murderers and inciters gone and kenyans living together like brothers and sisters

  152. Kipchoge said:

    I know Pastor Richard Rotich – Lanham MD. He is a great loser! I have known the man since last year. He took our money one sunday and left us to the dogs. Who needs that?

    Kipchoge arap Kiptanui

  153. Isaiah kipkorir m said:

    Thanks alot pastor. It is a sin by itself to be happy when a sinner dies. God himself is not pleased when a sinner dies. So if a pastor in the church of jesus is happ

  154. bonny said:

    am so suddened by the death of our belved also shocked with all these people who are missing the point and sending wrong mails,may the lord forgive them.lorna and kones initiated peace between the kisii and kipsigis communities.we love the two leaders they are our heroes and they did the noble thing any mp can do,that is love their people and champion their rights.

  155. Lucy said:

    RIP Kenos and Lorna. You did good for your people…true heroes you are. I pray for the families of the deceased…God will comfort you and give you peace beyong human understanding.
    Now now…if you look carefully at the icons beside the messages, you will indeed realise that Pst Rotich,Onyango,Mutua,Kipchoge,, Ngigi wa Kamau,Kamau Njoroge, UDM sympathiser, Kericho Yote and the infamous Rono are the same person….
    A load of crap. Your insensitive sentiments are doing nothing but adding bile onto people’s hearts. Very juvenile indeed!!!

  156. Lucy said:

    That was RIP Kones, not Kenos…a typo error.

  157. tony kirui said:

    Good one lucy.I like your attention to detail.I never would have noticed that. whoever it is, is very unfair and unjust to this cause

  158. Vincent said:


  159. Kipchoge said:

    Anyone who incited people and caused them to die, will answer this one day. Kalenjins where used badly in the last elections including chasing the kikuyus. why? who organised this??

  160. UDM sympathiser said:

    Lucy – You are full of crapp. There is no question you were Kones girlfriend. May you go to hell and pass gas. how is the baby???

  161. Lucy said:

    Kipchoge, UDM sympathiser….whoever you are,clearly you have nothing to contribute.

  162. tony kirui said:


    please do not bother yourself with these people
    how are you lakini, thanks for the cormforting words

  163. RONO said:

    Recent interest in the political dimension of economic growth has had a significant impact on the study of the behavior of bureaucrats and how their activities affect macroeconomic performance. Most of the research has been devoted to the study of bureaucratic compensation (Kimenyi 1987; Mbaku 1991a; Couch, Atkinson, and Shughart 1992) and bureaucratic corruption. Little attention, however, has been given the problem of corruption cleanups.

    In Africa, bureaucrats attempt to increase their level of compensation by lobbying lawmakers and politicians(kones and loboso came here) and by engaging in other activites to influence the political system and maximize benefits accruing to them. Many civil servants also illegally increase their compensation by providing services to interest groups that seek favors from the government. Political coalitions seeking ways to subvert the existing rules to redistribute national income and wealth in their favor can achieve their objectives by bribing civil servants whose job is to enforce state regulations and implement national development plans. If bureaucrats discover they can earn more income from providing services to groups seeking state favors than from their regular (public) jobs, they may pay more attention to the demands of such interest groups than to the proper enforcement of state laws and regulations and the effective implementation of national development plans. In societies where civil service compensation levels are relatively low, a significant part of the public employee’s total compensation may be derived from engagement in outside activities, resulting in a significant increase in bureaucratic corruption (Mbaku 1991a).

  164. Vincent said:


  165. Ng'etich Arap Sigei said:

    Lorna’s son reminds us of all the boys and girls who lost their mothers in December/January. Has Kenya bled enough, or are we going to roast one another some more so that so-and-so can sit in a chauffeur driven mercedez, steal and throw crumbs at his tribe?

  166. RONO said:

    Hey Lucy wewe kwani unataka mboro yangu kubwa hama niaji? Unaitaka? Just let me know and I will be there ASAP!

  167. Helen said:

    tony kirui – Are you after Lucy? Unaongea kama unamfuata. Just leave her alone. She is a witch from Kapsabet.

  168. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    forget about Lucy and Tonny keep going

    Thanks n let the dead bury themselves you still have alot ahead of you.

    Nice weekend

  169. Sammy Arap Mang'eto said:

    Lucy and Tony are trying to be an item through this forumn. It will never work because Lucy was my girlfriend first before she was taken by someone else… know who….. the new baby is called kazi Mbaya!

  170. Mvila arap Moi said:

    Mary Nyamu – You have hit the nail to the head properly.

    let the dead bury themselves. There are still many ahead of us.

    Happy Friday!

  171. RONO said:

    Karua blames leaders for poll violence


    Publication Date: 6/20/2008
    Politicians have been challenged to take responsibility for the violence that rocked the country after last year’s disputed presidential election.

    It was unfortunate that Kenyans rose against each other yet their political leaders never fought, Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua said on Thursday.

    “As a political class, we have to re-examine ourselves. Despite all our differences we did not go physical with each other and so we must not let our supporters to go for each other,” she said during the funeral service for Sotik MP Lorna Laboso, who died alongside Roads minister Kipkalya Kones in a plane crash in Narok last week.

    Healing process

    Information minister Samuel Poghisio, who also attended the service, asked political leaders to spearhead the healing process after the chaos that led to the deaths of more than 1,500 Kenyans and left 350,000 others displaced.

    The ministers were responding to comments by Belgut MP Charles Keter who reminded mourners of Ms Laboso’s stand on the fate of youths arrested over the violence. Ms Laboso had been among Rift Valley MPs calling for the release of youths suspected to have taken part in the post-election chaos.

    Ms Karua said Ms Laboso had been instrumental in peace and reconciliation in Rift Valley. Speaker Kenneth Marende and several MPs attended the service.

    President Kibaki and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka sent condolences through Ms Karua and Mr Poghisio respectively. The service was at Good Shepherd African Gospel Church in Nairobi ahead of the burial to be held on Friday.


    I think in my own views Karua was challenging Loboso in her death bed to own up to the deaths of hundreds of Kenyans killed in the Rift valley following the elections. “take responsibility for the violence that rocked the country after last year’s disputed presidential election” she said.

  172. OTITI said:

    Lucy – You have not answered Rono’s offer. Utachukua mboro yake?

  173. Missionarist Mukusya wa Muasya said:

    Once there was a young boy who came home from Sunday school and showed his mother a picture. When she asked, “What is it?” he replied proudly, “It’s Easter!” Pleased that her son was learning about the resurrection but having difficulty with the details of the drawing, she asked, “What did your teacher say about it?”

    “Well,” he slowly began, “after they nailed Jesus to the cross, he was hurt real bad, so when the Special Forces finally rescued him from the cross, they rushed him to the trauma center at St. Luke’s. They worked on him for hours in the ER but couldn’t get a heartbeat and gave up. They moved Jesus’ body to another room, heavily guarded by soldiers with a German accent. Just then, when no one was around, there was a blip on the heart monitor and Jesus woke up. He radioed for help and his buddies came with plastic explosives, wiped out the soldiers, blew open the door, and carried their buddy, Jesus, fireman style, across enemy lines to an awaiting helicopter where they would evac Jesus back to his dad.”

