Coca Cola’s Novida; Alvaro in a smaller bottle

So Coke introduced Schweppes Novida into the Kenyan market this week after brewing giant EABL’s Alvaro nearly cannibalized its market.

And I tried the pineapple. There’s Apple and Tropical as well.

For full disclosure, am an Alvaro fanatic. The Novida pineapple tasted EXACTLY LIKE ALVARO! Only 30ml less than Alvaro that comes in 330ml.

So what’s the deal with that?

  1. Ilovenovida said:

    Hi Larrymads

    Those with refined and discerning taste buds will ascertain to the fact that there is a BIG difference between the pineapples. Novida is less gassy, with no after-taste and certainly, of more superior quality than Alvie…

  2. Rafiki said:

    I found Novida Pineapple to be a touch sweeter than Alvaro Pineapple. See the post on my blog for more info.

  3. amos said:

    I found Novida to have a bad aftertaste

  4. nyabzskn said:

    Amos, I think you must have drank Alvaro….

  5. Aggie said:

    Seriously People,
    Alvaro is most definitely superior. Novida has an aftertaste and the idea that they taste the same is ludicrous!

  6. David Ochieng' said:

    Well…it also depends on how you define-Exactly. I find them tasting almost exactly, here comes the differences:
    Alvaro has more malt compared to Novida
    Novida has more sugar than Alvaro
    Alvaro surely is 30ml more.
    Their bottles are all green.
    The drinks are all goldish in colour.
    They cost the same.
    30ml is just a kionjo, ama nyongesa. Ama ni story ya what is worth verses the quantity?

  7. Ilovenovida said:

    aggie..couldn’t be more ludicrous than suggesting Alvaro is superior!!!!

  8. NovidalisticAlvarohater said:

    This is nothing to Discuss. Novida mmmm……ahh!!
    alvaro has an after taste thats why i cud not drink it.
    Novida you can take more than one bottle but Alvaro ..hell NO! you will throw up. Pineapple Novida surly lifts you up

  9. TOM said:


  10. kimbo said:

    Mmmmm right now am taking Novida, weee wacha tu. Alvaro and Novida Pineapple the best. Try one, now

  11. pretty in Punk said:

    Novida rules

  12. mike said:

    alvaro beats tha rest .novidas latest orange flavour is whack …….

  13. Songii said:

    Novida pineapple is sure.

  14. Peter said:

    Hi…a concerned consumer of novida soft drink…I bought novida drink (pineapple) only 2 realase there was a bottle top inside it and had changed colour…what can i do?… Friends are telling to take it to the KEBS or media..what suggestion do you have

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