    The mother put her hands on her hips and said, “Is that what your teacher taught you?” Sheepishly the boy confessed, “Well, no. But if I told you what she said, you’d never believe it.”

    He has a point, you know. Who would have believed it? The age in which we now live has been called the age of cynicism, but it is naive to think that ours is the only generation filled with skeptics. The first century had its fill of skeptics as well. Even the women and the disciples, people whom Jesus told plainly that he would be arrested, whipped, crucified, and on the third day rise, were skeptical. They needed more proof. So instead of waiting outside the tomb with a large banner, “Welcome back, Jesus!”, the disciples were hiding. Mary Magdalene came not to greet the risen Lord but to pay their last respects to the corpse of a friend. When she sees the stone rolled away her only comment is – “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him.”

    The resurrection exhausts our capacity to imagine and it pushes our reasoning ability to the breaking point. However we don’t have to explain the resurrection. Rather it explains us. It establishes who we are and why we are here today. Because Easter happened, because the resurrection happened, the church happened.

    The story of Easter is so familiar that we sometimes fail to hear some of the details of the account. Today I want us to look at three of those details as they are found in John’s account of the first Easter morning.

    First, the stone was rolled away – not to let Jesus out – but to let us in.

    I say this because the idea that God rolled the stone away from the door to let Jesus escape is inconsistent with the resurrection appearances of Jesus recorded elsewhere in the scriptures – appearances in which he suddenly appeared in the midst of the disciples, even when they were behind closed doors. Closed doors never kept Jesus in or out.

    John makes this clear in today’s reading. When Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, she saw that the stone had been removed and she ran to tell Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved.

    When they arrived and stuck their heads in the tomb, they saw the linen wrappings lying there and it says ‘they believed.’ But what did they believe? – because in the very next verse it says- ‘for as yet they did not understand the scripture, that he must rise from the dead.” Was it simply- “Yup, you’re right Mary, Jesus is not here.” Or something else.

    For centuries the curious have always wanted to look into the dark depths of death, but the tomb has been sealed with secrecy. The tomb has always mocked us. It has always stood as the “dead end” of all our efforts to peer beyond this life into the life to come. After Peter and John leave, Mary looks into the tomb and sees two angels who ask “Why are you weeping?”

    Easter rolls the stone door of the tomb away for us who are weeping so that we might penetrate the mystery of death. It makes the tomb a tunnel – a tunnel into the heart of the eternal and shows us that the holy heart of God is love and life. God rolls the door of the tomb away not to let Jesus out – but to let us in – to allow us to see that Christ’s promises are true.

    Second – the tomb is not completely empty – Christ’s body is not there, but the place is filled with the words of the angel, the words we just heard, the words that say, “Why are you weeping?” In Matthew’s gospel the angel says- “Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said. Come, se the place where he lay.” That is great news and the women run quickly with great joy. In John Mary turns around and almost walks into Jesus. If Mary, Peter, and John had looked into an empty and silent tomb, then our resurrection faith would be a belief based on human speculation, an assumption of the moment, an argument based on negative evidence.

    But no! Our faith is based on a word spoken to us by God. It is based on God’s holy promise, spoken by Christ before he died, and upon God’s holy assurance – spoken by the angel on the first Easter Sunday.

    That same word that echoed and re-echoed in that Easter tomb still fills the emptiness of world today. “He is risen”. The tomb has become a trumpet proclaiming the victory of life over death, and the continuation of Christ’s presence and mission in this world – first in Galilee, and ultimately to the ends of the earth.

    The third detail is this – because of Easter we can turn our backs on the grave.

    John tells us that Mary Magdalene having seen the risen Christ turned her back on the grave and ran to tell the disciples- “I have seen the Lord”

    Matthew’s gospel says that the women were filled with joy. Joy is the key word here. Christ was buried, but he wouldn’t stay dead. The tomb could not hold him – and because of him – the tomb cannot hold us either.

    This indeed is what Jesus promised to us before he died, a promise that seemed at the time totally incredible, a matter, at best, of metaphor, and hyperbole, but which – because of the first Easter morning, we now know to be a matter of fact and substance.

    The stone of was rolled away from the tomb, not to let Jesus out, but to let us in, to show us that death is not the end – but rather a new beginning.

    A beginning that proclaims the victory of life over death, and which allows us to turn our backs on the grave and face our future with faith and hope, confident that all of God’s promises will indeed bear fruit

    Soldiers, who go to places like Iraq or Afghanistan, and return home seriously wounded, often speak of their “Alive Day.” It’s not so much the day they were wounded, as the day they looked around and realized they were still alive, and were going to make it after all.

    No soldiers celebrate their wounds, but some do celebrate the anniversary of their Alive Day. It was a day when, as perhaps never before in their young lives, did they feel so grateful to be alive.

    That’s what Easter can be for us. Battered and wounded as we sometimes are by life’s struggles, Easter is our Alive Day.

    It is our day to realize that what Jesus promised did and does come true.

    It is our day to move beyond the struggles of this life and to realize that life has great meaning because of Jesus Christ.

    It is our day to realize that we will live for eternity in Christ.

    A man left Chicago for a vacation in Florida. His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him the next day. When he reached his hotel he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail. Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it from memory. Unfortunately, he missed one letter and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher’s wife, whose husband had passed away only the day before. When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took one look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor dead. At the sound, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the screen:

    Dearest Wife,

    Just got checked in.

    Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

    Your Loving Husband.

    P.S: Sure is hot down here.

    What could be more powerful than news from the other side of death? Easter is that and more. Easter is…

    Not an email message, but a living message.

    Not from man, but from God.

    Not from hell, but from heaven.

    Easter is our Alive Day.

    Have a great one today and for all eternity!!!

    God loves you and so do I.

    Let us pray for the departed and all those who caused problems for our country last December. May God rest Kones and Loboso and raise our leaders among the Kalenjins. RIP

  174. Kipkoech Arap Kipchirchir said:

    Anguish and the loss of a great leader underscored the speeches last wednesday at the joint requiem mass of Roads minister Kipkalya Kones and his bodyguard, Kenneth Kibet. I was there and saw everything with my two eyes.

    The mass saw relatives, colleagues and friends giving tribute to the man named the smiling politician. According to President Kibaki and his speech red by one Saitoti, this was a shrewdest politician of all time and a source of intellince to Mr. Amolo Raila Odinga.(they didn’t say the last part but we know the thinking). That is the only reason he was removed.

    Kibaki and his kitchen Cabinet have not been happy since the day their people were removed forcefully from the great rift valley(GRV)Especially the kikuyus, merus, embus, kambas and others….

    It appears to me this is the pay back time and many more will face the sword before Kibaki leaves office. The idea is to protect his own interests in order for his family to live in peace. The only way to stop MPs from getting killed is to pass a law to change the consititution.

    Kipkoech Arap Kipchirchir

  175. kimaiyo Arap Kipsigei said:

    It’s a pity and not African the public was not allowed to view Mr Kones and Ms. Loboso’s bodies. I understand it was badly burned and decomposed from the plane crash. There was absolutely nothing to see in terms of human remains and it smelt badly.

    It’s very sad for Ministers who lived like kings to go this way…………………

    Also the masai morans who stole from the passegers when the plane crashed are still in jail.

    just letting you know.

    kimaiyo Arap Kipsigei

  176. RONO said:

    Kones and Loboso have been dead for over a week now. Notice how their skin was blackened. A great deal of liquid blood has poured from their lungs. This is the result of decomposition and appears on about the fourth day.

    The way this works is that “bloody purge” probably gave rise to superstitions about vampires. About the fourth day post-mortem, the blood becomes liquified and gas builds up in the body due to bacterial decomposition.

    So in ancient times, when someone had died who was presumed to be a vampire, they would excavate the body and drive a wooden stake through the chest. Due to the gas produced by the decomposition and liquifaction of the blood, the body would spurt out blood and gasses would be released, sounding like a sigh.


  177. RONO said:

    As I indicated, We have lost two great leaders in a very misterious circumstances. Kibaki and his people clearly has blood in their hands.

    We shall never forget the fighting and the contribution of these two “heroes”… was a great reception mama karua got from the mourners at Loboso’s funeral. I wonder what will happen at Kones’s today. Kikuyus will never have peace for stealing an election in December last year which led to these fights. May we get other leaders who will push us in the right directions.

    May Kones and Loboso RIP.


    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  178. Mukusya said:


  179. Rono said:

    Bomet, June 21, 2008
    *******************************************************************President Mwai Kibaki pays his last respects to the late Hon Kipkalya Kones, Minister for Roads, during the burial service of the deceased at his Kaparuso Farm Home, Bomet.
    President pays glowing tribute to the late Minister Kones

    President Mwai Kibaki today joined thousands of mourners in paying their last respects to the late Minister for Roads Kipkalia Kones who was buried at his Kaparuso village farm in Longisa location, Bomet District.

    Addressing mourners, President Kibaki described the late Kones as an able and experienced leader who served his constituents and Kenyans in general with dedication.

    The President recalled that the late Roads Minister accompanied him on his recent trip to Japan and proved to be very knowledgeable on issues affecting the country, especially infrastructure development, during discussions with development partners.

    He pledged the Government’s support to complete all the development projects initiated by the late Minister.

    The Head of state also said the Government will support the family and education of the children of the late Kones to ensure they complete their studies.

    He appealed to all Kenyans to embrace peace and good neighborliness as a tribute to the late Minister, reiterating his call for wananchi to emulate the grand coalition leaders who agreed to work together for the sake of unity in the Country.

    “As leaders, we have resolved to shelve our political differences and work together in developing the country. I appeal to wananchi to unite and join us in improving our country,” President Kibaki said.

    Leaders led by Prime Minister Raila Odinga called for thorough investigations into the cause of the tragic plane crash that killed the Minister.

    Mr Odinga, at the same time, said the findings of the investigations into the plane crash and others in the recent past should be made public to end speculations.

    The Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister William Ruto supported taxing of Members of Parliament allowances and appealed to their colleagues opposed to the move to reconsider their stand.

    Over 70 members of parliament led by the National Assembly Speaker attended the burial.

    The late Minister was a member of the Coalition Government Cabinet for only 58 days. He is survived by two widows, Beatrice and Lilly, six children and five grand children.

  180. Nyabwari Ben said:

    kones was a hero. Only horos are criticised after their death. Simple minds are kinking around the evil things they do and think Kones was one of them.
    We loved kones.
    Nyabwari Ben

  181. RONO said:

    Nyabwari Ben – Kones sponsored ethinic crashes in the Rift valley and assisted in uprooting the Kikuyus from the ancient old land. He played damn before they got hold of him in the plane.

    The first order of his Business in parliament would have been to help change the constitution. He refused to do because the money Business crowded his vision with Loboso. We are in agreement that he should rest in peace but let it be known that he did not go far enough to make his voice heard in parliament, Japan and elsewhere!

  182. RONO said:

    This story is pure fantasy and false. Kipkalya Kones and his GF were murdered. Dead people tell no tales. They can blame the pilot all they want. we know the truth!
    Human error might have caused plane crash

    Story by NATION Team
    Publication Date: 6/26/2008
    The verdict over the plane crash in which Roads minister Kipkalya Kones and assistant minister Lorna Laboso died was delivered in Parliament on Wednesday.

    Mr Mwau: Released government report on crash. Photo/ FILE
    A Government report presented by Transport assistant minister Harun Mwau blames what it calls a technical problem and human error for the accident. It emerged that the aircraft, a Cessna 210E, was manufactured in 1965 — just two years after Kenya’s independence.

    The report further questions the navigation capacity of Wilson Airport since the plane crash was only detected by equipment owned by the African Medical Research Foundation (Amref), which later notified Wilson Airport.

    According to the report, the plane was in good condition when it was cleared to take off from the airport at 2pm on June 10. It also emerged that the plane was not object guided.

    Said the asssistant minister: “The pilot was using visual aids. In other words he was to see the skyline so that he could detect where there was a mountain. He was flying at 8,000 feet above sea level before the crash”.

    The report indicates that the pilot made his last communication with Wilson Airport navigation services 28 minutes after take-off. It was not until a minute to 4pm that Amref reported seeing a white aircraft going down. The Civil Aviation Authority had no idea then.

    A section of MPs however rejected the composition of a committee appointed to investigate the accident arguing that chances of an impartial report were slim.

    The members say some of the committee members own air charter services at the Wilson Airport and aviation schools including one where the pilot of the ill-fated plane was trained.

    Mr Musa Sirma (nominated, ODM), claimed that some authority officials owned a flying school where Mr Christoph Schnerr, the pilot of the ill-fated aircraft was trained.

    He said: “I don’t believe that there will be fair investigations by the same officials who have a conflict of interest in the matter. We have received information that some top officials in the authority own a flight school and that a Mr Wakahiu was the one who trained the pilot.”

    In his statement, which was sought by Mr Yusuf Chanzu (Vihiga, ODM), Mr Mwau had presented a technical report on the history of the plane and the pilots. But members protested demanding that he focuses on why the plane crashed and the preliminary findings.

    Said Dr Eseli Simiyu (Kimilili, Ford-K): “What we want to know from the minister is what led to the demise of our two colleagues and not what the ministry is doing about it”.

    Mr Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu, ODM), challenged Mr Mwau to explain why news of the plane crash was first broken by the Amref and not by the civil aviation authorities officials.

    “Can he also tell us why the bodies of our colleagues were left at the scene overnight until we went for them the following day?” he said. Mr Clement Wambugu (Mathioya, PNU) accused Mr Mwau of misleading members.

    He was backed by Mr Gitobu Imanyara (Imenti Central, CCU), who asked: “Is the probe in order if the investigators are the same officials who licensed and trained the pilot?”

    Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim brought the debate to an end and ordered Mr Mwau to return with a comprehensive statement.

    Parliament consequently petitioned the Government to allow the relevant house committee to carry out investigations on the accident and report to the House in a fortnight.

  183. RONO said:

    Purchase of Cars: Did you know that State House Nairobi has 149 cars? Did you know that this year Minister of Finance wants to buy Ksh 73 million more worth of cars for State House? Did you know that last year a similar amount of money was spent on cars at State House? Did you know that the Government budget for cars for 2008 has gone up by 1 billion shillings, even as public attention is consumed by the debate on MP’s allowances? Unless MPs debate the budget this week, Minister Kimunya is likely to get approval to spend at least 50% of his Ksh 2.6 billion motor vehicle purchase budget and we will never know why he needs so many cars.

    Lump sum budgets: Every year the Minister of Finance presents lump sum budgets for the National Security Intelligence Services, the Armed Forces and the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission. This year their collective budgets will pass the Ksh 47 billion mark – and yet they will be no debate on the budget items in them because the Minister of Finance has helpfully provided none. Here’s a question for the MPs: why would the official agency responsible for promoting transparency and accountability in Government not be accountable to Parliament for every single shilling in its budget?

  184. kipsang Arap Mtwol said:

    NAVY SHIP: Did you know that the Minister of Finance has asked Parliament to authorize the payment of a staggering Ksh 4.94 billion this year to 3 foreign companies for a controversial Navy Ship? Did you know that the Controller and Auditor General told Parliament in 2006, that this deal was illegal and had breached the External Loans Act which requires parliamentary approval for all foreign debt? Did you know that the ship which the Minister of Finance wants to use tax money to pay for does not have weapons on board, and its equipment’s warranty has lapsed? Did you know that all these issues have not been properly investigated to date? Did you know that Ksh 4.94 billion is more than the entire budget of the Ministry of Water? Do you believe that Members of Parliament should approve the Minister of Finance’s request to spend taxpayers’ money this way?

  185. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    I wonder where the CDF goes, and why all the petions if people like Reuben Ndolo and Dick Wathika would be fight while both of them don’t seem to be doing anything good to their constituency, (MAKANDARA) if you go to South B river bank in every campaign they really make use of the slum p’ple, Ndolo has been their ever since and roads which seem to have been tamac are now gone and fresh water flows on the road while the upper part does not have any water, let them use comonsense if they have to.


  186. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    Rono please try and get for me either of their cel phone numbers lets build Kenya

  187. RONO said:

    Mary Nyamu – As soon as I find their numbers, I will pass them to you ASAP! These members of parliament are not always good human beings but animals. How can they take the money and …? By the way, I love you Mary:)

  188. david ruhiri said:

    rono tiga wana

  189. Mutoi Arap Musauti said:

    david ruhiri – Leave Rono alone. Are you after Mary? You sound jealousy in my view. Typically jealousy refers to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. This rival may or may not know that he or she is perceived as a threat. Therefore, if you need Mary you can have her without messing up RONO.

  190. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    guys guys guys!!!!!!!!!!! have a lovely Frahiday

  191. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    By the way Rono jienjoy the Kalenjini night tonight at Simba Saloon carni have fun

  192. Rono said:

    Hey Mary, utakuja huko Simba Saloon carni? Niko Japan saa hii. Lakini hio Friday ingine tunaonana!! Asante.

  193. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    Please get me a Toyota NZE 1300cc at a good price before you come


  194. Rono said:

    Nitakuletea. Lakini lazima unipatie mtoto mchaga halavu ukue Bibi wangu! ..unaonaje?

  195. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    am damm serious Rono am looking for one na 400k haki fanya mpango or spacio for 1300cc

  196. Rono said:

    Hayo maneno tutaangalia sawa sawa. When you see Kibaki, ask him how come he needs 149 cars in the State House Nairobi?

  197. Rono said:

    I have come back to this story many times in the few days and weeks now, and every time I look at them on youtube I feel an enormous amount of sadness. I can only imagine the joy they must have been experiencing, to want to fly to Kericho and elsewhere in that plane. My friend who was a member of parliament died in similar situations in the north. I know what THEIR families and friends are going thru. I pray that they get the help that they need in dealing with all the unanswered questions and the (at the time) unbearable hurt that acts like this leave behind for the survivors. Poor guys, they felt like this was their only way out..what a shame.

    As we move forward in the future, I’m asking all of you to press Kibaki to resign and to own up to the scandal engulfing his adminstration and the hotel sold secretly to Libya. This adminstration is full of crooks and must be banished forever! We are still waiting for the truth on why these two guys had to die before pressing forward with the change of constitution. And likewise, when someone dies (suicide or otherwise), everyone says what a nice person the deceased was, as if it wouldn’t be worth mourning them if they weren’t… let us move forward in helping change the country for the better. That change begins with a new constitution and a new president beside Kibaki.

  198. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    b4 Kibaki goes let us first deal with Kimunya, first he pretend with Kamlesh ati he is surrendering the hotel then now we learn that it is sold ehhhhhhhma! these guys are nuts


    I think i was correc in one of my contribution, truely it is very clear on The web RIP kones and lorna. now see my friends as i said there is a true spirit of Adultery and Fornication living in Ronoh and your friend mary. You must be worst how can you relate death and Sex they are two diffrent entities. by the way what are you doing in diasphora? guess you are an homosexualist. sawa i dont care . i stil respect you as you give honour to our departed giants. but please mapenzi yenu you can take take to other sides. i thougth respect is not slavery what are you trying to tell us. what is the issue of KIMUNYA KIBAKI AND OTHERS HERE?

  200. Mvila arap Moi said:

    PURCHASE OF CARS – Two Billion plus: Did you know that State House Nairobi has 149 cars? Did you know that this year Minister of Finance wants to buy Ksh 73 million more worth of cars for State House? Did you know that last year a similar amount of money was spent on cars at State House? Did you know that the Government budget for cars for 2008 has gone up by 1 billion shillings, even as public attention is consumed by the debate on MP’s allowances? Unless MPs debate the budget this week, Minister Kimunya is likely to get approval to spend at least 50% of his Ksh 2.6 billion motor vehicle purchase budget and we will never know why he needs so many cars. The Ministry of Internal Security alone wants to spend Ksh 1.6 billion on buying cars. Last year Parliament did not debate the Internal Security budget, and passed unscrutinised another 1 billion shillings for this Ministry. It is time that MPs insisted on accountability for the massive amounts of money that the Government spends on buying cars. On paper there are 10,395 cars owned by the Government of Kenya. Since Minister Kimunya never mentioned any of these vehicular facts, perhaps MPs could insist that he explains this budget to them. They might even ask to inspect some of the cars.

    Kimuya is the worst crook besides Murugaru.

  201. RONO said:

    Regardless of the level of theological sophistication, we can always be sure the critics “know” one thing: The Bible says that we should not judge one another. Anyone who would do so is clearly being un-Christian. Such obtuse reasoning is employed against Christians who offer a negative commentary on certain cultural trends, behaviors or lifestyles. Still, I wonder how many people have taken this concept to its logical conclusion?

    We now hear that in our modern times, John 3:16 has been replaced by Matthew 7:1, as the most often quoted scriptural passage. This is clearly because we have taken the focus off of what the Creator has done for us, and placed it on the creatures do for themselves. We have taken the emphasis off of grace, and have instead made the approval of moral pluralism the quintessential virtue of the age.

    The very idea that all judging is wrong, is an illegitimate synthesis between Christianity, moral relativism, and the contemporary perspective on “tolerance.” These ideas have been wedded together to conjure up witch’s brew of self-contradictory sophistry.

    Christianity has traditionally viewed “tolerance” through a prism of scriptural precept that parallels the garden variety dictionary definition. The scriptures say things like, “Love endures all things,” and “As much as it depends on you, live peacefully with all men.” The traditional definition is that “tolerance” is graciously enduring those who you disagree with.

    Today, “tolerance” has been reconstructed to mean something entirely different. Essentially it means that all ideas, lifestyles and truth claims, are deemed equally valid. Christian author and speaker Josh McDowell refers to this phenomenon as “negative tolerance”(permission) versus “positive tolerance” (approval). One can readily see how this new definition of tolerance circles back to the claim made about judging. If nobody has a superior moral position, then nobody has the standing to “judge” anything in terms of ethical hierarchy.

    But does the use of Matthew 7:1, as a stand-alone quotation, bring contextual justice to the point Jesus is making? Of course not. Later in the passage, Christ refers to certain people unable or unwilling to assimilate spiritual things. He refers to them figuratively as “pigs” and “dogs.” That sounds a bit like judging to me! In the book of John, Jesus talks of rendering a “righteous judgement,” rather than none at all. The point was never that we should not make moral judgments, or employ an ethical hierarchy in being discreet about evaluating “right” and “wrong.” The idea was that there should be no “double-standards.” We should not judge others by a standard we would not want to be judged with ourselves. This is how we avoid “judgmentalism” and cronin fault-finding. We are exhorted to correct our own hypocrisies before reforming the world.

    Now that is very different from telling someone that they shouldn’t dare to call anything wrong. In fact, such reasoning will ultimately lead to calling evil good and good evil. This is because evil cannot be called evil, since such labeling is judgmental. Good is considered evil, because those who are endeavoring to do good by calling something else wrong, are guilty of judging. How could any court of justice operate if all judgment without exception were considered wrong? All criticisms of anything would have to be withheld on the basis that such critiques are judgmental in nature.

    Christian apologist Greg Koukl offers us the perfect antidote to this apparent logical dilemma. He says that we must be egalitarian in terms persons, but elitist in reference to ideas. That principle is embodied in the old ecclesiastical adage that we are to hate the sin, yet love the sinner. This is a perfect expression of “righteous judgment,” but it is a posture that would be condemned today as grossly judgmental. And yet in effect, is it any different from saying, “We support the troops, but oppose the war(We have concern for the person, but disapprove of the cause)?” The latter position is assumed to be accepted as valid without question, despite the fact that the former is seen as intolerant. Interesting paradox.

    Last year A friend of mine made a preposterous claim. He declared that the only hope for the peaceful co-existence of mankind, was that each of us must accept and respect the other guy’s truth. We can’t be dogmatic and say the other guy is wrong. But in articulating such a standard, the guy himself is engaged in judging, not to mention being dogmatic. Applying Koukl’s axiom to this situation, we might say that all people deserve respect because of their unique position as reflecting the image of God. But in the process of evaluating the cogency of ideas, the guy is clearly confused, as he seeks to reconstruct the term “truth,” by making it tantamount to opinion.

    The idea that we can never judge about anything is patently absurd. To say that we can never judge is to wander aimlessly. The scriptures tell us that we should reprove each other, speaking the truth in love. What our society lacks is righteous judgment. What we have an abundance of is knit-picking and indifference. Neither of those two alternatives promotes justice and righteousness.

    In closing, I must say that Kibaki is a thief and has blood in his hands! The finance Minister is worse that Murugaru and all the past Kenyan crooks. If Raila Odinga doesn’t tackle this issue well, we shall have another look at Kalonzo Musyoka. We do not need MPs who go to Parliament to eat. Kenya belongs to all of us.

    I will not waste time responding to ISAIAH KIPKORIR because I’m single and I can look around for good women like Mary. Why should we leave the best women to Kalenjins who have more than one wife including Kones? Why are we not putting Kenyans first instead of Mboro? ISAIAH KIPKORIR you have alot to answer for and to all Kenyans.

    Asanteni sana.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich


    “will not waste time responding to ISAIAH KIPKORIR because I’m single and I can look around for good women like Mary. Why should we leave the best women to Kalenjins who have more than one wife including Kones? ” very good enough infact i was thinking how can a full man talk like an idiot i never knew that you are a boy. NGETET, you are correct. Look for a wife first before you start talking rubbish mbele ya wazee. To hell with kimunya and the rest.
    The reason why these people are selling public assets is not only to fill their own stomachs it is beyond that . We me and you we require monies from these people when it comes to election so that we can vote. we are selling our right of voting, and because they want to go back to the national assembly and they dont have money all their salaries are deposited in the fixed deopsit account of koinange path where to you expect them to get the money? sell all the public assets……

  203. Oladipoh Alphonce said:


    please note: The Views expressed above are solely mine as a person…and not Radio Salaam’s, and am not speaking in my capacity as the Stations Presenter.

    Asaalam Aleikum!

  204. RONO said:

    AT HOME in Kenya more than 30 million of her people are starving. But as Mwai Kibaki’s wife Lucy strolled around the most exclusive boutiques in Japan recently, the plight of the hungry and dying was the last thing on her mind.

    Hiding behind £180 Christian Dior sunglasses and with a £25,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex hanging off her wrist, the First Lady of Kenya spent a day doing what she does best – shopping.

    After a £150-a-head dinner she and her husband retired to their £10,000-a-night, 33-room suite, while back home families queued for meagre supplies of bread and cooking oil in refugee camps.

    Lucy, who is younger than her husband, has come to represent everything that is wrong with Kibaki’s tyrannical regime and the corruption which is embedded into it.

    Africa’s answer to Imelda Marcos, she is known in kenya as The First Shopper, a woman who has spent millions on foreign shopping trips, a sprawling home dubbed

    Lucylands and a jet once owned by Kenya airforce.

    Asked recently how she justified travelling to Europe and Asia to spend thousands on Ferragamo shoes while her people starved, she replied simply: “I have very narrow feet, so I wear only Ferragamo.”

    Her words speak volumes about a country where nepotism and corruption are obliterating what was once a thriving economy. As said in many areas, Kibaki is a thief.

    Lucy is happy to enforce her husband’s corruption policy for her own gain – she seized a the hotel in the center of the city after throwing out its owner in a secret deal called Libya deal by Kimunya- and her influence on kibaki is legendary.

    Kenyans inside and outside the regime blame Lucy, a former teacher , for encouraging his extreme views. They claim he has been under her spell since the couple began an affair before they were both married.

    Lucy was then in her early 20s and the mother of a young child. But she was happy to jettison her family for a life of comfort with Kibaki. she learned how to be corrupt at an early age.

    “Kibaki’s priorities have changed. He has a family now. He uses others to do the dirty job including Murugaru and Kimunya. He is establishing a dynasty of thieves.”

    One former civil servant, too scared to be named, said: “As far back as 2007 Kibaki was talking about retirement. Within government, people were preparing for a changeover in January. All that changed when Lucy refused and went on hunger strike..

    “Eventually, he announced he was going to stay on with the help of Kivuitu. A lot of people think it was Lucy’s doing.” Another aide added: “He is utterly obsessed with this woman and cannot make the most simple decision unless she gives the go-ahead.”

    Kibaki, now 77, met Lucy when she began working for him. They have spent many years drinking alcohol.

    In London, Lucy would insist on taking over a suite at the exclusive Claridge’s Hotel. Bodyguards in tow, she would cruise through Harrods before piling her purchases into her chauffeur-driven Mercedes.

    On one of her London shopping sprees Lucy spent £40,000 in an afternoon. At home the spending was just as spectacular. He has a heart of stone.

    As a family friend said: “kibaki has spent a lot of time having to restrain his wife from buying more and more luxury fittings including cars.”

    Recently, she was photographed with her husband, half a dozen minders and 15 trolley-loads of goods in the first-class lounge at Japan international airport.
    And, as the obscene Asia trip proved, as long as the kibaki circus can still roll into town, grasping Lucy will carry on getting exactly what she wants. Let us therefore stop these guys on their tracks! The hotel needs to be returned to the Kenyan people. It was meant for them in the first place.

    Kalonzo Musyoka needs to be denounced and demonished. He supports corruption and kickbacks. We can not afford people with two sided and dark side. You are either a christian or you are not. We can not afford another Kones or Loboso in a plane crash or something else similar. The buc stops here.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  205. Rono said:

    Oladipoh Alphonce – I just wanted to give you a thumbs up and that you are a great leader! Keep up the good work and please spread the word that Kenya must be changed for the better. Enough is enough!

    All the best.

    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  206. Mutua wa nzoka said:

    ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET – washana na mademu yawenyewe. Kwani auoni Mary ni mpezi wa Rono? Kwani ulienda shule wapi?

  207. Mutua wa nzoka said:

    Mary Nyamu uvoo waku. wikalaa va?


    Mutua wa nzoka : niwambabiia? thina waku ni kyau? i dont like arguing with people from your side because you like thiking and talking through xxx by the way i have no interest with mary i am done with the kambas and i am feed up. on top of that i am married to a typical kipsigis girl from chepalungu and for now niwa maundu maingi maseo ma kwika !!!! wiisilya ninyie we? cool down and please leave us alone with rono. Rono please i am talking out of experience i do beg you to hook with all tribes in the world but not the Kambas please.ingen nee i inyee komi betet komi kap chelit . and if intermarriages will bring peace in kenya then let there be no peace in kenya or the kamba land to have their own Goverment. PLEASE CALL ME PERSONALLY TO TELL YOU HOW KAMBA LADIES REPLACES OTHER TRIBES BRAINS!!!!!!!

  209. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    who told u am a kau both of you? Am Mary Jefwa from Coast u can take your topic elsewhere about being trible or else you can decide to stay in your home area (ur mother’s hse) if you can’t intermingle or rather relate with other tribes.


  210. Mutua wa nzoka said:

    Isaiah Kipkorir – Kwenda zako wewe. unataka kunialimbia mali yangu. I love Mary Nyamu kwanini unaleta ujinga hapa? tupilia bali wewe ni mbaya sana.

  211. Rono said:

    ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET – I’m shocked you can go down this low. The scrouge of tribalism which is creeping into the politics of Kenya today should cause headaches for all well meaning Kenyans. As Kenyans one would have tought that we have seen enough of what senseless engagement in tribal politics can do to a nation. Most of us are living witnesses to the carnage that went on in our country this year, Rwanda, Liberia, Seira-Leone and Somalia. These countries all fell into the abyss due to tribalism and ethincism. I believe that Kenya is highly enlightened not to descend that low but our history shows that things that happen in other countries can also happen in Kenya and we have witnessed this ealier this year. Military coup d’etats which started in Togo and Congo spread through Africa like a tsunami and we got our share briefly in 1982. It took us over three decades to recover from military coups. And that is why it is expedient that we safeguard our dear country against any attempt to inject tribalism into our infant democracy.

    The question one is tempted to ask is what is tribalism? What are the reasons behind why some people feel so strong about the superiority of their tribes over others? Why do learned people who should know better also engage in this uncivilized tradition? I will be writting a paper today to address these issues. It is the hope of this paper to examine these questions. To ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET, I can only wish you to change your approach in dealing with life. Mary will continue to be my girlfriend nothing will change this one.

    Asante sana.

  212. Rono said:

    The question one is tempted to ask is what is tribalism? What are the reasons behind why some people feel so strong about the superiority of their tribes over others? Why do learned people who should know better also engage in this uncivilized tradition? It is the hope of this paper to examine these questions.

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines tribalism (among other definations) as the exaltation of ones tribe above others. In other words tribalism is the feeling that ones tribe is superior to some other tribe or all tribes. As a result the tribalists have a disdain and often disrespect fot the tribes they think are inferior to their tribe. Such people therefore discourage association in any form be it marriage, work, or friendship with tribes they deem to be inferior. In most cases thay have derogatory names for the tribes they deem to be inferior. In Kenya almost every tribe has such names for other tribes. Words like ‘ikamba’, ‘wakale’ ‘nzaluo’ etc are all examples of such degatory words used to demean and derespect people of other tribes. The reasons for tribalism and tribal descrimination may include the follwing:

    The fisrt reason is history. Many a tribalist trace the superiority of their tribes to history. They will recount how their forebearers defeated the other tribes in a war or a series of wars. They will recount how their fore bearers enslaved the other tribes. Such people take pride on their history and no amount of persuation can persuade them to see todays reality. They believe that since their ancestors were “better” than the other tribe so also are they now. Linked to the above is indoctrination. In most homes children are taught to descriminate against people from tribes their parents feel are inferior. Such parents will continiously bombard their children with the virtues of their tribes and the vices of the so-called inferior or despised tribes. Some parents persistantly warn their kids not to take friends from some tribes. Children who grow up with such training turn to be adult tribalists. Another reason for tribalism is geographical location in relation to national resources and power. By this I mean that tribes which are endowed with resources and jobs often tend to desrespect people from other tribes who come to seek work on their land. Similarly tribes which have the seat of power tend to think that they are better than the other tribes and somestimes look down upon them. The foregoing have been aggravated by politics. It is sad to say that most of our politicians either publicly or privately try to whip tribal sentiments for thier own political purposes. They try to concort stories that will infuriate one tribe or the other so that they may not vote for certain parties.Scavengers as they are, these corrupt politicians know that they have nothing better to offer when it comes to issues of national development so by playing the tribal card they are able to skip the issues at stake.They fail to recognize that their actions cause more harm to the very state they want to govern. Perhaps one will be able to forgive these politicians a little if one considers the fact that polticians are like vultures who feed on peoples vulnurabilities. I’m talking of people like Ruto, Ole Timama, Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka, Balala, Kimunya, Raila etc

    However one cannot forgive journalists who engage in tribalism. It is the most worrying trend in politics of Kenya today. The media which is the objective fourth arm of government is supposed to be an objective observer of politicians and put them on their toes. The media is the ear of society and it’s work imparts greatly on the national psyche.The media’s objective reportage of the news help the electorate to know the going ons in the government and the realms of politics. Therefore it just so sad that some of our journalists have thrown good journalism to the dogs and have chosen to join the tribal bandwagon. It is a pity that our journalists have not learnt from Rwanda and other nations who went down the drain because of their engagement in senseless tribal journalism. There is no justification for a journalist to engage in tribalism and our journalists who have chosen that cause shown bow their heads in shame and desist from the practice.

    The negative effects of tribalism in Kenya is not far fetched. First of all tribalism breeds nepotism. Once people feel that their tribesmen are better than people from other tribes they tend to surroud themselves with their tribesmen when get into positions of trust. The tribalists are willing to hire people from their tribe who may not otherwise be the best candidate for the given job. Such actions deprive the nation of the right people for the right job.

    Secondly tribalism affects national cohesion. To the tribalists their allegience is first to their tribe before the nation. They do not see themselves as Kenyans but as a member of tribe A or B. Therefore they do not look for ways that can benefit the whole nation but rather they look for ways that will streghtnen their tribes at the expense of the nation. And this does not bode well for the nation. To some extent they try as much as possible to creat a hegemony when they have power or are put in a position of trust. Also petty tribal conflicts divert national attention and resources. The amount of money and personnel that are used to quell such schemishes could have been used for other pressing and important needs. Above all tribalism can be a prelude to a civil war, the result of which will be disastrous as have been sited elsewhere in this paper.

    How then can we stem the scrouge of tribalism? First of all, the ministry of information led by Hon. Samuel Poghisio, MP should make fighting tribalism one of its major priorities and device means to fight it. They can device radio and TV programmes that will let people see themselves as kenyans first. They can also device programmes that will tout our common identity and what brings us togather as a people of one Kenya.

    Secondly, our educators and policy makers should incoperate subjets that will teach our young ones the need to respect one another in the school curriculum Since the seed of tribalism is sowed in the kids at very tender age , it equally important that our educational system cultivate a sense of oness and nationhood in our kids. Our schools colleges and universities should also discourage the formation of tribal based associations. These associations which are recipe for tribalism could give way to regional associations which embraces all people from the particular region. Our Kings, chiefs and traditional leaders should also be utilized to help fight the scrouge of tribalism. Since our chiefs are the so-called custodians of our culture, the onus lies on them to teach their subjects about our common ancestry. They should try and eschew tribal pride a little and embrace other tribes in their functions and also encourage inter- tribal marriages and associations.

    On the individual level we should all do well to see people we meet as individuals and not as a microcosm of their tribe. The fact you met one uneducated Kikuyu does not mean all kikuyus are uneducated. The fact that you one Kalenjin stole a goat does not mean all Kalenjins are thieves. (Please, this is just by way of examples). There are good and bad people in every race, tribe or family.

    We owe it as a duty to leave a peaceful Kenya to our children just as we inherited it.All the tribes in Kenya have more things in common than things that divide us.While enjoying swahili songs and listenining to kakai wa kalonzo sing in Kamba with beautiful kamba and kisii rhythem, I could not help but to recognize the importance of peaceful tribal co-existence. In the end we must all pray that our mother Kenya will continue to be a safe secure haven for all.


    Rono Arap Kiprotich

  213. Mutua wa nzoka said:

    Rono – You ahave said it all. That’s why I’m gonna take Mary Jefwa Nyamu from Coast. I’m in love with her. I think she will make good wife and make great mixed babies. I mean, look at Obama in the USA? Mary will make me proud Dad very soon:)

  214. Rono said:

    Mutua wa nzoka leave Mary Nyamu alone. She is my gal! I have already promised a new car to her. If you want her, you must wait for your turn. If things don’t workout between us, you can move in. However, I’m sure they will work out. I don’t like to share women with other men. I mean who wants to get sick from something?? As for right now, I’m in.

    As for my woman, say something Mary. Who are you going to select from both of us?

  215. Rono said:

    Hey Mary, utakuja huko Simba Saloon carni kesho hii?

  216. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    First where is my car or rather any hope from a true kenyan?

    you guys have a very lovely Friday

  217. muthama said:

    I’m shocked Mary that you are expecting a car from Rono. Who do you think you are? why is it that kenyan women use men for expensive stuff and then leave? I’m shocked. we are going to protect Rono for the better!

  218. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    Leave us alone am not begging I want to buy, can you style up


    We know you ladies hebu wachana na Rono. ati i want to buy ! buy what? Shame on you gone is the time where mens run to your brackets.

  220. Mutua wa nzoka said:

    Mary Nyamu – No longer need your legs. Coast people have a problem with upcountry people. You can keep your legs to yourself. i’M TIRED OF BEGGING. By the way, all Women belong to Kamba men-:D

  221. Timama said:

    ISAIAH KIPKORIR MUTAI CHELUGET & Mary Nyamu – June 11, 2008 are one and the same person. Wanachana na ukola. By the way, leave our RONO alone please. You are starting to think through other body parts like the anus.

  222. boyfulan¿ said:

    phew! bro, do u get to read all these?

  223. Sankuli said:

    boyfulan¿ -phew! what did you eat? You must be drinking liquor. Let us see kimunya and kibaki out of the gov.

  224. Mutula Wa Kilonzo MP said:

    May they RIP.

  225. Mary Nyamu - June 11, 2008 said:

    Mutula Wa Kilonzo kindly ask Dick Wathika to earn his salary, his Makandara constituency SOUTH B a middle class estate has turned out to be a slum, funny stractures are coming up day in day out the once tarmark Roads are pathetic, we have fresh water flowing freely on the road OKO Road river bank while people from the upper side have no water, Fred Ngumo one day cleared Westlands before it was in a mess. get him read this site.

    Thanks for being with us in this colum

  226. KITI said:

    Mary Thanks.

  227. david ruhiri said:

    mary am selling my 2006 toyota camry and it has 90k miles on it. pesa tutaongea

  228. Mr Nyamu Sukuma said:

    David – Are you now after Mary. She is my secret wife after years of bonding!! We HAVE little baby on the way.

  229. david ruhiri said:

    Mr sukuma you need to grow up!! what make you think am after mary n i have never seen her? otherwise congrats for fathering mary baby.

  230. david ruhiri said:

    boy fulani please coment about this guy called sukuma he seem to be under influence of mnazi

  231. david ruhiri said:

    nawewe sununu nini mbaya na wewe. mambo yasiokuhusu ndewe wala sikio wachana nayo dada.

  232. In this world God will rest our heart in peace and love.

  233. Ruto sues Mungatana said:

    Ruto sues Mungatana for defamation
    Published on 13/08/2008

    By Judy Ogutu

    Agriculture Minister William Ruto and Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana are headed for the courts.

    The minister has sued Mungatana for alleged defamation, and is seeking compensation for general, exemplary and aggravated damages.

    He wants the High Court to order the Garsen MP to pay him for allegedly defaming him on January 27, at a talk show.

    Also being sought for by the Eldoret North legislator is an order for “a suitable apology and retraction given the same prominence as the alleged defamatory statements”.

    Ruto claims the Garsen MP defamed him in a talk show aired by a local TV channel, K24.

    The alleged defamatory statements linked Ruto to violence that rocked Rift Valley after the General Election last year.

    Retracted statements

    Ruto says the broadcaster has since retracted the statements and he was satisfied at the media house’s attempt to make up for the defamation.

    “The defendant (Mungatana) has, however, to date not offered any apology or offered any other means of amends,” Ruto’s lawyer Katwa Kigen said in the suit papers.

    Ruto says Mungatana’s remarks implied he had held a clandestine and secretive meeting with persons who orchestrated chaos in Rift Valley and was camouflaging violence as an election or a political issue.

    “The words indicated therein in their plain and ordinary meaning imply the plaintiff (Ruto) is given to stealth, conspiracies and selfishness, in seeking his own ends using the political office entrusted to him,” the papers said.

    Ruto says the statements were false and malicious.

    “The defendant (Mungatana) is so alleging the same actuated by malice, contempt and spite and the same were calculated to injure, discredit, intimidate and destroy the plaintiff (Ruto) both in his respected personal and professional image as a honorable MP of long standing.”


    The alleged defamatory statements, he added, had also discredited him as a member of a supreme decision-making organ of a major political party, being a member of ODM, and his standing of having been a presidential candidate.

  234. Terer Nicholas said:

    bik yok chebo kalenjin okrbe kibangenge mat on kiyan kobesyech bunyon okot ingo sokoranian ne mi kobotech.on kerib bitet nyon en kipkoi si kisuldaisien.tekisto mokiole ak mokioldo okenamkei eun.Lrts be forcussed people .lets see opportunities before others,come out and do businesses and strive to be self reliant.stop politicking and do work-real businesses

  235. Tere Jnr said:

    Terer Nicholas – Please think through the right body parts. Kalenjins are opportunists.

  236. Wilfred Suleiman USA said:

    Let’s restore the legacy of Lorna and Kones

  237. Gedion Moi 1 said:

    Let us remove Ruto from the cabinet. He incited the people against Kikuyus. why?

  238. Nyabwari Monuri said:

    Tiga amang’ana amange kamoranche. Sabera ense yaito. Sabera abanto bare ase chiema bairane chinsobo. Kora omokia ase emeremo yaino. Tiga amachieso batoto.

  239. david ruhiri said:

    tigai uti

  240. RONO said:

    Can you see now all the prophesy I talked about? It’s about time! If we don’t react, we will have a doom future. Kibaki, Raila, Ruto and all the corrupt ministers, must go!

  241. Mutheu wa Mallei said:

    MUTUA wa NZOKA, what say thee!! ulifikiria uta jificha?

    • Rono said:

      It’s very sad that the kalenjin community will soon ferish like an enttelop in the Mara river. Everything I prophesised is happening now….

  242. mwana said:

    But she is in the velopen to egg

  243. mwana said:

    leave RONO alone. He is mad. people like RONO should be in Matari Hosp or be given wives with several children to keeo them bussy. Rono, you will never be a prophet, maybe in the 25th Century

  244. Modesto Glykis said:

    If any one knows about this,please let me know if is true or is a scum the underneath letter I received.
    Modesto Glykis

    Mon, September 6, 2010 9:40:31 AMRe: Hello My Dear,
    From: “modestos glykis:glykis@sympati” View Contact


    Hi, my name is Modesto Glykis, I am sorry for your sad story, if you are a true person I’m willing to help you out, if you are not a true person just stop and do not continue because I know these days a lot of bad things happening around.
    Send me more information and include a picture of you if is possible and I will try my best to assist you.

    Modesto Glykis

    From: Miss Blessing
    Sent: Mon, September 6, 2010 9:00:27 AM
    Subject: Hello My Dear,

    Hello My Dear,

    I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my heart.With due respect trust and humanity, i appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter i feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business having gone through your remarkable profile, honestly i am writing this email to you with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, i will really like to have a good relationship with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, i decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation,My name is Miss. Blessing Kipkalya Kones, 23yrs old female and I held from Kenya in East Africa.

    My father was the former Kenyan road Minister. He and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong’a, in western Kenya. The plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June,2008. You can read more about the crash through the below


    After the burial of my father, my stepmother and uncle conspired and sold my father’s property to an italian Expertrate which the shared the money among themselves and live nothing for me. One faithful morning, I opened my father’s briefcase and found out the documents which he have deposited huge amount of money in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I travelled to Burkina Faso to withdraw the money for a better life so that I can take care of myself and start a new life, on my arrival, the Bank Director whom I met in person told me that my father’s instuction to the bank is that the money would only be release to me when I am married or present a trustee who will help me and invest the money overseas. I am in search of an honest and reliable person who will help me and stand as my trustee so that I will present him to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account overseas. I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust.

    But rather take me as your own sister. Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well I will say that my mind convinc ed me that you may be the true person to help me. Moreso, I will like to disclose much to you if you can help me to relocate to your country because my stepmother have threaten to assinate me. The amount is( $5.8 USD )Million United State Dollars, and I have confirmed from the bank in Burkina Faso on my arrival,

    You will also help me to place the money in a more profitable business venture in your Country. However, you will help by recommending a nice University in your country so that I can complete my studies. It is my intention to compensate you with 20% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my capital in your establishment. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.

    Am waiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self for now untill the bank will transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it till i come over because I am affraid of my weaked stepmother who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God Today that am out from my country (KENYA) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father deposited these money with my name as the next of Kin.I have the documents for the claims.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Miss Blessing Kipkalya Kones.

  245. vijay said:

    its a really sad news. god give the patience family member who lost their live in this accident.

  246. ma jobs said:

    I’ve been reading your blog posts and also wanted to find out if you actually accept guest bloggers. It would be my means of showing my appreciation, if you are still interested please shoot myself an e-mail and let me have your own terms and also rules for guest bloggers. Thanks and all the best to you.

  247. jamyle sabino said:

    Estou cansada de receber e-mail desta garota pedindo dinheiro… que Chato!

  248. jakes said:

    karma karma is a serious woman!

    remember those wailing helplessly as atrocities were done by your hired goons in the 2007/08 violence!

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